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Works by Dori Hillestad Butler

The Haunted Library (2014) 414 copies
Do You Know The Monkey Man? (2005) 237 copies
The Case of the Lost Boy (2010) 208 copies
The Ghost in the Attic (2014) 151 copies
The Ghost Backstage (2014) 77 copies
The Secret Room (2015) 71 copies
The Five O'Clock Ghost (2015) 68 copies
The Case of the Fire Alarm (2010) 67 copies
Sliding Into Home (1841) 60 copies
My Grandpa Had a Stroke (2007) 56 copies
The Ghost in the Tree House (2016) 46 copies
Dear Beast (2020) — Author — 45 copies
M Is For Minnesota (1998) 45 copies
The Hide-and-Seek Ghost (2016) 39 copies
The Underground Ghosts (2017) 38 copies
F Is for Firefighting (2007) 22 copies
Dear Beast: The Pet Parade (2021) — Author — 21 copies
Yes, I Know the Monkey Man (2009) 19 copies
Dear Beast: Someone Is Missing! (2021) — Author — 18 copies
W Is for Wisconsin (1998) 17 copies
Dear Beast: Simon Sleeps Over (2022) — Author — 7 copies
ABC's of Wisconsin (2000) 7 copies
The Tortoise and the Hare (2006) 7 copies
Summer Island (2021) 6 copies
H is for Hoosier (2001) 5 copies
The Final Treasure (2021) 5 copies
P Is for Police (2009) 4 copies
The Hidden Room (2021) 4 copies
It's Not Going to Rain (2005) 2 copies
The S. H. A. Club (2005) 1 copy


animals (28) Bibliotherapy (33) bullying (24) chapter book (66) children (27) children's (10) children's books (13) clairvoyance (10) crisis (11) detective (21) dog (11) dogs (84) early chapter book (16) early reader (24) family (46) fantasy (12) Fic But (31) fiction (113) friendship (45) ghosts (54) grade 5 (24) Haunted Library series (11) horror (45) humor (35) JF But (16) kids (18) libraries (16) library (14) mysteries (14) mystery (164) O-P (23) pets (15) picture book (25) plot (13) psychics (10) realistic fiction (32) scary (12) series (65) stroke (14) to-read (44)

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Good for older kids! "King and Kayla and the Case of the Found Friend" is about Kayla and her dog King solving mysteries. They find a lost dog and go on a mission to reunite it with its family. Great for kids starting chapter books, fun, exciting, with pictures.
rachel.noordam | 14 other reviews | Feb 21, 2024 |
This book would be good for intermediate students. This book is "King and Kayla and the case of the found friend" written by Dori Hillestad, illustrated by Nancy Meyers, and published in 2019. This book is about Kayla and her dog King and they are detectives. When they ind a lost dog they go on a mission to find his family and they are successful. This book would be good to use in a classroom where there are kids just getting in to chapter books. The book has minimal words with lots of pictures still, but is still advanced compared to picture books. It has four chapters and is a good, fun, exciting books for children that would make them want to read more.… (more)
kcochell23 | 14 other reviews | Feb 7, 2024 |
This book would work well for 2 or 3 grade readers. It's a pretty simple read but the text is longer than a picture books.
The book is from a series about King the dog and his owner Kayla, who are detectives. This book specifically is about King and Kayla who found a lost dog named Fred and their adventure to find Fred's owners.
I found this book to be beneficial for readers who are looking for a challenge. It's not too difficult to read but it is a bit on the longer side. It would introduce students to the concept of chapters and contains a good mystery for those who like detective stories.… (more)
mlutey22 | 14 other reviews | Feb 5, 2024 |
One of my kids loved this series when she was in the very-early chapter books. They are gentle mysteries, and good for early readers.
sloth852 | 14 other reviews | Jan 12, 2024 |



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