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Guidebook to Murder (2014) 288 copies, 28 reviews
Mission to Murder (2014) 145 copies, 12 reviews
A Story to Kill (2016) — Author — 135 copies, 15 reviews
If the Shoe Kills (2014) 105 copies, 10 reviews
Dressed to Kill (2015) 105 copies, 11 reviews
Murder on Wheels (2016) 93 copies, 10 reviews
Killer Run (2015) 89 copies, 16 reviews
One Poison Pie (2021) 89 copies, 10 reviews
Who Moved My Goat Cheese? (2018) 88 copies, 13 reviews
Tea Cups and Carnage (2016) 78 copies, 8 reviews
Hospitality and Homicide (2017) 72 copies, 12 reviews
Fatality by Firelight (2017) 71 copies, 9 reviews
Killer Party (2017) 68 copies, 11 reviews
Memories and Murder (2019) 65 copies, 5 reviews
A Deadly Brew (2018) 61 copies, 10 reviews
Of Murder and Men (2017) — Author — 57 copies, 6 reviews
Santa Puppy (2018) 53 copies, 8 reviews
Killer Green Tomatoes (2018) 51 copies, 7 reviews
Corned Beef and Casualties (2019) 50 copies, 6 reviews
Rockets' Dead Glare (2018) 49 copies, 9 reviews
Murder in Waiting (2020) 49 copies, 4 reviews
Mother's Day Mayhem (2019) — Author — 47 copies, 7 reviews
Slay in Character (2018) 47 copies, 4 reviews
Two Wicked Desserts (2021) 44 copies, 4 reviews
The Tuesday Night Survivors' Club (2022) 44 copies, 4 reviews
Sconed to Death (2019) 43 copies, 3 reviews
A Very Mummy Holiday (2019) 42 copies, 5 reviews
One Potato, Two Potato, Dead (2019) 39 copies, 6 reviews
Picture Perfect Frame (2021) 39 copies, 3 reviews
Wedding Bell Blues (2022) 39 copies, 5 reviews
Chili Cauldron Curse (2020) 37 copies, 6 reviews
Three Tainted Teas (2022) 36 copies, 3 reviews
Deep Fried Revenge (2020) 33 copies, 2 reviews
A Field Guide to Homicide (2020) 32 copies, 3 reviews
Have a Deadly New Year (2019) 27 copies, 5 reviews
Have a Holly, Haunted Christmas (2021) 26 copies, 5 reviews
A Vacation to Die For (2022) 25 copies, 5 reviews
Killer Comfort Food (2021) 24 copies, 3 reviews
Murder 101 (2021) 23 copies, 2 reviews
Four Charming Spells (2023) 21 copies, 1 review
Songs of Wine and Murder (2023) 20 copies, 4 reviews
Penned In (2020) 20 copies, 5 reviews
A Fatal Family Feast (2022) 19 copies, 4 reviews
Body in the Book Drop (2021) 18 copies, 2 reviews
Five Furry Familiars (2024) 16 copies, 1 review
A Pumpkin Spice Killing (2021) 16 copies, 5 reviews
Secrets in the Stacks (2022) 16 copies, 2 reviews
Murder in a Tourist Town 14 copies, 2 reviews
A Stocking Full of Murder (2020) 13 copies, 1 review
A Killer Christmas Wish (2021) 13 copies, 2 reviews
Dying to Celebrate (2020) 12 copies
Caught Dead to Write (2022) 11 copies, 1 review
Olive You to Death (A Tourist Trap Mystery) (2024) 11 copies, 4 reviews
The Bull Rider's Brother (2012) 10 copies
Death in the Romance Aisle (2023) 9 copies, 1 review
A Member of the Council (2012) 7 copies, 1 review
The Bull Rider's Manager (2013) 6 copies
A Medium Fate (2022) 6 copies, 1 review
A Basketful of Murder (2023) 6 copies
Return of the Fae (2013) 4 copies, 1 review
Bull Rider's Keeper (2014) 2 copies
Wild Hearts 1 copy
A Medium Gift 1 copy, 1 review
A Medium Homecoming (2023) 1 copy
Marriage Not Included (2014) 1 copy

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South Cove is having their business-to-business meeting at Jill Gardner's Coffee, Books, and More; everything seems fine until Josh Thomas, the local antiques dealer and problem child, stands up to make an announcement. Most think he just has another problem, but this announcement is different -- he and his fiancée, Mandy Jensen, are getting married in a month and he wants to invite everyone to the reception. Congratulations all around, and life seems to go back to normal.

