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ETA: I ended up finishing it after another reviewer said the ending was a big WTF. OMG was it. W.T.F. The last couple chapters were nothing but a huge FU to the readers who slogged through 56 chapters of crap. Seriously.

I'm giving up after 150 pages. The immaturity of the characters coupled with the deceit and writing have stymied me.

The premise is a good one, unfortunately I didn't find it executed well.
cranberrytarts | 2 other reviews | Sep 22, 2013 |
This book caught my eye because it had two things that always interest me: 1) a protagonist in law school or who has been an attorney; and 2) an Englishman. My eldest son is an attorney, and every Englishman I've known has been a wonderful gentleman and a friend. How could I go wrong with the book?

This is a sweet romance written primarily for what I would call the "new adult" market. It follows the overwhelming romance of Shannon and Will from the time they meet, when she is in her last year of law school, through both of their deaths. I have mixed feelings about the book. On the one hand, it is sweet and kind and I liked the idea of finding a soul mate that is truly a part of your life forever. On the other hand, much of the story is told as a combination of travel journal, diary, and phone texts. There were many parts of the story I felt could have been left out, and other places I felt needed to be more developed. I didn't personally care for the development of the story in the last 40 pages or so. But that is more of a personal preference. Some will probably like the fact that the author chose to play out Shannon's entire life.

In the end what kept me going was the love story between Shannon and Will and the cast of supporting characters in their friends on both sides. If you are looking for a more traditional novel with tight action and emotion and a more typical demarcation of the romance story, then you will probably feel this goes on too long and doesn't provide enough to keep you satisfied. However, if you want something sweet, kind, and in a format that is more akin to your best friend writing you of her travels and life over about 50 years, particularly the all consuming love of her life, then you will like this book and finish it with a big smile.
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maggiejaimeson | 2 other reviews | Mar 29, 2013 |
Away From the Spotlight by Tamara Carlisle
Shannon Sutherland and her friend Rachael had gone out after work to the brit bar where she had met Will.
Will MacKenzie knew the band and they were allowed backstage before the concert.
She was studying to be a lawyer, attended college for a few more months, along with a 3 day job a week at the law firm, then hopes to study and take the bar exam and travel in Europe for the summer.
Although there are other people in the book it's easy to keep them straight as to who they are. When the conversation turns to what Will does for work everybody changes the subject so Shannon is in the dark still.
The chapters fly by describing in detail her classes, her day dreams and the time spent with Will.
The descriptions of the rooms and furniture and surroundings make me picture the area in my mind as I did fly into LAX and spend some time in the area before driving north.
She and he both think the relationship won't work for the long haul. Their lives are just so different.

Just about half way through and I'm missing the normal things in a book, the sex and romance mostly. They talk of hand holding and hugging and having sex all night long but it's not even but one line stating they had sex.
A lot to digest as the book is becoming boring to me, about their everyday lives he with his promo tour and her with bar exam prep.
For 480+ pages more needs to be talked about and physically shown what is being done.
The men at the law firm spice things up a bit but it's not been enough yet...
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jbarr5 | 2 other reviews | Jan 7, 2013 |


½ 2.3