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Author of Witch Hunt: History of a Persecution

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Nigel Cawthorne has been a writer and editor for twenty-five years and has written, contributed to and edited more than sixty books on a wide range of subjects. He has also contributed to the Guardian, Daily Mail, Mirror and the New York Tribune, amongst others


Works by Nigel Cawthorne

Killers (2006) 116 copies
Sex Lives of the Popes (1996) 102 copies
Kings and Queens of England (2009) 79 copies
Vietnam: A War Lost and Won (2003) 74 copies
Turning the Tide (2002) 72 copies
The Art of the Icon (2000) 61 copies
The Art of Japanese Prints (1997) 59 copies
Shipwrecks (2005) 51 copies
A Brief Guide to James Bond (2012) 41 copies
The Mammoth Book of Killers at Large (2007) — Editor — 38 copies
The Art of India (1997) 38 copies
Sixties Source Book (1991) 33 copies
The Mammoth Book of the Mafia (2009) — Editor — 32 copies
The Mammoth Book of New CSI (2012) 31 copies
Alan Turing: The Enigma Man (2014) 30 copies
100 Catastrophic Disasters (2003) 29 copies
The Battle of Britain (2010) 28 copies
Victory in World War II (2005) 26 copies
House of Horrors (2008) 24 copies
Doomsday (2004) 24 copies
The World's Greatest Cults (1999) 23 copies
Flight MH370: The Mystery (2014) 20 copies
Alexander the Great (2004) 19 copies
Spree Killers (1994) 19 copies
Sordid Sex Lives (2010) 18 copies
Battles of WW1 (2008) 18 copies
D-Day: Dawn of Heroes (2002) 15 copies
The Bamboo Cage (1991) 13 copies
The History of the Mafia (2010) 11 copies
Blitzkrieg (2012) 9 copies
Heroes on the Front Line (2011) 8 copies
Prince Andrew (2020) 8 copies
Waffen-ss (2022) 6 copies
Army of Steel (2017) 5 copies
The Million Dollar Trivia (2002) 5 copies
A Vida Sexual dos Papas (2000) 4 copies
Satanic Murder (1996) 4 copies
Lancaster (2009) 4 copies
Football Hooligans (2012) 3 copies
Robin Hood 2 copies
Vietnam (2022) 2 copies
DAVID CAMERON: Class Act (2015) 2 copies
WAFFEN SS (2023) 1 copy
Perdedores 1 copy
The D-DAY Landings (2021) 1 copy
9 Selection 1 copy
22 Handguns 1 copy
2 The Sbs 1 copy
1 The Sas 1 copy
Ukiyo-e (1998) 1 copy
The Sex Lives of Popes (2014) 1 copy
Storia delle SS (2019) 1 copy
33 Somalia 1 copy

Associated Works

The Art of War (0500) — Introduction, some editions — 23,179 copies
London Traditions (1999) — Contributor — 18 copies


art (95) Asia (94) biography (89) business (170) China (722) Chinese (232) Chinese history (69) Chinese literature (148) classic (249) classics (379) eastern philosophy (85) ebook (142) Folio Society (59) history (1,109) Kindle (118) Leadership (179) literature (118) management (85) martial arts (106) military (615) military history (339) Military Science (112) military strategy (155) Military Theory (82) non-fiction (1,291) own (123) philosophy (1,326) pirates (80) politics (188) read (147) reference (79) strategy (691) Sun Tzu (134) tactics (116) Taoism (62) to-read (1,011) unread (79) war (808) warfare (222) WWII (99)

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There's nothing in this book you haven't read before if you're at all familiar with the cases presented in it. The author just more or less quickly summarizes each case. Definitely skip this one if you're familiar with the cases within. If not, then it will provide some halfway decent, but NOWHERE NEAR thorough, information.
thatnerd | Mar 2, 2024 |
Very interesting table-top book aiming at providing short information on military formations from ancient to modern times. Each unit is presented on 4 pages with illustrations, important dates and details from lives of some of the important characters from these units.

While descriptions of units up to modern times are good for modern times they seem ... rushed and little bit over simplified.

Also literal translation of Waffen-SS (Weapon-SS (?)) was little bit off-putting. On the good side author gave a correct picture of this notorious formation.

But all in all solid 3.5 stars - for people interested in military units they will find little new things (maybe in some old units from premodern-times) but for new readers (and as an index of sorts) it is good book.

Since 3.5 is not possible I rounded it to 4 because book is rare one on this subject and with this format.
… (more)
Zare | Jan 23, 2024 |
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the early copy of the book. First and foremost, I am a fanatic of true crime, assassinations, etc. I've been reading about the JFK assassination for years and have come to my own conclusions. So when a book such as this comes out, of course, I am going to jump all over it. The title says it all in nutshell. Many times one hears that assassinations don't accomplish what the killer(s) set out to do, that is, if they even have an agenda or reason for killing. The murders put forth in this book truly did change the world and the author provides details on just how those changes came about because these people were killed. What i loved about the book is that it shed light on murders I wasn't that familiar with, coupled with the effects of those murders. A truly insightful and fascinating read.… (more)
BenM2023 | Nov 22, 2023 |

You can always tell when an author loves the topic of their book so deeply, and has true knowledge of the real world places they are writing about. This book breathes tradition, and alumni. I loved that with each chapter, it had me questioning if I could really go and see this, if this was what life was like at yale. It made the magical elements of the story that much more engulfing.

The story isn't written with a linear timeline, which adds so much to the suspense. I was on edge for the whole book, I needed answers so many questions, and I couldn't read fast enough to get them! The ending was perfection, left just the right questions opened, but gave a solid closure.

The magic has boundaries / rules, it's so believable. This could be present day, a haunting true story. No wand waving or unimaginable spells. Very well researched, and written. I can't wait for the next book!
… (more)
buukluvr | Feb 14, 2023 |


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