That is, until Mandy disappears. Completely. But Jill's friends and her own fiancé, Police Chief Greg King, wants her to go on her girlfriends' weekend getaway and not worry about it. But things have already gotten sticky -- she finds out Josh has a journal of an old bank robber who settled in South Cove, and it might be the real deal. So real, Jill's former professor is interested in pursuing it. While she tries to enjoy herself, things keep popping up that just don't seem like Mandy; a missed wedding dress appointment, for starters.

Jill returns home and finds that Mandy is still missing, and Josh is going crazy; so much so that Greg asks her to keep him company so he can get work done. But Josh drags Jill into his hunt for the bank robber's hidden treasure, and there are other circumstances that make her wonder if Mandy's disappearance isn't connected to it somehow.

Now Jill has to worry about her own wedding plans as well as figure out where Mandy is. Greg, meanwhile, is involved in a murder case -- one that might connect the dots. Will Jill be able to get her wedding on track? And will they figure out what happened to Mandy and who killed the dead man?

This is the sixteenth book in the series and I have read them all. I love the characters of South Cove, they are realistic and believable. You are drawn into the story from the beginning, and kept there throughout the mystery. It is written well, and Ms. Cahoon has a talent for words and descriptions of what we are reading (and imagining).

Everything is twisted together loosely, and it is up to the reader to pull the threads together to find the answers before Jill (as we know that she will!). I will say that I was surprised at who the murderer was; it was totally unexpected, which is a very good thing. The disappearance of Mandy was also handled well, and it gave us a great story.

The ending comes together beautifully, with everything just as it should be; there are new beginnings and goodbyes (sort of); and it makes us want to read the next in the series immediately. Recommended.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley but this in no way influenced my review.
… (more)
joannefm2 | 3 other reviews | Jun 23, 2024 |
“Maybe I’m always in the right place at the right time”

Wedding bells are ringing in South Cove again, only this time the groom to be is the temperamental antique shop owner Josh and his lovely farm stand bride, Mandy. Only Mandy goes missing and someone also associated with Josh is murdered. Unsure if the sinister doings are connected Jill finds herself playing sleuth again even when it gets her in hot water with her fiancé. Time and tide wait for no man and our South Cove family are all evolving and starting new chapters in their lives and hopefully we’ll continue to accompany them on their adventures because as always, they’re wonderfully written.… (more)
ValeriS29 | 3 other reviews | Jun 19, 2024 |
Olive You to Death by Lynn Cahoon is the sixteenth A Tourist Trap Mystery. It can be read as a standalone as the author provides the needed background information for new readers. We get to follow Jill from day to day as she works at Coffee, Books, and More, finishes up her paper for her MBA, heads off to her classes, walks Emma on the beach, eats, sleeps, reads, and repeats. Jill also needs to find a new wedding venue. If her soon to be mother-in-law had not had them postpone their nuptials for an elective procedure, it would not be an issue. Josh announces that he is getting married to Mandy (Josh has certainly changed). When Mandy goes missing, Josh hounds Greg for answers. Greg asks Jill to distract Josh (you know where this is going). It is obvious to Jill that there is more to the mystery than meets the eye. After Jill had worked on fifteen prior mysteries, I would expect her to be more organized and skilled. She comes across as amateurish complete with silly shenanigans. There is repetition of case details, and the story moves at a slow pace. I do not like Greg’s attitude regarding Jill sleuthing (he should be used to it by now). Jill is a curious individual and she will always want to help her friends (and satisfy her curiosity). I wish the whodunit had been more of a challenge to solve. There was plenty of talk regarding Jill and Greg’s wedding, but very little planning. Jill does have a lot going on in her life at the moment. Changes are coming and Jill will need to adapt.… (more)
Kris_Anderson | 3 other reviews | Jun 18, 2024 |
Arizona, book-club, recipes, cancer-survivor, friendship, friends, pet-dog, amateur-sleuth, murder, investigation, local-law-enforcement, support-system, suspense, lies, secrets, bookseller, small-business, small-town, drama, relationships, relationship-issues*****

Why was the contentious art gallery owner shot with an arrow dipped in a controlled substance? Good character relationships and interaction. The concept of a Book Club gathering complete with a Murder Board and notebooks to solve this and any other murders is kinda out there, but it works in this series.
I requested and received a free temporary EARC from Kensington Books/Lyrical Press via NetGalley. Thank you.
… (more)
jetangen4571 | May 19, 2024 |


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