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Lauren Blakely self-published her debut romance novel CAUGHT UP IN US three years ago and has sold more than 1 million books since. Her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than forty times. Lauren's bestselling series include Sinful show more Nights, Seductive Nights, No Regrets, Caught Up in Love, and Fighting Fire. Her standalone romantic comedies BIG ROCK and MISTER O were both instant New York Times Bestsellers. (Bowker Author Biography) show less

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Works by Lauren Blakely

Big Rock (2016) 265 copies
Night After Night (2014) 184 copies
Hopelessly Bromantic (2013) 182 copies
The Real Deal (2018) 151 copies
Mister O (2016) 141 copies
Sweet Sinful Nights (2015) 127 copies
First Night (2014) 118 copies
Lucky Suit (2019) 112 copies
Nights with Him (2014) 110 copies
Burn for Me (2014) 107 copies
Wanderlust (2018) 100 copies
Full Package (2017) 99 copies
The Private Rehearsal (2013) 98 copies
The Sexy One (2016) — Author — 98 copies
After This Night (2014) 93 copies
The V Card (2017) 90 copies
The Knocked Up Plan (2017) — Author — 89 copies
Trophy Husband (2013) 88 copies
Well Hung (2016) 83 copies
One More Night (2014) 80 copies
Most Valuable Playboy (2017) — Author — 80 copies
Forbidden Nights (2015) 76 copies
Once Upon a Real Good Time (2018) 73 copies
Pretending He's Mine (1664) 73 copies
One Night with Her (2014) 72 copies
Joy Ride (2017) 72 copies
Part-Time Lover (2018) 71 copies
Melt for Him (2014) 71 copies
Come As You Are (2018) — Author — 67 copies
The Start of Us (2013) 65 copies
The Best Men (2022) 61 copies
A Guy Walks into My Bar (2020) 58 copies
Birthday Suit (2019) 55 copies
Satisfaction Guaranteed (2019) 53 copies
Caught Up in Her (2014) 53 copies
Hard Wood (2017) 52 copies
The Hot One (2017) — Author — 52 copies
Scoring With Him (2021) 51 copies
Unbreak My Heart (2018) — Author — 49 copies
Special Delivery (2019) 49 copies
Far Too Tempting (2013) 47 copies
One Night Only (2020) 47 copies
Unzipped (2018) — Author — 47 copies
Never Have I Ever (2019) — Author — 44 copies
Double Pucked 44 copies
Best Laid Plans (2019) 42 copies
Most Likely to Score (2018) 41 copies
The Engagement Gift (2019) 40 copies
The Pretending Plot (2020) 40 copies
The Dream Guy Next Door (2020) 40 copies
Consumed by You (2015) 39 copies
The Virgin Next Door (2022) 38 copies
The Only One (2016) — Author — 37 copies
The Virgin Gift (2019) 37 copies
Every Second With You (2014) 37 copies
One Time Only (2020) 37 copies
The Dating Proposal (2019) — Author — 37 copies
Stars in Their Eyes (2014) 36 copies
Asking for a Friend (2019) — Author — 36 copies
Delayed Satisfaction (2019) 35 copies
My Sinful Nights (2020) 34 copies
The Feel Good Factor (2019) 33 copies
Most Irresistible Guy (2018) 33 copies
Stud Finder (2017) 32 copies
21 Stolen Kisses (2015) 32 copies
Out of Bounds (2016) 31 copies
Instant Gratification (2019) 30 copies
Once Upon a Wild Fling (2018) 28 copies
The Boyfriend Comeback (2022) 28 copies
Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend (2020) 28 copies
The Virgin Rule Book (2021) 27 copies
Your French Kisses (2020) 27 copies
Once Upon a Sure Thing (2018) 26 copies
Sex and Other Shiny Objects (2019) 25 copies
Overnight Service (2019) 25 copies
Nobody Does It Better (2019) 24 copies
The What If Guy (2020) 23 copies
My Charming Rival (2014) 22 copies
Caught Up in Him 22 copies
Come Again (2021) 21 copies
Kismet (2022) 21 copies
My So-Called Sex Life (2023) 20 copies
The Bromance Zone (2021) 19 copies
Dirty Slide (2021) 19 copies
Delayed Gratification (2019) 19 copies
All In With Him (2021) 18 copies
Crushing on Him (2021) 18 copies
My One Week Husband (2021) 18 copies
Taste Me (27 Sexy Scenes) (2015) — Author — 18 copies
A Wildly Seductive Night (2016) 17 copies
One Night Stand-In (2020) 17 copies
Strong Suit (2019) 17 copies
One of Those Flings (2020) 16 copies
Girl Meets Billionaire (8-in-1) (2020) — Contributor — 16 copies
One Exquisite Touch (2020) 15 copies
Shameless Flirt (2022) 15 copies
Here Comes My Man (2022) 15 copies
Two a Day (2022) 15 copies
Plays Well with Others (2022) 15 copies
Bigger Rock (2018) 15 copies
A Night of Seduction (2015) 15 copies
The Virgin Replay (2021) 14 copies
A Wild Card Kiss (2022) 14 copies
Puck Yes 14 copies
My Single-versary (2021) 13 copies
Love, Laughter, and Steamy Ever Afters (10-in-1) (2015) — Contributor — 13 copies
Totally Pucked 13 copies
P.S. It's Always Been You (2020) 12 copies
Thanks for Last Night (2020) 12 copies
A Little Big Rock (2018) 12 copies
The One Love Collection (2020) 12 copies
How to Get Lucky (2020) 11 copies
My Sinful Love (2020) 11 copies
Ace, Whiskey, and a Hot Tub (2015) 11 copies
The Good Guy Challenge (2022) 10 copies
Instant Attraction (2019) 10 copies
Too Good to Be True (2020) 10 copies
My Sinful Desire (2020) 10 copies
The Muse (2021) 10 copies
The Second Chance Plan (2020) 10 copies
Good with His Hands (2020) 10 copies
A Starstruck Kiss (2014) 9 copies
My Sinful Temptation (2020) 9 copies
My Sinful Longing (2015) 9 copies
The Boyfriend Kickoff (2022) 8 copies
Shut Up and Kiss Me (2022) 8 copies
No Regrets Trilogy (2014) 8 copies
Undateable (2022) 7 copies
Come and Get It (2021) 6 copies
The Virgin Scorecard (2021) 6 copies
A Wild Card Night (2022) 6 copies
The Crush (2022) 6 copies
Julia and Clay Plus One (2015) 6 copies
Three Dates With You (2021) 6 copies
Mister Sexy Pants (2022) 5 copies
A Real Good Bad Thing — Author — 5 copies
Night Shift 2 (13-in-1) (2016) — Contributor — 5 copies
Once Upon a Red Hot Kiss (2019) 5 copies
An Extravagant Tryst (2020) 4 copies
Be Mine (2019) — Author — 4 copies
The Joy Delivered Duet (2015) 4 copies
The Breakup Album (2018) 3 copies
Mine for Tonight (2022) 3 copies
Top Notch Boyfriend (2022) 2 copies
Most Likely to Flirt (2022) 2 copies
Best Man Standing (2019) 1 copy
Thirst Trap 1 copy
Best Kept Secret (2019) 1 copy
One Passion (2019) 1 copy
Role Play 1 copy

