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Michael Crichton (1942–2008)

Author of Jurassic Park

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John Michael Crichton, known as Michael Crichton, was born on October 28, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. He wrote novels while attending Harvard University and Harvard Medical School to help pay the tuition. One of these, The Andromeda Strain, which was published in 1969, became a bestseller. After show more graduating summa cum laude, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Salk Institute in California before becoming a full-time writer and film director. His carefully researched novels included Eaters of the Dead, The Terminal Man, The Great Train Robbery, Congo, Sphere, Jurassic Park, Rising Sun, Disclosure, The Lost World, Airframe, and Micro. He also wrote non-fiction works including Five Patients: The Hospital Explained, Jasper Johns, and Travels. In the late 1960s, he also wrote under the pen names Jeffrey Hudson and John Lange. He has received several awards including Writer of the Year in 1970 from the Association of American Medical Writers and two Edgar Awards in 1968 and in 1979. Many of his novels have been made into highly successful films, six of which he directed. He was also the creator and executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning television series ER. In addition to his writing and directorial success, his expertise in information science enabled him to run a software company and develop a computer game. He died of cancer on November 4, 2008 at the age of 66. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
Disambiguation Notice:

Michael Crichton also wrote under the pseudonyms John Lange and Jeffery Hudson, during his medical studies. He also co-authored one book with his brother Douglas under the pen name Michael Douglas.


Works by Michael Crichton

Jurassic Park (1990) 20,856 copies
Timeline (1999) 13,598 copies
The Lost World (1995) 10,564 copies
The Andromeda Strain (1969) 10,193 copies
Prey (2002) 10,013 copies
Sphere (1971) 9,856 copies
State of Fear (2004) 8,756 copies
Congo (1980) 8,052 copies
Airframe (1996) 7,343 copies
Next (2006) 7,191 copies
Disclosure (1993) 5,468 copies
Rising Sun (1993) 5,443 copies
Eaters of the Dead (1976) 5,086 copies
Pirate Latitudes (2009) 4,510 copies
The Great Train Robbery (1975) 3,820 copies
The Terminal Man (1972) 3,624 copies
A Case of Need (1968) 3,256 copies
Micro (2011) 2,450 copies
Dragon Teeth (2017) 1,704 copies
Travels (1988) 1,404 copies
Twister [1996 film] (1996) — Screenwriter; Producer — 520 copies
Binary (1972) 509 copies
Jurassic Park III [2001 film] (2001) — Author — 441 copies
Grave Descend (1970) 330 copies
Zero Cool (1969) 297 copies
Jurassic Park Trilogy (1993) — Author — 273 copies
The 13th Warrior [1999 film] (1999) — Author — 271 copies
Easy Go (1968) 239 copies
Westworld (1974) — Author — 209 copies
Timeline [2003 film] (2002) — Author — 184 copies
Drug of Choice (1970) 177 copies
Scratch One (1974) 173 copies
Odds On (1966) 148 copies
The Venom Business (1969) 139 copies
Jasper Johns (1977) 138 copies
Twister [original screenplay] (1996) — Author — 131 copies
Congo / Jurassic Park (1993) — Author — 111 copies
Electronic Life (1983) 106 copies
Westworld [1973 film] (1973) — Director; Screenwriter — 102 copies
ER: The Complete First Season (2003) — Creator — 68 copies
The First Great Train Robbery [1979 film] (1979) — Director — 63 copies
Disclosure / Rising Sun (1996) 48 copies
Congo and The Terminal Man (1995) 41 copies
Coma [1978 film] (1978) — Director — 36 copies
Runaway [1984 Film] (1984) — Director — 34 copies
ER: The Complete Fourth Season (2005) — Creator — 31 copies
ER: The Complete Seventh Season (2001) — Creator — 23 copies
ER: The Complete Sixth Season (2006) — Creator — 21 copies
Eruption (2024) 12 copies
Looker [1981 film] (1980) — Director — 12 copies
4 Film Favorites: Horror — Director — 6 copies
Westworld: The Complete Fourth Season — Author — 5 copies
4 Film Favorites: Michael Douglas Collection (2011) — Director — 4 copies
Physical Evidence (1989) 4 copies
Overkill (1972) 3 copies
Blood Doesn't Come Out — Author — 3 copies
Pursuit (2004) 3 copies
Un caso de urgencia (1994) 2 copies
Kirjavaliot (1998) 1 copy
Rising Sun / Congo (1994) 1 copy
Travels, Vol. 1 (2000) 1 copy
Travels, Vol. 2 (2000) 1 copy
De Andromeda Evolutie (2020) 1 copy
Kong ju zhi bang (2005) 1 copy
Andrómeda 1 copy

