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Rita Mae Brown was born in Hanover, Pennsylvania, on November 28, 1944. She received an associate's degree from Broward Junior College in 1965, a B.A. in English and classics from New York University in 1968, a Cinematography Degree from the School of the Visual Arts in 1968, and a Ph.D. in English show more and political science from the Institute for Policy Studies in 1976. She was the writer-in-residence at the Women's Writing Center of Cazenovi College and a visiting instructor teaching fiction writing at the University of Virginia. After publishing two books of poetry, she published her first novel, Rubyfruit Jungle, in 1973. Her works include The Hand that Cradles the Rock, Sudden Death, Venus Envy, Loose Lips, and Rita Will: Memoir of a Literary Rabble-Rouser. She writes the Mrs. Murphy Mystery series and Foxhunting Mysteries series. She also writes screenplays and teleplays including Sweet Surrender, Room to Move, Table Dancing, and The Long Hot Summer. Her work on TV earned several Emmy nominations and she received the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Variety Show in 1982 for I Love Liberty. (Bowker Author Biography) Rita Mae Brown is the author of many novels, including "Outfoxed" & "Loose Lips". She & her collaborator, Sneaky Pie Brown, have written eight previous Mrs. Murphy mysteries, most recently "Pawing Through the Past". (Publisher Provided) show less


Works by Rita Mae Brown

Rubyfruit Jungle (1973) 3,245 copies
Wish You Were Here (1990) 1,167 copies
Rest in Pieces (1992) 848 copies
Murder, She Meowed (1996) 831 copies
Six of One (1978) 828 copies
Murder at Monticello (1994) 825 copies
Pawing Through the Past (2000) 795 copies
Pay Dirt (1995) 784 copies
Venus Envy (1993) 768 copies
Claws and Effect (2001) 762 copies
Murder on the Prowl (1998) 732 copies
Catch as Cat Can (2002) 731 copies
Cat on the Scent (1999) 728 copies
Sour Puss (2006) 726 copies
Whisker of Evil (2004) 712 copies
Cat's Eyewitness (2005) 700 copies
The Tail of the Tip-Off (2003) 684 copies
Puss 'n Cahoots (2007) 584 copies
Bingo (1988) 569 copies
Southern Discomfort (1982) 540 copies
The Purrfect Murder (2008) 511 copies
Santa Clawed (2008) 473 copies
Outfoxed (2000) 443 copies
Starting from Scratch (1988) 436 copies
Cat of the Century (2010) 405 copies
High Hearts (1986) 401 copies
Sudden Death (1983) 397 copies
In Her Day (1976) 376 copies
Hiss of Death (2011) 321 copies
Riding Shotgun (1996) 321 copies
Alma Mater (2001) 310 copies
Hotspur (2002) 307 copies
The Litter of the Law (2013) 292 copies
The Big Cat Nap (2012) 290 copies
A Nose for Justice (2010) 282 copies
Dolley (1994) 279 copies
Full Cry (2003) 262 copies
Loose Lips (1999) 257 copies
The Hunt Ball (2005) 251 copies
Nine Lives to Die (2014) 247 copies
Tail Gait (2015) 235 copies
Tall Tail (2016) 217 copies
The Hounds and the Fury (2006) 198 copies
Hounded to Death (2008) 193 copies
The Tell-Tale Horse (2007) 193 copies
A Hiss Before Dying (2017) 178 copies
Probable Claws (2018) 161 copies
Sneaky Pie for President (2012) 154 copies
Murder Unleashed (2011) 149 copies
I'd Kill for That: A Serial Novel by 13 authors (2004) — Contributor — 143 copies
Whiskers in the Dark (2019) 128 copies
Fox Tracks (2012) 121 copies
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (2014) 115 copies
The Sand Castle (2008) 113 copies
A Plain Brown Rapper (1976) 113 copies
Crazy Like a Fox (2017) 93 copies
Cakewalk (2016) 91 copies
Poems (1973) 90 copies
Furmidable Foes (2020) 84 copies
Claws for Alarm (2021) 79 copies
Songs to a Handsome Woman (1601) 68 copies
Homeward Hound (2018) 67 copies
Hiss & Tell (2023) 58 copies
Scarlet Fever (2019) 48 copies
Out of Hounds (2020) 41 copies
Thrill of the Hunt (2022) 29 copies
Feline Fatale (2024) 20 copies
Venus Envy | Bingo (1999) 9 copies
High Hearts | In Her Day (1993) 5 copies
Six of One | Bingo (1998) 2 copies

