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Margaret Brownley also writes as Megan Brownley and Kate Damon.

(spa) Margaret Brownley también escribe como Megan Brownley and Kate Damon.


Works by Margaret Brownley

A Lady Like Sarah (2009) 219 copies, 8 reviews
A Suitor for Jenny (2010) 86 copies, 4 reviews
A Bride for All Seasons: The Mail Order Bride Collection (2013) — Contributor — 83 copies, 9 reviews
A Vision of Lucy (A Rocky Creek Romance) (2011) 74 copies, 6 reviews
Petticoat Detective (Undercover Ladies) (2014) 63 copies, 10 reviews
Four Weddings and a Kiss (4-in-1) (2014) — Contributor — 49 copies, 8 reviews
Undercover Bride: (Undercover Ladies) (2015) 43 copies, 2 reviews
Calico Spy (Undercover Ladies) (2016) 35 copies, 2 reviews
For the Love of Chocolate (1996) 22 copies
Left at the Altar (A Match Made in Texas) (2016) 20 copies, 1 review
Chocolate Kisses (1997) 19 copies
Petticoats and Pistols (1995) 16 copies, 1 review
Rawhide and Lace (1994) 14 copies
Body Language (1998) 12 copies
Cowboy Charm School (The Haywire Brides) (2018) 12 copies, 4 reviews
Buttons And Beaus (1997) 11 copies
Ribbons in the Wind (1996) 11 copies
Prairie Summer Brides (2015) 11 copies
Touch of Lace (1996) 10 copies
Napa (Napa) (1989) 7 copies
The Nutcracker Bride (2014) 7 copies
High Button Shoes (2013) 7 copies
A Long Way Home (2012) 6 copies
The 12 Brides of Summer - Novella Collection #3 (2015) — Contributor — 6 copies, 4 reviews
Silent Walks the Moon (1991) 4 copies
As The World Turns: Storm Warnings (1987) — Author — 3 copies
Head Over Heels (2012) 3 copies

Associated Works

A Pioneer Christmas Collection (1900) — Contributor — 125 copies, 2 reviews
Flower Girls [Anthology 4-in-1] (1996) — Contributor — 35 copies
Christmas in a Cowboy's Arms (Anthology 6-in-1) (2017) — Contributor — 17 copies, 1 review
Longing for a Cowboy Christmas (2019) — Author — 13 copies, 1 review


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Other names
Brownley, Megan (pen name)
Damon, Kate (pen name)
Places of residence
UK (birth)
California, USA
magazine columnist
writing teacher
Disambiguation notice
Margaret Brownley also writes as Megan Brownley and Kate Damon.



I picked this book up from a Free Little Library and was excited to read another fiction book since I hadn’t in a while. It was a pretty good read overall though some things were a bit predictable and sounded like another book that I recently read (though I am sure that is common since you can’t have an unlimited number of story lines, some things will inevitably overlap.) Brownley’s writing style was easy to follow and I enjoyed seeing the progress that the characters made. I read it in only a couple days and when I do that I always see that as success for the author. I just ordered another of her books from my local library so that I can read another of her books!… (more)
Kayleigh_Martin | 3 other reviews | Jul 11, 2024 |
Kate Tenney has lived in the city all her life, but she’s written about life on a ranch, so hard can it be? Well, if you don’t count the cows, or the stubborn horses, it’s not that bad. Or the teasing of the ranch hands. Then there are the cacti. You have to watch the cacti. They’re sneaky. But aside from that, it’s all fun and games. Then you throw in a sweet and handsome blacksmith, his meddlesome-but-well-meaning aunts, and the most inept outlaw west of the Mississippi, and you have a delightful adventure.

Between falling off her horse and falling for Luke, poor Kate can’t get her bearings. She’s quite sure she has what it takes to become heiress of Last Chance Ranch. All she has to do is survive her four-month trial period. The clause forbidding her to ever marry really isn’t a problem. She’s been abandoned by men all her life. She’s not about to start trusting one now. Kate has to decide if she wants to put her faith in the land that can never leave her, or in God and in the man who loves her.

This was such a fun book to read. There were a few serious moments, and I did feel sad for Kate, and for Eleanor, too. But most of the story is one humorous scene after another. The message of God’s faithfulness was in the background of the whole book, but I didn’t find it preachy at all, even though Kate’s ranching mentor, Ruckus was constantly talking about God and quoting scripture. Brownley wrote Ruckus so that was just part of who he was and it came across completely natural and fit right into the story. I was a little sad to see it end so I’m thrilled that we haven’t seen the last of the Cactus Patch residents. The second book, Waiting for Morning, will be out in January 2013.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
… (more)
amandabeaty | 3 other reviews | Jan 4, 2024 |
Historical Christmas stories in the Old West USA.
CCWLibrary | 1 other review | Nov 19, 2023 |
WBCLIB | 3 other reviews | May 30, 2023 |



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