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Meredith Costain is an Australian children's author, born in 1955. She is the literary editor of national children's magazines, Comet, Explore and Challenge. Her awards include the Mary Grant Bruce Story Award and the Aurealis Convenor's Award. Her work includes Doodledum Dancing, illustrated by show more Pamela Allen; Penguin is Bed Tails, illustrated by Mitch Vane; and her latest, book 8 in the Ella Diaries Series and a bestseller, Worst Camp Ever!, illustrated by Danielle McDonald. (Bowker Author Biography) show less

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Works by Meredith Costain

Double Dare You (2015) 189 copies
Mom's Secret (1997) 155 copies
Ballet Backflip (2015) 134 copies
I Heart Pets (2015) 109 copies
Pony School Showdown (2015) 92 copies
My Dad's Truck (1996) 73 copies
Friends Not Forever (2016) 71 copies
Clouds (Reading Discovery) (1996) 68 copies
Daddies Are Awesome (2015) 62 copies
Worst Camp Ever (2016) 58 copies
My (Almost) Perfect Puppy (2018) 51 copies
Amazing Acrobats (2018) 50 copies
Friendship S.O.S. (2017) 49 copies
Doodledum Dancing (2006) 34 copies
The Last Pond (2000) 34 copies
Our Goat (1996) 30 copies
Mommies Are Amazing (2017) 25 copies
Operation Merry Christmas (2016) 24 copies
Life in a Tree (2000) 24 copies
Christmas Chaos (2015) 23 copies
My Brother, the Spy (1999) 20 copies
Inside or Outside? (1994) 19 copies
Errol the Peril (1995) 18 copies
Sticky Fingers (Sparklers) (1999) 17 copies
Freeing Billy (2000) 15 copies
Garbage Detectives (2000) 14 copies
Bossy Bettina (1994) 10 copies
The Cuddliest Hug (2014) 10 copies
Molly's rainbow (2009) 10 copies
The Hat Came Back (1996) 10 copies
Bear's bright idea (2008) 10 copies
Diva Drama (2021) 9 copies
Rosie to the Rescue (2007) 8 copies
Maddy, goal defence (2005) 8 copies
Anna at Ellis Island (2007) 7 copies
All in the Family (2011) 7 copies
Musical Harriet (1994) 7 copies
Ghosts and ghoulies (1999) 7 copies
Spooky surprise (2021) 6 copies
Max's scooter (2009) 6 copies
Moving Day (1997) 6 copies
A Year in Girl Hell (2011) 6 copies
Grandmas Are Lovely (2022) 6 copies
Panda (Wild World) (2012) 5 copies
Welcome to France (2001) 5 copies
Welcome to Indonesia (2001) 5 copies
Welcome to Egypt (2001) 5 copies
Life in a Tepee (2011) 5 copies
Sweet Bees (Gear Up!) (2003) 5 copies
Otter (Wild World) (2012) 5 copies
Rosie and the bunyip (2008) 5 copies
Welcome to Brazil (2000) 5 copies
Welcome to Canada (2001) 4 copies
Reptiles on the Move (2011) 4 copies
The PM's Daughter (2022) 4 copies
Totty's potty (2000) 4 copies
Trumpet Trouble (2004) 4 copies
Dance Academy 01 (2010) 4 copies
In Search of the Yeti (2006) 4 copies
Kangaroo (Wild World) (2012) 4 copies
Welcome to Israel (2001) 4 copies
Kids for Hire (2004) 3 copies
Awesome! 3 (2004) 3 copies
Grandmas are Lovely (2020) 3 copies
Tombs of the Pharaohs (2011) 3 copies
Welcome to U S of America (2000) 3 copies
Lemur (Wild World) (2012) 3 copies
Dog-gone (2005) 3 copies
Welcome to Spain (2001) 3 copies
Tango's surprise (2009) 3 copies
My first day at school (2013) 3 copies
Josie, wing attack (2005) 3 copies
Spinouts (2000) 3 copies
Dear future (1995) 3 copies
Welcome to India (2001) 2 copies
Welcome to Germany (2001) 2 copies
I Use Energy 2 copies
Dangerous Jobs 2 copies
Welcome to China (2001) 2 copies
Gepard (2012) 2 copies
Welcome to Italy (2001) 2 copies
Welcome to Russia (2001) 2 copies
The Aztecs 2 copies
We Went Fishing (1996) 2 copies
Welcome to Greece (2000) 2 copies
Come to Our Concert! (1996) 2 copies
The Secret World of Spies (2001) 2 copies
No noise at our house (2008) 2 copies
Heartbreak High: Rap Pack (1994) 2 copies
Disaster chef (2013) 2 copies
The Great Space Race (1996) 2 copies
Freaks of nature (1999) 1 copy
Altered states (1999) 1 copy
Buitenspel (1995) 1 copy
Welcome to Mexico (2001) 1 copy
In Search of the Mummy (2001) 1 copy
Crimestoppers (2001) 1 copy
Movie world (2001) 1 copy
Rainy Day (2001) 1 copy
Bed tails (2009) 1 copy
Marine biologists (1999) 1 copy
Forest Fires (2007) 1 copy
Caught in the act! (1997) 1 copy
Welcome to Japan (2001) 1 copy
Party of Five (1998) 1 copy
Diary of John King (2003) 1 copy
Hector's Sandwich (1999) 1 copy
Some Towers 1 copy
On the Beach 1 copy
Daddies are lovely (2013) 1 copy
Simple Machines (2008) 1 copy
Countdown (1994) 1 copy


