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Author of A History of the World in 12 Maps

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Jerry Brotton is Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary University of Loudon and a leading expert in the history of cartography. He presented the BBC4 series Maps: Power, Plunder and Possession in 2010 and is the author of numerous critically acclaimed books, including Global Interests: show more Renaissance Art between East and West (Reaktion, 2000; co-written with Lisa Jardine) and the award-winning and best-selling A History of the World in Twelve Maps (2012). show less

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Books and the Sciences in History (2000) — Contributor — 36 copies
The littoral zone — Author — 1 copy


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So interesting. Lots of names and places to keep track of. I was glad for the maps and the pictures. I found the part about Marlowe and Shakespeare really fascinating.
cmbohn | 3 other reviews | Mar 25, 2024 |
The Sultan and the Queen

The Sultan and the Queen Lessons and Key Takeaways:

1. Be diplomatic in your dealings with people when asking or receiving something.
2. Always have a parting offer to give them if required that is agreeable to both parties.
3. Maintain a relationship by being cordial and open to new ideas and expenses.
4. Do not let anyone run your life for you. Run your life like a business and treat yourself as if you are wealthy in knowledge and time. Knowledge is important.
5. Do not be afraid to get to know people from different cultures and backgrounds and religions from your own. That allows you to grow your finances, grow your mind, enrich your time, and become more educated.
6. Trade your time for knowledge and understanding through forming relationships that cause you to think differently from others and bolster your success.

Biggest Takeaway:

Do not form a relationship to tolerate someone. Form a relationship to grow, learn, and apply what you learn from them. Be genuine and do not do it for a show or survival. Do it because you find it worthwhile.

Quote in Summary:

“Relationships take time to build based on understanding, bartering, reading of time and resources and always being willing to accept someone for their differences that make them unique.”
… (more)
Kaianna.Isaure | 3 other reviews | Dec 12, 2022 |
The cartographer straddles a range of disciplines: science, philosophy, politics and art. Jerry Brotton follows a story through each of these threads from ancient Babylon through to the Google Earth of today, tracing through twelve milestone maps. The story is a fascinating one although one can easily get lost in the detail. Unfortunately, for a book about maps the illustrations in this edition were a bit small to be easily studied.
dunnmj | 26 other reviews | Mar 10, 2022 |



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