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Rock Star's Heart (2018) 4 copies
Rock Icon Ready (2023) 4 copies
Rockstars Ball Anthology (2021) — Author — 4 copies
Rock God in Exile (2020) 1 copy

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As Told by Things (2018) — Contributor — 13 copies
Community of Magic Pens (2020) — Contributor — 13 copies
Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove (2019) — Contributor — 8 copies
Stamps, Vamps & Tramps (2014) — Contributor — 6 copies


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This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
This book is a friends-to-lovers story about a drum tech and the rock & roll star drummer she works for. It was interesting enough, if the author's portrayal of "rock band on the road" life is considered accurate. And actually, I found those parts more interesting than the actual relationship. Neither the heroine (h) nor the Hero (H) were fleshed out much, although the h seemed to be a more fully developed character than the H. They seemed to lack charisma - the addage about "show, don't tell," didn't fully hit the mark with this author as the only way we learn that the two are interested in one another is when a third party remarks about them making googly eyes at each other or something like that. We didn't even learn that the h has (SPOILER ALERT!!!) facial piercings until a good four chapters into the book. I would think something like that would be a defining characteristic of a main character, but no....
Another reviewer remarked that the BDSM scenes were awkward, and I'd have to agree. I mean, I'm not really into the BDSM scene, myself, so maybe the author's portrayal was accurate, I don't know. I don't think she will win any new converts to that lifestyle with the scenes in this book, though. Although, I did like that the H was always very respectful of the h, even when he was the dom. I read romance novels to be invested in the characters and their relationships, and to be swept away to a different world for just a little bit. This relationship fell just a little flat for me, and I didn't find myself swept away as much as I did going, "Huh. I wonder if it's really like that...." So I have no real objections to this book; it just wasn't my cup of tea. I usually rate each element separately so potential readers know exactly what I feel are the book's strengths and weaknesses. My ratings are as follows: Hero - 3/5 stars Heroine - 3/5 stars Plot - 3/5 stars World-building - 4/5 stars Spelling/Grammar - 4/5 stars Sex scenes - 3/5 stars Overall - 3/5 stars I received no compensation for this review and the honest opinions shared are my own.
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Poopy | 1 other review | Apr 12, 2023 |
This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
A friends to lovers rockstar romance. This book suffered from a lack of tension, and the addition of some kind of awkward BDSM scenes. There were moments of genuine sweetness between the characters and I guess I wanted to see more of that. I would have loved to see more interaction between the band mates and the couple as well. All in all this fell flat for me. My thanks to the author to providing an ARC, this is my honest review.
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Elizabeth.Petruy | 1 other review | Apr 6, 2023 |

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