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Stanley Coren is a professor emeritus of psychology at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of The Intelligence of Dogs and other bestsellers about dogs and is the winner of the Maxwell Medal of Excellence from the Dog Writers Association of America. He, his wife, and their three show more dogs live in Vancouver, British Columbia. show less

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Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses? (2006) 60 copies
Sensation and Perception (1979) 58 copies
What Do Dogs Know? (1997) 32 copies
Dogs All-in-One For Dummies (2010) 29 copies


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I've known of Dr. Coren's research into the intelligence of dogs for a long time. That knowledge came from articles and interviews and at least one other of his books, The Intelligence of Dogs. I have always found him to be an excellent communicator but in this book I learned much more about the man than just his research and communication skills.

Although this book is subtitled "My Adventures with an Irrepressible and Unforgettable Dog" Dr. Coren introduces us to a number of dogs who have shared his life. But it was his Cairn terrier Flint, a gift from the woman who would become his wife, who seemed to capture his heart. I imagine most dog lovers would say that although they owned a number of dogs in their lifetime there was one special dog for them. For me, the Border Collie that inspired my screen name was that dog. So I could really relate to Coren's bond with Flint. Flint wasn't a perfect dog; certainly Coren's wife Joan would testify to that. Dr. Coren had to use all his skills of behaviour modification to allow Flint and Joan to coexist in the same house. Despite the reputation that terriers have for being difficult to train Flint passed obedience trials of increasing difficulty. However, that process did involve a lot of work and patience and ingenuity. I am in awe of Dr. Coren's ability to "think like a dog" in order to get Flint to do these exercises.

I probably should have read this book long ago in order to train some of my own dogs better. Maybe it's not too late for our current pooch!
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gypsysmom | 2 other reviews | Oct 16, 2022 |
The personality test was fun and helped me think a bit more about dog personality as it relates to breed, as they both relate to me and what I need in a relationship with a dog. But the whole book is laced with weird and sometimes sexist gender assumptions. Also, I didn't need *quite* that many celebrity dog story anecdotes.
lightkensei | 2 other reviews | May 17, 2020 |
Simply put: a very valuable book on our nocturnal routine and its importance. Probes questions like “why do we sleep?” and “why are we the way we are without sleep?” Investigates sleep states, sleep studies, ect with fascinating, useful information everyone should know. I now make sure to get a full night’s rest after reading this.
starlight17 | 2 other reviews | Mar 19, 2019 |
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Chickenman | 6 other reviews | Sep 12, 2018 |



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