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Trent Dalton is the author of Beatiing the Odds which made the Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing 2015 shortlist. His most recent book is entitled Boy Swallows Universe (June 2018) (Bowker Author Biography)

Works by Trent Dalton

Boy Swallows Universe (2018) 1,034 copies, 45 reviews
All Our Shimmering Skies (2020) 340 copies, 11 reviews
Love Stories (2021) 138 copies, 6 reviews
Lola in the Mirror (2023) 97 copies, 2 reviews
Kluk spolkne vesmír (2019) 1 copy

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Anonymous Sex (2022) — Contributor — 69 copies, 5 reviews


Common Knowledge



Hard to know where to start. I guess at the beginning with little Molly and her Mother in the graveyard of the local cemetery. They love one another deeply, but live in very hard circumstances. I almost put the the book down a few chapters in because the sad life and abuse Molly endured was hard to read. But Molly struggled on after her mother leaves so I read on with the hope that the story would lift. It Did! Trent Dalton is an amazing writer, weaving a story of magic realism for Molly as she courageously sets out on a journey through the Top End, to find Longcoat Bob and have the curse removed from her family, which she believes is the cause of all her troubles. With the help of Greta Maze and a downed Japanese pilot, they navigate the beautiful rugged landscape, stopping to marvel at the wonders around them, but also facing great peril along the way. There is, murder, gold fever, love, abuse, tragedy and beauty in the story. Molly is an amazing, determined character with an indefatigable spirit seeking guidance from the sky gifts she gathers.… (more)
PriscillaM | 10 other reviews | Jun 20, 2024 |
This is the best fiction I have read in a very long time.
The character development is excellent, the mystery surrounding the main character, the window into worlds that many people never see, the empathy the author has for his characters, good and bad...I could go on and on.
Also, being set in Brisbane, and using many places I am familiar with made for interesting reading on another level. (I wonder how many readers will notice the fictional sites included in the book?).
Trent Dalton is the writer of the internationally acclaimed Netflix series 'Boy Swallows Universe', which was, of course, a novel first. He is quickly becoming one of Australia's foremost writers.… (more)
buttsy1 | 1 other review | Jun 16, 2024 |
I went into this book with minimal knowledge about what I was getting in to. I knew Dalton had got great reviews for previous work, that this was about the bombing of Darwin during WWII, and that was pretty much it. I picked it up in an op-shop, because I needed something to read on a plane, and it looked interesting.

Such a good choice. Despite the fact that there is a laundry list of content warnings (see below) and in the hands of another author this story might have been a psychological thriller, this is a beautifully written story about love and perseverance. There are no 'surprises' of the type I hate in thrillers, and the writing is poetic, veering in to magical realism.

While I'd like to write a nuanced and informative review, I got to the end of the book and went 'wow'. Fabulous characterisation, a careful mix of cultural groups, amazing visceral descriptions of landscape, a plot that meanders coherently and engagingly, beautiful writing. I can see this being a book that gets taught in schools, because there is so much to unpack, so much imagery and interesting parallels.

Content Warnings
* Graphic: Alcoholism, Murder, Racism, and War
* Moderate: Physical abuse
* Minor: Injury/Injury detail, Drug use, Suicide, Forced institutionalization, Sexual violence, and Xenophobia

My notes while writing this read: death of parent, grave robbing, physical and emotional abuse of child, racism, period typical slurs, implications of sexual violence (not clear if rape), alcoholism, drug use, physical violence between adults, mentions of sex work, being on the ground in a bombing raid plus the aftermath (including dismembered bodies), abandonment of a minor, attempted murder, attempted rape, drowning, murder (graphic), eye damage and other dismemberment due to leprosy plus forced institutionalism of lepers, delirium tremens, infected wound (graphic description), mentions of suicide,
… (more)
fred_mouse | 10 other reviews | May 26, 2024 |
Excellent...simple story with bizarre twists. My backyard. Variety of characters well woven in.
Brumby18 | 44 other reviews | May 13, 2024 |



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