Common Knowledge



Representation: Black character

6/10, this was my first realistic book of 2023 and I was hoping to enjoy this after reading one that turned out to be a snorefest last year but this just wasn't an improvement since I found some issues in this and I doubt I would pick this one up again, where do I even begin. The main character Catalina Parkes Perez otherwise known as Cata is forced to move from Western Australia to the Parliament House in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory; at first it looked interesting but it soon deteriorated from there. She acts spoiled and stubborn at first but she develops her character and the climate change message was so overt it felt like it was shoved in my face. The "PM" is such a tyrant (because she locked the entire child population down just because of the Agitators), I was actually rooting for the opposition. There was a plot point about the Agitators but it felt so dragged and unnecessary and they might've been part of the group against Cata's mother. There was only one joke in this book and that was about the Queen at the time when this was written being asked for 'modern furniture' but it fell flat. In the end the Prime Minister regains control of Parliament and that ends it on a high note.… (more)
Law_Books600 | 1 other review | Nov 3, 2023 |
This is the novelisation of the series and it shows with some rather stilted dialog between the characters and some episodic "cliff hanger" chapters that fizzle out in the first pages of the following one. The story has an interesting enough premise, Cat is the daughter of single mother, immigrant PM of Australia who has just moved from her home town Perth to Canberra and must cope with being the PMs daughter and all the BS that comes with that as well as coping with a new school, making friends, new house, etc. Then there is the political intrigue thrown in on top - underhanded tactics by other pols towards her Mum, activist groups protesting and staging incidents that disrupt PM events and also real terrorist threats. The plot is all there BUT the friendship between the teenagers is not authentic and reads false - very strained conversations and the attempt at Romance (oh please). The series "All Fall Down" is much, much better if you want teenagers running around with political intrigue on top.… (more)
nicsreads | 1 other review | Apr 27, 2022 |
As schools are focusing more on non fic that can be read as a story, This book would be a perfect non fiction read aloud.
RakishaBPL | 1 other review | Sep 24, 2021 |
Olivia has started a diary in honor of moving into her new bedroom, which is in the attic of her family's house. She's now in the perfect spot to keep an eye on her neighborhood's goings on, which is fun but also sad, because she can see the empty house where her best friend Lucy used to live.

But then Olivia notices that someone new has moved into Lucy's old house. There's also a new girl, Matilda, in her class. Is it possible that she and Matilda could become friends?

A coworker of mine recently had an "Usborne Facebook party," which I decided to treat as an opportunity to get my Christmas shopping for all my sister's kids done early. I like to read all the books I give the kids, in case they say anything about them (which hasn't happened yet, but an aunt can dream), so that's the stage I'm at now. This particular book was purchased for my youngest niece.

The story is set up as though it were Olivia's diary, complete with her various drawings. Many of the entries read as though Olivia wrote them only a few minutes after the events happened.

I really liked this! I wasn't expecting a chapter book to be so interesting, but I found myself intrigued by the mystery of Matilda's strange behavior, and I enjoyed Olivia's efforts to prove that someone was entering her room when she was gone. Olivia's various intruder detection plans were fun, and her curiosity about and frustration with Matilda were believable. The book's ending was sweet, but not, I think, excessively so.

The one thing that bugged me was that it seemed simultaneously like Olivia and her family had maybe just moved into their house (based off of Olivia getting a new bedroom) but also like they'd lived there for at least a year (based off of Olivia's accounts of slipping through the fence to play with her friend Lucy). It's possible that Olivia once shared a room with one of her siblings, but if that was the case, it wasn't mentioned. It looks like this series is a spin-off of one focused on Olivia's older sister, Ella, so maybe the situation is explained more in those books.

I hope that my niece will end up liking this as much as I did.

(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)
… (more)
Familiar_Diversions | Oct 7, 2019 |



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