Associated Works

The Lost World (1912) — Introduction, some editions — 4,828 copies
McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales (2002) — Contributor — 1,472 copies
Jurassic Park [1993 film] (1993) — Screenwriter — 865 copies
Approaching Oblivion (1974) — Foreword, some editions — 696 copies
Congo [1995 film] (1995) — Original author — 108 copies
Jurassic Park Collection: 4-Movie Collection (2015) — Author — 86 copies
The Andromeda Strain [2008 TV mini series] (2010) — Original book — 33 copies
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1976 v01 (1976) — Contributor — 31 copies
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1972 v04 (1972) — Contributor — 27 copies
Die 7 Todsünden (2007) — Contributor — 1 copy


action (450) adventure (1,877) American (310) audiobook (259) Crichton (599) crime (284) dinosaurs (1,499) DVD (348) ebook (651) fantasy (831) fiction (13,465) genetics (350) goodreads (353) hardcover (445) historical (312) historical fiction (908) horror (490) Kindle (321) medical (255) Michael Crichton (759) movie (383) mystery (1,250) novel (1,383) own (602) owned (345) paperback (572) pirates (254) read (1,908) science (534) science fiction (10,430) Science Fiction/Fantasy (264) sf (738) sff (335) short stories (315) suspense (1,349) technothriller (377) thriller (5,278) time travel (703) to-read (3,949) unread (526)

Common Knowledge

Legal name
Crichton, John Michael
Other names
Lange, John (pseudonym)
Hudson, Jeffrey (pseudonym)
Douglas, Michael (shared pseudonym with his brother Douglas)
Date of death
Burial location
Los Angeles, California, USA
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Place of death
Los Angeles, California, USA
Cause of death
Places of residence
Chicago, Illinois, USA
New York, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Harvard University (MD|1969)
Harvard College (AB|1964)
Martin, Anne-Marie (former wife)
Crichton, Douglas (brother)
Jonas Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Author's Guild
Writers Guild of America
PEN America Center
Directors Guild of America
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (show all 7)
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Awards and honors
Phi Beta Kappa
Association of American Medical Writers Award (1970)
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Technical Achievement Award ∙ 1995)
The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Journalism Award (2006)
Short biography
Michael Crichton was born in Chicago in 1942. His novels include Next, State of Fear, Prey, Timeline, Jurassic Park, and The Andromeda Strain. He was also the creator of the television series ER. One of the most popular writers in the world, his books have been made into thirteen films, and translated in thirty-six languages. He died in 2008.
Disambiguation notice
Michael Crichton also wrote under the pseudonyms John Lange and Jeffery Hudson, during his medical studies. He also co-authored one book with his brother Douglas under the pen name Michael Douglas.



Chricton's Sphere Arrived in Easton Press Collectors (July 2023)
Jurassic Park - Folio edition in Folio Society Devotees (September 2021)


I wouldn't waste my time on Timeline if I weren't such a sci-fi junkie. Leaden figures plod through medieval France, encountering ridiculous adventures. Why do I push on? Because every once in awhile, Crichton treats me with a nugget of fascinating science or history. The best part of the book is the introduction and the bibliography.
JackieCraven | 182 other reviews | May 23, 2024 |
I'm feeling a bit bloated right now because I read two Michael Crichton books in a row. He's an author I love to hate. The writing is so bad, it takes my breath away. But a fascination for nanotechnology drew me into this absurd tale, and as much as I wanted to blue pencil every page, I couldn't put it down. As with his other tales, the best part is the introduction. The rest is sheer nonsense.
JackieCraven | 151 other reviews | May 23, 2024 |
So fun! I had just gotten over COVID and wanted a super fun scifi thriller and my bud Ian recommended this to me. I couldn't put it down! Interesting characters, wild plot, and that feeling that I was a kid again reading an adventure book. Love it!
Calrisia | 119 other reviews | May 17, 2024 |
Dope book but damn were there lots of characters to keep track of, wish some died sooner so i wouldn't need to take notes
Calrisia | 317 other reviews | May 17, 2024 |


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