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When It Happens (2006) 964 copies
Waiting For You (2009) 552 copies
Something Like Fate (2010) 524 copies
Take Me There (2008) 504 copies
So Much Closer (2011) 336 copies
Keep Holding On (2012) 293 copies
All I Need (2014) 188 copies
Now and Forever (2014) 94 copies
Something like love (2012) 4 copies
Falling in love (2013) 4 copies

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Who Done It? (2013) — Contributor — 135 copies


Common Knowledge



young adult romance book in Name that Book (January 2012)


I have been wanting to read this book for over a year now. It has been sitting on my shelf for the last 4 months, and now that I am finally finished with it, I am not pleased. I really dislike books that just leave you hanging without having a sequel coming out. And Something Like Fate happens to be one of those books.
The book is told in three parts, April-May; June-August; and September-October, so we get less than a year in Lani, Jason, Erin and Blake's lives. Lani is the main character. There was an accident ( at first it isn't clear what kind or even when it happened) that involved her and her best friend Erin. This accident apparently gave the girls a deeper connection and Lani sees Erin as her "soul sister". Lani's other friend Blake is gay and so far Lani is the only one that knows. We get thrown into their junior year in high-school and get a little background on why Lani isn't hanging out with the same crowd that Erin does. The we get Jason thrown into the mix, he is Erin's newest interest and she acts a lot less like an almost 18 year old and more like a 14 or 15 year old when talking to Lani about him.
Long story short, Erin and Jason start dating, Lani starts to fall for Jason because he is literally her soul-mate, they like the same things, have actually known each other since they were little, and even come up with some of the same off the wall stuff that no-one else gets. Lani starts hanging out with Jason more and more and even though she trys her hardest she can't help but fall for him a little more each day; of course Erin is ok with all of this because she thinks that Lani is just Jason's friend. You can tell that Jason likes Lani too, and even Blake can see it; Blake called it from the very beginning. Lani and Jason confess their feelings for each other towards the end of the school year and when Erin goes off to camp for the summer things get a little more serious between Lani and Jason.
Jason breaks up with Erin in a letter and of course beginnings dating Lani, although they must keep it a secret until Jason can tell Erin about them in person. When Erin arrives home, Lani can't stand not telling her, so she convinces Jason that they shouldn't see each other until he can tell Erin. All heck breaks loose after that, and really; I shouldn't have expected less from Erin than what she did.
Of course everything gets resolved in the end and while the ending is VERY abrupt, I can see why Susane ended it there. I would have LOVED to know how Lani and Jason got through the rest of the school year, and if her and Erin really did work things out; but I guess I'll leave all that up to my imagination.
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chaoticmel | 30 other reviews | May 18, 2024 |
I really wanted to like this book more. But I didn't.
In my opinion Ethan was a jerk from the bginning. Sterling was an idiot defending him to everyone. I felt bad for Gabe. The "melting. In. My -insert place here- things was so annoying. The ending made the book better so it got a four star rating.
CaitlinDaugherty | Aug 28, 2023 |

Noelle's life isn't like the rest of her peers at school. She lives in a town where most people are well off, Noelle's mother works retail and uses food stamps. They live in a small apartment and her mother has stopped doing anything for her years ago. There's never any food in the house, forcing Noelle to make Mayo and Mustard sandwiches. Because of this she is teased and bullied relentlessly. Her life basically revolves around going to school and hoping not to be noticed. It takes something tragic to happen before she realizes that she has more control over her life than she thought... and that maybe she is good enough for that boy who likes her.

I loved this book!!! For the entire first half of it I was on the brink of tears... I felt so bad for Noelle that I just wanted to adopt her! Even though it was pretty short in length, I think this is an incredibly powerful book. Definitely a must read for all types of high school kids.

I wasn't bullied in high school, but growing up I had my moments. I could definitely relate to some of what Noelle was going through (I think most people that survived HS can). In some ways though Noelle was really lucky. She had Sherae, who was like a rock for her, and Simon, and Julian, and even a teacher and a social worker. Not everyone has all that support. I know the one person she really needed (her mother) wasn't there for her, but at least she wasn't alone. Most people who are bullied and outcasted don't get the man of their dreams to ask them out... it just doesn't happen like that. In the end I was glad that Noelle got a promising ending. I was happy that read this book and I hope it gets into the hands of the people who are going through the stuff Noelle did(and the people like Warner and Carly).
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Michelle_PPDB | 33 other reviews | Mar 18, 2023 |
So I borrowed this from the library last week and didn't realize that I had already read this until I consulted my spreadsheet. Whoops. I reread it because why not? I gave it three stars on the first read so it can't have been that bad.

The verdict is: sweet and cute, and about as deep as a rain puddle (a shallow rain puddle, in case you miss my meaning). No wonder I forgot it.
wonderlande | 29 other reviews | Jan 1, 2023 |


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