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Works by Childcraft

Make and Do (Childcraft) (1964) 310 copies
World and Space (1964) 270 copies
How Things Work (1964) 267 copies
Places to Know (1964) 259 copies
About Me (Childcraft) (1964) 257 copies
Guide to Childcraft (1937) 237 copies
Mathemagic (1978) 232 copies
Childcraft Dictionary (1975) 176 copies
Look and Learn (1964) 165 copies
How We Get Things (1964) 162 copies
Children Everywhere (1964) 150 copies
About Us (1964) 137 copies
The Story of the Sea (1979) 136 copies
Holidays and Birthdays (1964) 116 copies
Holidays and Customs (1964) 115 copies
The Indian Book (Childcraft) (1980) 115 copies
Time to Read (1988) 101 copies
Look Again (1900) 97 copies
The Bug Book (1981) 92 copies
Great Myths and Legends (1727) 73 copies
About Dogs (Childcraft) (1977) 71 copies
I Was Wondering (1991) 62 copies
Mysteries and Fantasies (1986) 61 copies
Conquest of the Sky (1985) 56 copies
Life Around Us (1964) 40 copies
What People Do (1964) 38 copies
Exploring the Ocean (1996) 33 copies
Science at Work (1987) 32 copies
Pioneers and Patriots (1964) 28 copies
Art Around Us (1992) 28 copies
Animals in Danger (1974) 27 copies
The Universe (2000) 27 copies
Ways of Learning (1937) 26 copies
How Things Change (1964) 26 copies
Tales and Legends (1939) 23 copies
Guidance for Development (1945) 22 copies
You and Your Family (1954) 22 copies
The Fact Factory (1999) 20 copies
The Animal World (1976) 19 copies
World Adventure (2000) 16 copies
Your Body (1990) 14 copies
See the World (2000) 13 copies
Heroes and Helpers (2003) 13 copies
Our World (1992) 12 copies
Nature in Danger (1987) 12 copies
Celebrations (1987) 12 copies
Who We Are (2000) 11 copies
Our Earth (2000) 11 copies
How Does It Happen (2000) 11 copies
People and Places (1990) 11 copies
Discovering Science (1992) 11 copies
Celebrate (2000) 10 copies
Shapes and Numbers (2000) 10 copies
World of Colour (1989) 10 copies
Play Activities (1942) 10 copies
The World of Animals (2004) 9 copies
The Story of Australia (1989) 9 copies
Welcome to Childcraft (1988) 8 copies
All About Birds (2005) 6 copies
Book of Verse (1931) 5 copies
You and Your Child (1964) 5 copies
Exploring the Sea (1988) 4 copies
Stories of Life and Lands (1937) 4 copies
Childcraft Volume 09 (1974) 2 copies
World of Sport (1991) 1 copy


000 (41) America (22) animals (36) anthology (57) art (29) book (69) Childcraft (422) children (140) children's (212) children's book (27) children's books (25) Children's Encyclopedia (23) children's literature (61) collection (22) crafts (32) education (35) encyclopedia (81) fiction (34) geography (32) hardcover (33) hcx (41) history (68) holidays (23) illustrated (23) kids (23) math (31) middle grade (26) nature (22) non-fiction (252) photography (23) poems (27) poetry (94) reference (377) science (101) series (23) short stories (21) stories (31) teaching (24) vintage (53) world (31)

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WBCLIB | Feb 27, 2023 |
Titles 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11
No 9.
Donzel | 3 other reviews | Jul 7, 2022 |
lcslibrarian | 3 other reviews | Aug 13, 2020 |
Most excellent collection of classic fairy tales and children's stories with engaging artwork. A favorite from my childhood that children will still enjoy today!
jmtho1501 | 1 other review | Aug 2, 2017 |

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