David Chadwick (disambiguation)

"David Chadwick" is composed of at least 5 distinct authors, divided by their works.

About the Author

Includes the names: Dvid Chdwick, David Chadwick

Author Division

David Chadwick (2)

Shaking (2001) 7 copies

David Chadwick (6)

Liberty Bazaar (2015) 5 copies
Weird Love (2013) 1 copy

Common Knowledge

Disambiguation notice
1. Chadwick, David b1945 Buddhist journalist, biographer of Suzuki Roshi.
2. Chadwick, David (James) b1952 author of Skaking and He Papahuia Toi Maori.
3. Chadwick, David b1951 UK computer scientist wrote Communications and Multimedia Security.
4. Chadwick, David specializes in neurology and epilepsy.
5. Chadwick, David (Egbert) b.1949, pastor, author of 12 Leadership Principles of Dean Smith
6. Chadwick, David journalist/short story writer from Bolton, England.

Other Chadwicks to watch for:

Chadwick, David L. 1926-2020, pediatrician, wrote four works on child abuse.