John Boswell (disambiguation)

"John Boswell" is composed of at least 6 distinct authors, divided by their works.

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Includes the names: John Boswell, ed. John Boswell

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John Boswell (4)

French for Cats (1993) 380 copies
The U.S. Armed Forces Survival Manual (1980) — Editor — 150 copies
How to Dad (1990) 62 copies
Where's Saddam? (2003) 31 copies

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Disambiguation notice
1) Boswell, John, 1947-1994 wrote Rediscovering gay history.
2) John Boswell - The blue pheasant
4) Boswell, John, 1945- wrote Five rings, six crises, seven dwarfs, and 38 ways to win an argument.
5) Boswell, John, 1698-1757. A method of study
6) Boswell, John (Pianist) The painter
7) John Boswell - Manuale di sopravvivenza
8) John D. Boswell, composer, A Glorious Dawn