Associated Works

Cries of the Spirit: A Celebration of Women's Spirituality (2000) — Contributor — 372 copies
Double for Death (1939) — Introduction, some editions — 301 copies
Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian: A Literary Anthology (1993) — Contributor — 287 copies
The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse (1983) — Contributor — 237 copies
No More Masks! An Anthology of Poems by Women (1973) — Contributor — 124 copies
The Penguin Book of Women's Humour (1996) — Contributor — 119 copies
Poems from the Women's Movement (2009) — Contributor — 109 copies
Lesbianism and the Women's Movement (1975) — Contributor — 82 copies
Choice Words: Writers on Abortion (2020) — Contributor — 75 copies
Love Match: Nelson vs. Navratilova (1993) — Introduction — 71 copies
A Portrait of Southern Writers: Photographs (2000) — Contributor — 13 copies
Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery [1998 TV Episode] (1998) — Original Books — 2 copies


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As the principal of St. Elizabeth's, an exclusive private school that caters to Crozet, Virginia's, best families, Roscoe Fletcher has proven himself to be a highly effective and vastly popular administrator. So when his obituary appears in the local paper, everyone in town is upset. Yet nothing compares to the shock they feel when they discover that Roscoe Fletcher isn't dead at all. Someone has stooped to putting a phony obituary in the newspaper. But is it a sick joke or a sinister warning?

Only Mrs. Murphy, the canny tiger cat, senses the pure malice behind the act. And when a second false obit appears, this time of a Hollywood has-been who is Roscoe Fletcher's best friend, Mrs. Murphy invites her friends, the corgi Tee Tucker, and fat cat Pewter, to do a bit of sleuthing. It's obvious to this shrewd puss that two phony death notices add up to deadly trouble. And her theory is borne out when one of the men is fiendishly murdered.

"Harry" Haristeen, in her position as Crozet's postmistress, is the first to hear all the theories on whodunit—starting with the man's jealous wife. Then a second bloody homicide follows, and a third. People are dropping like flies in Crozet and no one seems to know why.

Fearlessly exploring all the places where humans never think to go, Mrs. Murphy manages to untangle the knots of passion, duplicity, and greed that have sent someone into a killing frenzy. Yet knowing the truth isn't enough. Mrs. Murphy must somehow lead Harry, her favorite human, down a trail that is perilous...to a killer who is deadly...and a climax that mystery lovers will relish.
… (more)
Karen74Leigh | 4 other reviews | May 12, 2024 |
The annual steeplechase races at Montpelier, once the home of James and Dolley Madison, are the high point in the social calendar of the horse-mad Virginians of cozy Crozet. The race meet offers a cracking good time with old friends and a chance to get even--on the racecourse--with old enemies. Postmistress Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen will be in the thick of the action on this day of high spirits and fierce competition. But the glorious thoroughbreds and the pinks and greens and purples worn by the riders do not blind Harry to the dangerous undercurrents that start to surface. There's sure to be some emotional fireworks at Montpelier. Still, no one expects the day to end in tragedy.

Found dead in the main barn is one of the day's riders, a knife plunged through the jockey's heart. The only clue is a playing card, the Queen of Clubs, impaled over the fatal wound. Within the wealthy, tight-knit world of horse owners, trainers, and jockeys, the victim had both admirers and enemies.

Was the murderer's motive greed, drugs--a pervasive evil in the race world--or sexual rivalry? Luckily for Crozet's humans, the tiger cat Mrs. Murphy is right at home in the stable yard...and on the trail of the shocking truth. But will Harry catch on in time to stop a killer grown bloodthirsty with success?
… (more)
Karen74Leigh | 6 other reviews | May 12, 2024 |
The residents of tiny Crozet, Virginia, thrive on gossip, especially in the post office, where Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen presides with her tiger cat, Mrs. Murphy. So when a belligerent Hell's Angel crashes Crozet, demanding to see his girlfriend, the leather-clad interloper quickly becomes the chief topic of conversation. Then the biker is found murdered, and everyone is baffled. Well, almost everyone...Mrs. Murphy and her friends, Welsh corgi Tee Tucker and overweight feline Pewter, haven't been slinking through alleys for nothing. But can they dig up the truth in time to save their humans from a ruthless killer?… (more)
Karen74Leigh | 3 other reviews | May 12, 2024 |
Mrs. Murphy digs into Virginia history--and gets her paws on a killer.

The most popular citizen of Virginia has been dead for nearly 170 years. That hasn't stopped the good people of tiny Crozet, Virginia, from taking pride in every aspect of Thomas Jefferson's life. But when an archaeological dig of the slave quarters at Jefferson's home, Monticello, uncovers a shocking secret, emotions in Crozet run high--dangerously high.

The stunning discovery at Monticello hints a hidden passions and age-old scandals. As postmistress Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen and some of Crozet's Very Best People try to learn the identity of a centuries-old skeleton--and the reason behind the murder--Harry's tiger cat, Mrs. Murphy, and her canine and feline friends attempt to sniff out a modern-day killer. Mrs. Murphy and corgi Tee Tucker will stick their paws into the darker mysteries of human nature to solve murders old and new--before curiosity can kill the cat--and Harry Haristeen. Mrs Murphy Book 3… (more)
Karen74Leigh | 10 other reviews | May 8, 2024 |



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