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Includes the name: Michelle Belanger

Disambiguation Notice:

Michelle Belanger is not related to Jeff Belanger, another popular paranormal author.

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Works by Michelle Belanger

The Vampire Ritual Book (2007) 18 copies
Sacred Hunger (2005) 13 copies

Associated Works

The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica (2009) — Contributor — 29 copies
Your Body is Not Your Body (2022) — Introduction — 29 copies
The Demons of King Solomon (2017) — Contributor — 12 copies


Common Knowledge

Legal name
Belanger, Michelle Anne
Other names
Le Mourru, Tasha
Anikeem, Seth
Belanger, Michelle A.
USA (birth)
Places of residence
Medina, Ohio, USA
John Carroll University (magna cum laude)
public speaker
House Kheperu
Awards and honors
Joseph T. Cotter Memorial Poetry Award (1992)
Joseph T. Cotter Memorial Poetry Award (1993)
Short biography
Michelle Belanger (Ohio) is a popular author best known for her writings on psychic vampirism and the modern vampire subculture. She also writes in spirit communication, paranormal phenomenon, and energy work. She has appeared on numerous documentaries featured on the History Channel, WE!, Reelz, HBO, and A&E. In addition, she is a regular guest on A&E's "Paranormal State." She lectures at colleges across the United States on a variety of topics and occasionally does guest vocals for bands like URN, Nox Arcana, ad Xyla. More information can be found at www.michellebelanger.com and www.twilightpath.com.
Disambiguation notice
Michelle Belanger is not related to Jeff Belanger, another popular paranormal author.



Good basic information on building a dream sanctuary and how to work on the astral.
Wild_Druids | 2 other reviews | Jun 20, 2021 |
I got this book at the dollar store and honestly would have bought regardless. Interesting story line that keeps you guessing and keeps you interested the whole time.
ollieq | 1 other review | Feb 13, 2021 |
This was one of those book that I just did not realize how much I had read before I looked at the page numbers. Suddenly I was on page 100, so obviously I had to read on. But I did stop at page 300, I mean I had to get something done that evening. So I finished it in the morning instead ;) This book shows lot of promise, I hope it will get better and better.

I do like the amnesia premise. Zach wakes up and knows nothing, so we know nothing. Little by little we learn of different tribes of angels, the wars they have fought, and the conspiracy that Zach tried to get to the bottom of. He is in danger, but he does not know why. There is mystery and suspense thrown into this UF.

Zach, well he does not know much, duh. But he seems nerdy with his pop culture references and love of languages (some things he remembers, we will see why later). But is he good or not? He feels he is, but then he knows nothing. But I liked him.

Helping him later on he has someone calling himself his brother, I was so unsure about Remy all the way through. And Lilli, who was a breath of fresh air. She never stopped, aye I liked her.

I think the reason why I read it so fast but did not know it, is, oh maybe page 1 was heavy? But the rest just flowed? Anyhow, like I said, it shows promise and was a good start to a new series.

I look forward to reading more of this promising series, everything is good for now, but everything is so not ok in the world. Intriguing.
… (more)
blodeuedd | 1 other review | Mar 2, 2016 |
Belanger provides us with a lot of useful information about psychic intuition, senses and general psychic work. It's not the only "manual" which you should read if you wish to awake your psychic powers, but it's a good book for start. It will give you enough basics so you can start your psychic journey.
AStateOfMind | Dec 29, 2012 |

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