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Grace Burrowes spent a lot of time early in life reading romance novels. In college, while still voraciously reading romance, she supported herself by teaching piano and accompanying ballet classes. After graduation she became a technical writer and an editor. A demanding job that left enough time show more to read many, many romance novels - and grab a law degree through an evening program. Despite becoming a single mom and practicing law in a small town, through all of Grace's ups and downs, she'd was a relentless reader of romance authors like Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Judith Ivory, Mary Balogh, Loretta Chase, Eloisa James and many others. Late one night, while preparing "some Motion or other" she recalled that in her briefcase was a book she'd been saving to read on a hard day. Grace promised to read just one chapter but another thought kept intruding as I read that one chapter, "I bet I could¿." So she wrote a romance novel. That book became Gareth: Lord of Rakes, and opened the door to the sheer bliss of writing historical romance. She wrote and wrote and wrote eventually becoming a published author. Grace Burrowes writes the Duke's Obsession, Windham Sisters, MacGregors, Lonely Lords, Captive Hearts, Sweetest Kisses, True Gentlemen, Jaded Gentlemen, and Windham Brides Series as well as being a contributing author in many collections. Grace co-wrote Highland Holidays Series with Patience Griffin and wrote The Cowboy Wore a Kilt in the Kindle Worlds: Blame it on Texas Series. (Bowker Author Biography) show less


Works by Grace Burrowes

The Heir (2010) 477 copies
The Soldier (Windham Series) (2011) 296 copies
Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (2012) 274 copies
Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (2011) 266 copies
The Virtuoso (2011) — Author — 237 copies
The Bridegroom Wore Plaid (2012) 237 copies
The Trouble with Dukes (2016) — Author — 213 copies
Darius: Lord of Pleasures (2013) 203 copies
Lady Eve's Indiscretion (2013) 199 copies
The Duke's Disaster (2015) 192 copies
My One and Only Duke (2018) — Author — 182 copies
Tremaine's True Love (2015) 169 copies
The Captive (2014) 169 copies
When a Duchess Says I Do (2019) 150 copies
Douglas: Lord of Heartache (2014) 147 copies
No Other Duke Will Do (2017) 147 copies
Too Scot to Handle (2017) 146 copies
Gabriel: Lord of Regrets (2013) 145 copies
A Rogue of Her Own (2018) — Author — 142 copies
Once Upon a Tartan (2013) 138 copies
Nicholas: Lord of Secrets (2013) 137 copies
David: Lord of Honor (2014) 137 copies
Daniel's True Desire (2015) 134 copies
Ethan: Lord of Scandals (2013) 128 copies
The MacGregor's Lady (2014) 122 copies
The Laird (2014) 117 copies
The Traitor (2014) 116 copies
Andrew: Lord of Despair (2013) 114 copies
Will's True Wish (2016) 112 copies
Gareth: Lord of Rakes (2013) 112 copies
Beckman: Lord of Sins (2013) 112 copies
The Courtship: A Novella (2012) — Author — 99 copies
A Duke by Any Other Name (2020) 96 copies
Worth: Lord of Reckoning (2014) 91 copies
How to Catch a Duke (2021) 86 copies
Thomas (2015) 86 copies
The Truth About Dukes (2020) 86 copies
Hadrian: Lord of Hope (2014) 85 copies
The Duke and His Duchess: A Novella (2013) — Author — 85 copies
A Single Kiss (2015) 77 copies
Kiss Me Hello (2015) 71 copies
Ashton: Lord of Truth (2016) 71 copies
Trenton: Lord of Loss (2014) 70 copies
The First Kiss (2015) 69 copies
Morgan and Archer: A Novella (2013) — Author — 62 copies
Once Upon a Dream (Anthology 2-in-1) (2016) — Contributor — 62 copies
His Lordship's True Lady (2017) 61 copies
Matthew (2015) 52 copies
Axel (2015) 51 copies
Never a Duke (2022) 50 copies
Jonathan and Amy: A Novella (2014) 50 copies
Christmas in the Duke's Arms [Anthology 4-in-1] (2014) — Contributor — 46 copies
A Kiss for Luck: A Novella (2014) 46 copies
My Own True Duchess (2018) 43 copies
Dancing in the Duke's Arms [Anthology 4-in-1] (2015) — Contributor — 43 copies
Jack (2016) 40 copies
A Truly Perfect Gentleman (2018) 38 copies
Miss Delectable (2021) 36 copies
A Lady of True Distinction (2019) 35 copies
A Woman of True Honor (2020) 31 copies
Lady Violet Investigates (2021) 31 copies
A Lady's Dream Come True (2020) 29 copies
Truly Beloved (2020) 27 copies
My Heart's True Delight (2020) 26 copies
The Duke's Bridle Path (2017) 25 copies
Kiss and Tell (2014) 24 copies
Christmas in Duke Street [Anthology 4-in-1] (2015) — Contributor — 24 copies
A Tryst by the Sea (2022) 23 copies
A Rogue in Winter (2021) — Author — 23 copies
The Last True Gentleman (2021) 23 copies
Miss Delightful (2021) 23 copies
Patience for Christmas (2018) 22 copies
Must Love Highlanders: Two Scottish Contemporary Romances (2015) — Contributor — 22 copies
Forever and a Duke (2019) — Author — 21 copies
No Dukes Allowed (3-in-1) (2018) — Contributor — 20 copies
Miss Dauntless (2022) 17 copies
Miss Dignified (2021) 17 copies
Lady Violet Enjoys a Frolic (2021) 17 copies
Lady Violet Holds a Baby (2021) 17 copies
Elias In Love (2017) 17 copies
'Tis the Season: Regency Yuletide Short Stories (2018) — Contributor — 17 copies
Miss Desirable (2022) 16 copies
How to Find a Duke in Ten Days (Anthology 3-in-1) (2017) — Contributor — 16 copies
A Spinster by the Sea (2022) 16 copies
A Midsummer Night's Romance: Anthology (2021) — Contributor — 15 copies
The Captive Duke (2023) 15 copies
My Favorite Rogue (8-in-1) (2016) 14 copies
Lady Violet Pays a Call (2022) 14 copies
Respect for Christmas (2018) 14 copies
Dukes by the Dozen (2019) — Contributor — 14 copies
Love and Other Perils: A Regency Novel Duet (2019) — Contributor — 13 copies
Miss Devoted (2023) — Author — 10 copies
Lady Violet Says I Do (2022) — Author — 10 copies
Miss Dashing (2023) 9 copies
Love by the Letters: A Regency Novella Trio (2019) — Contributor — 9 copies
Tartan Two-Step (2017) 9 copies
Storm & Shelter (2021) — Author — 9 copies
Scotland to the Max (2018) 9 copies
Miss Determined (2023) 8 copies
Yuletide Wishes: A Regency Novella Duet (2019) — Contributor — 8 copies
Christmas Ladies (3-in-1) (2014) 7 copies
Duke the Halls (2021) — Contributor — 6 copies
The Cowboy Wore a Kilt (2016) — Author — 6 copies
How to Ruin a Duke: a Regency Novella Duet (2019) — Author — 5 copies
It Happened One Night (2018) 5 copies
One Scandalous Season: Four Holiday Novellas (2021) — Author — 5 copies
Big Sky Ever After: a Montana Romance Duet (2017) — Contributor — 4 copies
Miss Dramatic 4 copies
The Duke's Courtship: 4 Novellas [box set] (2014) — Author — 4 copies
How to Catch a Duke (2021) 3 copies
Love Undisguised (2021) 3 copies
A Lady Without Peer: a novella duet (2020) — Author — 3 copies
Holiday Duet: Two Regency Novellas (2020) — Author — 2 copies
Le Captif (2016) 1 copy


