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"Scott Cunningham" is composed of at least 7 distinct authors, divided by their works.

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Includes the names: Scoot Cunningham, Scott Cunningham

Author Division

Scott Cunningham (1)

Scott Cunningham (unknown)

Hard Candy (1989) — Cover artist, some editions — 479 copies
The Big Book of Urban Legends (The Big book Series) (1995) — Illustrator — 312 copies
Herb Magic Video (1987) 3 copies

Common Knowledge

Disambiguation notice
#1 Wiccan author Scott Douglas Cunningham (1956-1993)

#2: Comics Author
#3: Dr. Scott Cunningham, biologist and author of Seakayaking in Nova Scotia
#4: These books may be by #1, as he wrote novels early in his career.
#5: Dr. Scott Cunningham, Christian theological scholar.
#6: NASCAR photographer.
#7: Dr. Scott Cunningham, economist