Associated Works

Beach Reads Box Set, Volume 2 (2022) — Contributor — 15 copies
Vote Then Read: Volume II (2020) — Contributor — 5 copies
Writing for Audio (2020) — Narrator, some editions — 2 copies
Hockey Heartthrob (2023) — Contributor — 2 copies


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Blakely, Lauren
Michelle Wolfson (Wolfson Literary)



This was a fun MM romance. An American in London, hot English bartender, stuff about tea, more British vs American whatnots, etc it’s all there! I like how the world these characters exist in is devoid of homophobia. Of course, homophobia is a very real threat in our world but to read about two people who are attracted to one another and not having to give a shit about what the rest of humanity believes is appropriate is a nice change of scenery!
s_carr | 7 other reviews | Feb 25, 2024 |
Mixed emotions on this one. Very enjoyable to read. A bit slow and predictable at times
katie66219 | 3 other reviews | Jan 22, 2024 |
Happily, Ever After
Embarking on my literary quest in search of the perfect read has been an exciting journey. This year, I've taken pride in my commitment to provide honest one and two-star reviews when a book doesn't quite resonate with me. While I'm pleased to have completed this series, I must admit that the overall experience falls into the three-star category. Nevertheless, with a few more months left in the year, I remain optimistic about discovering some five-star gems.

Having said that, " Every Second with You " delivered precisely the ending I had hoped for in this story. Although I found satisfaction in the conclusion of "The Thrill of It," I harbored a deeper desire for Trey and Harley's growth as individuals and as a couple. The conclusion couldn't have been more fitting, even though the journey was far from easy.

In this book, Lauren Blakely continued to weave a tapestry of highs and lows, taking readers on an emotional rollercoaster. There were moments when worry crept in, and I even entertained the thought of reaching through my Kindle to shake a character or two. However, unlike my apprehension during the first installment, I knew this time that Trey and Harley were destined for a happy ending. This knowledge made the moments of tears and frustration more bearable. And trust me, there were quite a few such moments. I admired Lauren's willingness to confront challenging themes head-on, which added depth to the narrative.
… (more)
b00kdarling87 | Jan 7, 2024 |

Getting Warmer

The initial chapters of this book presented a challenging start for me. I found myself bewildered and struggled to immerse myself in the narrative due to its abundance of enigmatic elements and concealed secrets. However, as the story unfolded, my appreciation for it grew immensely.

The bond between Harley and Trey was nothing short of remarkable. Their initial encounter had a touch of humor and serendipity that greatly appealed to me. When they transitioned from mere friendship to embracing their desires for one another, it was portrayed with fervor and sensuality, igniting the pages of the book.

Trey emerged as an exceptional character, embodying qualities such as sweetness, charm, allure, and genuine care. Beneath his outward charm, he battled his own inner demons. As his friendship with Harley blossomed, he grappled with the challenge of sharing his past and the tearful history of his family, leading him to withhold much of it.

Harley, on the other hand, possessed a certain innocence that surprised me, given her previous life experiences. However, this naivety added to her charm and likability. Initially, it appeared as though she might struggle in her journey towards self-discovery, a part of the story I didn't particularly enjoy. Nonetheless, as time passed, Harley underwent a transformation, evolving into a lovable and resilient character whom I came to adore.

As I reached the conclusion of the book, I felt relieved to discover that "Every Second With You" was already available, as I was eager to delve deeper into Harley and Trey's story. I hoped to find resolutions for Harley's personal journey and Trey's family history, along with addressing the various hints and mysteries left hanging at the end of this installment.
… (more)
b00kdarling87 | 8 other reviews | Jan 7, 2024 |


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