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Burrowes, Grace
20th Century
Pennsylvania, USA



So many things to dislike! It's 386 pages long, which I should have checked before I started. There's a gathering of the main characters from all the other books in the MacGregor series, which I haven't read. Hordes of uxorious husbands have long, pointless, arch conversations about family life. There are cute little children and small furry animals. There are plot threads that go nowhere and make no sense. I liked the hero, a self-made man widowed with two children, but the heroine behaved like an idiot.… (more)
pamelad | 5 other reviews | Nov 1, 2023 |
#8 in a series, but the first one in the series I've read. This far in, there is naturally a cast of thousands but I'm not sure there's much of a loss by coming in partway.

Douglas, the Viscount Amery is sent to see Gwen Hollister's advice about buying a new house and estate - his now dead father and brothers have left him virtually alone (bar a sick mother) and the family finances in a perilous state.

It's a pretext of course, by Gwen's cousins, in an attempt to bring her out from her self imposed exile. She's been shamed by the family of the Duke of Moreland, and few people are aware of Rose, the daughter of the brief, shameful elopement.

The relationship between Douglas and Gwen is threatened by the arrival of the Moreland clan, whose various members become aware of Rose and Gwen. The Duke of Moreland, a bully used to getting his own way, and with 4 sons unmarried, threatens and blackmails Gwen into a marriage no other party wants to take part in, purely to ensure access to his granddaughter.

Big cast of characters, lots of angst (perhaps a bit too much, which resulted in me skim reading sections), some medium spicy scenes (not like she has a reputation to keep, after all). Reading other reviews of this book has led me to realise that this is only one of a massive set of books - approximately 30 - by the same author, focussing on various characters in the same world. So whilst this is #8 in the "Lords" series, it could also be counted as #1 in the Windham series - apparently.

Not sure I'd take this series any further though I believe other people adore this author
… (more)
nordie | 4 other reviews | Oct 14, 2023 |
Enjoyable romance. The characters faced serious issues, but they talked to each other and worked together to solve those issues. There's none of that conflict-because-of-a-simple-misunderstanding that can plague other novels, which is refreshing to read.
coprime | 10 other reviews | Sep 14, 2023 |
Hecate Brompton agrees to help her friend Philip Vincent brave the world of the Ton and learn its rules, changing him from a gentleman farmer to a gentleman of the world. Truthfully, Philip is not as interested in a transformation as in Hecate. She sets up the house party from Hell to allow him a chance to practice his gentlemanly arts.
Ms. Burrowes is one of my favorite authors. I admire her ability to show the best of people quietly while dealing with Regency society's perils. No big drama, just kindness and respect between the couples. Hecate has way more patience than I would ever be able to dredge up, and Philip is a gentleman, no matter what society may think. I doubted that the Brompton family could be redeemed, but the author manages to do that for the most part. Another great read in this fun series.… (more)
N.W.Moors | Sep 7, 2023 |



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