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Dan Brown was born in Exeter, New Hampshire on June 22, 1964. He was a graduate of Amherst College and Phillips Exeter Academy, where he spent time as an English teacher before turning his efforts to writing. In 1996, his interest in code-breaking and covert government agencies led him to write his show more first novel, Digital Fortress, which quickly became a #1 national bestselling eBook. In its first week on sale, The Da Vinci Code debuted at #1 on The New York Times Bestseller list, simultaneously topping bestseller lists at The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, and San Francisco Chronicle. Later, the book hit #1 on every major bestseller list in the country. The book was made into a motion picture by Columbia Pictures, starring Tom Hanks. Brown's other works include Deception Point; Angels and Demons, which was also adapted into a film, The Lost Symbol, and Inferno, which was recently adapted into a film. Origin is his latest New York Times bestseller. His novels have been translated and published in more than 50 languages around the world. (Bowker Author Biography) show less


Works by Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code (2003) 70,405 copies
Angels and Demons (2000) 45,654 copies
The Lost Symbol (2009) 21,960 copies
Deception Point (2001) 20,488 copies
Digital Fortress (1998) 20,094 copies
Inferno (2013) 11,766 copies
Origin (2017) 6,114 copies
Wild Symphony (2020) 234 copies
Inferno / Inferno Decoded (2013) — Contributor — 166 copies
187 Men to Avoid (1995) 10 copies
Origin [extract] (2017) 8 copies
Origini (2017) 4 copies
Justifiable Homicide (2021) 2 copies
Eine wilde Symphonie (2020) 2 copies
Inferno Exp (2018) 2 copies
Îngeri şi Demoni (2009) 2 copies
Izvor 1 copy

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Common Knowledge

Canonical name
Brown, Dan
Legal name
Brown, Daniel Gerhard
Other names
Brown, Danielle
Exeter, New Hampshire, USA
Places of residence
Exeter, New Hampshire, USA
Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New Hampshire
Amherst College (1986, B.A., English, Spanish)
Brown, Blythe (ex-wife)
National Academy of Songwriters
Awards and honors
Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in The World (2005)
George Wieser
Oga Wieser
Jack Elwell
Short biography
Avviatosi inizialmente all'attività di cantante-musicista, dal 1993 e per alcuni anni fu insegnante di inglese presso la Phillips Exeter Academy.
Lasciato l'insegnamento nel 1996, si dedica a tempo pieno alla scrittura creativa.



I understand why this book is considered a best seller. Really intriguing and clever plot. Fast paced, but not overwhelming. Characters are likable and easily distinguished from one another. The intelligence of the characters is satisfying while also feeling realistic. Plot twists are pleasant and make for an even more suspenseful and page-turning story. I love the religious history presented throughout the conspiracies. I found myself learning a great deal about the Catholic Church and actually enjoying it! I have mixed feelings about the way secret societies are portrayed but I think that is the point. I will say, the constant wild goose chase definitely felt a little gimmicky at times, and there was some cliche plot devices used that made the book feel a little basic but that's not necessarily a bad thing, just my personal distaste for convention. Overall, very enjoyable read.… (more)
allygiorgi | 1,307 other reviews | Apr 22, 2024 |
This was an okay, but not amazing entry in the Langdon series. The main issue I had wasn’t the idea, but how quickly everything was presented and/or how long the book is. By about 150 pages in out of 450, you know pretty much the whole idea. The next 300 pages are reading through to learn the last specific detail, which you cannot deduce from clues. The plot twists are somewhat predictable. That said, the main idea is somewhat interesting and thought provoking, the scenes and historical detail are on point (as usual with Dan Brown). It’s not the best Langdon book, but worth a read for fans of the character and style.… (more)
mrbearbooks | 508 other reviews | Apr 22, 2024 |
This book was interesting, though not quite as good as Angels and Demons. It features much more symbology, a very clever twist, and an interesting general concept. Sadly it is also far less exciting than the other novels and has a much less vivid sense of pace. The novel feels like more of a "set up" than Brown's other novels, and there's no "guessing" that can really be done on the part of the reader. All the clues are random and inexplicable.
mrbearbooks | 694 other reviews | Apr 22, 2024 |
Do NOT understand the hype. Poorly written.
mimji | 1,307 other reviews | Apr 20, 2024 |


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