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Lily Brooks-Dalton was born in southern Vermont. She received her associate's degree at seventeen, then moved to Ireland; after working her way around the world for three and a half years, she returned to the United States and bought her first motorcycle. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Good Morning, Midnight (2016) 756 copies
The Light Pirate (2022) 435 copies


Common Knowledge




Almost unbearably beautiful and terrifying.
Lemeritus | 24 other reviews | Feb 24, 2024 |
If I was a baby while about to have a major hurricane I would be going somewhere safe and just in case something goes wrong with the baby or myself that would have been the first thing on my mind is the baby's health. So far I didn't like Lucas he seemed to be little bit of an asshole to Flip and to his stepmother always nasty to her when she was trying to make him like her and also stealing from people especially when is was the money which Lucas had no business of doing. And the 2 boys knew what kind of weather that was going to be going on and they should have stayed where they were supposed to be but they just continue going thru people's homes and not worrying about getting home in time for the storm to start. I was a shame that Flip and Frida had to lose their lives for stubborn people and one person who didn't to leave their house to be somewhere else to be safe and the other was Lucas who wasn't up to no good. I don't understand why people were blaming Wanda for the hurricane that day she was born it wasn't her fault and those kids bullying her and drowning her she did not deserve that. Maybe Kirby should of shocked up on some food and drinks for them to survive on and something in the house Kirby seemed to be like good role model for this kids only worry about things at the last minute. But I still gave this a 4 stars cause I like how Wanda was a strong woman and I also liked her and Phyllis relationship and sounded like Wanda looked up to Phyllis like a mother and a teacher.… (more)
kellykelly6 | 24 other reviews | Jan 26, 2024 |
This book is so beautifully written and heart wrenching. Dystopian but I can really imagine this happening in the future.
DKnight0918 | 24 other reviews | Dec 23, 2023 |
So, if you experienced the winds of Hurricane Michael, and the water that came with Hurricane Ian last year; if you get anxious when the winds pick up ad the drainage ditches start to over flow from the rain, this is definitely NOT the book you need to be reading.

Hurricane Michael was my first ever hurricane and, although I don't get anxious when winds pick up and bad storms are heading this way, the first part of this book was so spot on in it's description of a hurricane, it brought to mind October 10 2022. We were lucky and were not affected by surge, but friends of ours were, and the second part of the book made me remember what they went through.

Unfortunately after the second section, for me, the book just went down hill from there and I couldn't finish it.

Hats off to the Author though for giving the Linesmen the recognition they so rarely receive, hopefully making us all remember that, should anything like this hit us again, while we are trying to reclaim our lives from the wreckage, they are out there risking theirs so we can have power.
… (more)
Melline | 24 other reviews | Oct 24, 2023 |



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