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Includes the name: Choo, Yangsze.

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The Ghost Bride (2013) 1,632 copies, 101 reviews
The Night Tiger (2019) 1,304 copies, 54 reviews
The Fox Wife (2024) 341 copies, 14 reviews


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Malaysia (birth)
Places of residence
California, USA
Harvard University
management consultant
Jenny Bent
Short biography
Yangsze Choo is a fourth generation Malaysian of Chinese descent.  After receiving her undergraduate degree from Harvard, she worked as a management consultant and at a start-up before writing her first novel.  She lives in California with her husband and their two children, and loves to eat and read (often at the same time).   [from Ghost Bride (2013)]



A woman named Snow sets out on a journey of revenge for the death of her daughter two years earlier. Snow is not any person, however; she is a fox, a charismatic being that feeds on life force, or qi. As she follows the path to find the mysterious photographer, Bektu Nikan, who had a hand in her daughter's death, Snow finds her place as an aid to an elderly woman who runs a medicine shop. Snow feels an attachment to the woman and it happens that her son has a relationship with Bektu Nikan. Meanwhile, Bao, a private investigator with a special ability to hear the truth, is investigating the death of a young woman found in a doorway. Bao has had a special interest in foxes from his childhood. Bao's investigation will soon lead him into an entire den.

The Fox Wife is a slow burn journey of grief, redemption and fulfilment. With alternating narration from Snow and Bao, there is a steady sense of something building with every chapter. Set in 1908 throughout the Manchuria region of China, the folklore, superstitions, food and politics permeate their journey. I was pulled in by the fox folklore and Snow's character. Snow is set on revenge, yet has a calm, peaceful and steady nature. She is intent to help her mistress and not cause harm, yet her mission is to kill Bektu Nikan. Snow as well as the other two foxes create quite a trio as their antics and missions manipulate the feelings of the humans around them. Bao's character was equally as interesting, spending a lot of time in Bao's childhood and gaining the ability to hear a lie. Told through elegant prose, the story builds and plateaus as Snow and Bao's journey's collide.
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Mishker | 13 other reviews | Jun 24, 2024 |
This book is enchanting. I usually do not like fantasies (it is difficult for me to suspend disbelief), but I found myself willingly going along with the central conceit of the plot because the author's writing was so engaging and compelling. There is something for everyone here: mystery, action, romance, history, comedy, and insight into the human condition. Highly recommended for all libraries.
librarianarpita | 13 other reviews | Apr 28, 2024 |
#ReadAroundTheWorld. #Malaysia

This is a historical mystery set in Ipoh and Batu Gajah in Malaya in 1931, by Chinese Malaysian author Yangsze Choo. It has elements of magical realism, Chinese mythology, mystery and romance. There are weretigers, ghosts and Chinese Numeral Superstitions and the five Confucian virtues.

The story involves Ren, an 11-year-old, who works as a houseboy servant for the aging Dr Macfarlane. Before he dies the doctor entrusts Ren with the task of finding his missing finger and returning it before 49 days are up, so his soul can rest in peace. Ren is taken into the household of another young doctor, William Acton, who is said to have performed the finger amputation years ago. The story shifts between Ren and Ji Lin, a girl who grows up in a poor and troubled household. Unable to fulfill her dreams of going to university, she works as an apprentice dressmaker, in addition, doing shifts as a dancehall girl to try to repay her mother’s mahjong debt. Ji Lin is left a mysterious severed finger in a glass vial by one of her dance partners. She and her stepbrother Shin combine forces to try and solve the mystery of the missing finger and the events and deaths that are set into play surrounding it. Then there is the man-eating tiger that appears…

This was an intriguing story with a vivid setting. I enjoyed the mystery and elements of Chinese culture and folklore. I didn’t enjoy the romance basically as I’m not a fan of stepsibling or any kind of sibling action. It also seemed a manipulative, forceful kind of relationship. but I will definitely read another of this author’s books. 4 stars for me.
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mimbza | 53 other reviews | Apr 18, 2024 |
A young woman calling herself Snow - a fox - travels on a revenge trip, intent on killing the photographer Bektu Nikan in Manchuria, 1908. Meanwhile, an investigator Bao who has the talent on being able to tell truth from lies is asked to investigate the mysterious death of a young woman - could it be the work of a fox?

Choo draws on the Chinese mythology of foxes to tell a compelling, lyrical story of Snow and Bao, and the family that Snow meets and gets involved with in the course of her mission to find the photographer. With an evocative atmosphere and complex characters but very deliberate pacing, this is a book to sit down with for long stretches and get lost in.… (more)
bell7 | 13 other reviews | Apr 17, 2024 |



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