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Image credit: St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City (Photo credit: Wolfgang Stuck, Sept. 2004)


Works by Catholic Church

Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992) — Author — 7,380 copies
Missale Romanum 1962 (1964) 223 copies
Book of Blessings (1981) 132 copies
Lectionary for Mass (1970) 120 copies
Graduale Romanum (1952) 88 copies
Go and Make Disciples (2002) 57 copies
Liber Hymnarius (1983) 42 copies
Homiletic Directory (2015) 28 copies
October Menaion 27 copies
Pastoral Care of the Dying (2002) 21 copies
Rite of Funerals (1971) 21 copies
Byzantine Book of Prayer (1976) 20 copies
Morning and Evening Prayer (2005) 19 copies
Katolska kyrkans katekes (1996) 19 copies
Parish Mass Book and Hymnal (1965) 18 copies
The Small Missal (1924) 18 copies
Enchiridion Indulgentiarum (1968) 17 copies
Compendium on the Eucharist (2016) 16 copies
Compendium on the Diaconate (2013) 15 copies
Rite of Penance (2010) 14 copies
Papal documents on Mary (1954) 14 copies
LITURGIA HORARUM (3) (3) (2000) 13 copies
Liturgia Horarum (2) (2000) 12 copies
Instruction on Liturgy (1964) 11 copies
Baltimore Catechism No. 2 (2010) 10 copies
Matrimony 9 copies
From Words to Deeds (1998) 8 copies
The papal encyclicals (1981) 8 copies
Compline (1960) 8 copies
Ordo Missae (1974) 7 copies
Rituale Romanum (2004) 6 copies
Chant (1994) 5 copies
Breviary Psalter (1966) 5 copies
The Catholic Burial Rite (1971) 5 copies
Lectionary (1970) 5 copies
Holy Week missal (1971) 5 copies
Our Lady 5 copies
The Church 5 copies
Messale di ogni giorno (1984) 4 copies
Codi de dret canònic (1983) 4 copies
The human body 4 copies
Penance celebrations (1981) 4 copies
Carmelite missal. (1998) 4 copies
The new order of Mass (2011) 4 copies
Rite of Exorcism (2017) 4 copies
Corpus iuris canonici (2000) 4 copies
Marian Year Prayers (1987) 4 copies
Llibre d'hores (087) (1988) 4 copies
Mass Book (1999) 4 copies
A prayerbook 3 copies
St. Luke's Daily Missal (2002) 3 copies
The Liturgy 3 copies
Code de droit canonique (1983) 3 copies
The Holy rosary 3 copies
Flemish calendar (1985) 3 copies
Pray for peace (1992) 3 copies
Missal ferial (2003) 3 copies
Regla pastoral (1988) 3 copies
St. Pauls weekday missal (2012) 3 copies
Ordo lectionum Missae (1981) 3 copies
Gregorian chant (2017) 3 copies
Empowered by the Spirit (1986) 3 copies
Sunday Mass book (1987) 3 copies
Conscience (1998) 3 copies
Sarajevo 2 copies
Buk Misa 2 copies
Missale Romanum 2 copies
New Baptism Book (1970) 2 copies
L'EVANGILE DE LA VIE (1995) 2 copies
Rite of Baptism Booklet (1991) 2 copies
The Scapular (2015) 2 copies
Ordo missae 2006-2007 (1986) 2 copies
Catecismo Romano (1566) — Editor — 2 copies
Nutrition and Hydration (1992) 2 copies
Theology of Liberation (1984) 2 copies
Latin Mass Companion (2020) 2 copies
Celebrate in song (2011) 2 copies
María, Evangelio vivido (1999) 2 copies
Requiem 1 copy
L'Església a Europa (2003) 1 copy
Benedizionale (1992) 1 copy
Ritual de benediccions (1989) 1 copy
Missale vicense 1496 (1978) 1 copy
New Funeral Mass Book (1971) 1 copy
Wedding Service (1971) 1 copy
Lyra Catholica (2012) 1 copy
Daily Prayer 1 copy
Messale Festivo 2012 (2011) 1 copy
El Misterio trinitario (1986) 1 copy
Sancta missa 1 copy
Evangelio 2011 (2010) 1 copy
Navega Mar Adentro (2001) 1 copy
Velsignelsesritualer (1990) 1 copy
Messens faste deler (1989) 1 copy
Iubilate Deo 1 copy
Parish mass book (1975) 1 copy
Pocket ritual (1971) 1 copy
New Code of Canon Law — Author — 1 copy
Mass for young people (1973) 1 copy
Bendicional (2000) 1 copy
Newsletter 1 copy
Holy Mass 1 copy
Ignatius Pew Missal (2019) 1 copy
Lectionary I 1 copy
Horologion 1 copy
Canones 1 copy
Bulla 1 copy

Associated Works

The Sheed and Ward Anthology of Catholic Philosophy (2005) — Contributor — 28 copies


Common Knowledge



The New Order of Mass, tr Rev Martin Patino in St. Blog's Catholic Parish (December 2022)
Seven Core Values of Catholic Social Teaching in Catholic Tradition (October 2020)
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church (continued) in Catholic Tradition (November 2015)
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church in Catholic Tradition (November 2015)


SrMaryLea | 41 other reviews | Aug 22, 2023 |
A glimpse at the prayer part of monastic life, for the non-monk, the non-nun, all in a pocket-sized book. In includes many of the psalms, the non-violent ones.
mykl-s | 3 other reviews | Mar 2, 2023 |
Excellent book for following the Traditional Latin Mass. It is compact and would be great for travel.
It does have some shortcomings, though. One is that it does not have the Introit/Collect/readings/other prayers that change with every day. But that is understandable. If I were going to use it for a long trip I might choose another Mass book, but this is good for when I find I can get to Mass during the week on the way home from work.
The other shortcoming is that being such a small book, one has to turn a lot of pages to use the book. This may detract from the Mass.… (more)
19vatermit64 | Jan 7, 2023 |



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