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Mac Almeida is happy in her new marriage to Tim, the local baker, and her bike shop, which unfortunately, isn't doing a lot of business because it's been raining. Since it's slow, she's out and about when chef Yvonne of the Rusty Anchor is in a panic and asks for her help. When Mac arrives inside the pub, she notices a dead man behind the bar. Not any dead man -- this man was a high school teacher named Bruce Byrne, and not a popular man at that. After calling the police, Mac figures out that someone had poisoned him. But when she discovers her friend and member of the book group, Flo, is a suspect, she's determined to find a killer, even if it costs her...

This is the sixth book in the series, and I have read them all. Mac is very good at finding out information from people; they seem to gravitate toward her personality. She's pleasant and outgoing, and obviously cares about others, which stands in her stead well. Unfortunately, it also draws the attention of a killer, who isn't above using her to find out just how much she knows.

The mystery is done well, and the clues are there if you care to look for them. I discovered the killer before Mac, but then again, I read a lot of mysteries so know what to look for. It is apparent that Mac cares for family as well, when she's quickly roped in to help plan her parents' 40th anniversary -- in two days. Is it enough time? Will she be able to solve the murder first?

I do like the fact that when she comes across information she shares immediately with the police. It is so unnatural when a sleuth decides to keep it to themself, and then gets upset when the police get angry. Yean, so. Mac is smart enough to do the right thing, and I appreciate that.

Now that I've done my own little rant, I will say that the ending was very good, and everything occurred just as it should. The killer was caught in a nice climax that held together well. The book itself was well-written and has very good characters.

I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley but this in no way influenced my review.
Reasons I enjoyed this book:
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joannefm2 | May 3, 2024 |
Robbie is remodeling the upstairs of her shop to make guest rooms while down in the restaurant she is dealing with meetings of Indiana University's Sociology Department of which her friend Lou is a member. One of these meetings get quite heated and the next day when Robbie and Lou go out walking, they find the body of one of the Sociology Department under the ice of the local lake. Now the question is how does Robbie keep the cops from charging Lou with the crime?

I enjoyed this story. I like that Robbie is getting more involved with the community. I also like her ability to find the murder victim then go on to make sure justice is served. She is persistent in making sure that the sheriff's department knows what she finds out even if it gets her in trouble (both with the sheriff and the murderer.) I enjoyed learning more about the history of Robbie's building/home. It is interesting to find out the how and why of architectural designs. I love the secondary characters and learning more about them.

I have to admit it took me a while to figure out the murderer. I hope I do better with the rest of the series.
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Sheila1957 | 14 other reviews | Mar 16, 2024 |
Cece Barton has packed up and left southern CA after the death of her husband and moves to a small town in the wine country, Colinas, CA. It makes sense, her twin sister is there, and her daughter (and fraught relationships) attends college nearby. The small business community seems to be thriving and Cece manages a wine bar. When an unpleasant member of the Vineyard association, Vincent Sardo is killed, Cece winds up on the police's radar after evidence of argumentative emails were exchanged between the two. All in all, it was a good start to a new series. There were a lot of characters, and I look forward to seeing which of them float to the top as mainstay secondary characters. I really liked Cece's elderly neighbor.… (more)
ethel55 | 9 other reviews | Jan 27, 2024 |
A Very well written book. Great characters and setting. I will definitely read more in this series.
nlb1050 | 7 other reviews | Jan 16, 2024 |


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