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Works by Todd Dezago

Tellos, Vol.1 (2001) 51 copies
Tellos Colossal (2007) 47 copies
Young Justice Book One (2017) — Author — 43 copies
Annihilation Classic (2008) 28 copies
The Perhapanauts (2006) 21 copies
The Flash: Mercury Falling (2009) 19 copies
Tellos: Maiden Voyage (2001) 14 copies
Tellos Sons And Moons (2002) 12 copies
Tellos: The Joining (1999) 9 copies
Spider-Man: Revelations (1997) 4 copies
Perhapanauts Volume 3 TP (2014) 4 copies
Tellos #1 2 copies
Tellos. Tome 3 (2002) 2 copies
Tales of Tellos #2 (2004) 1 copy
Bug #1 1 copy
The Perhapanauts 1 (2008) 1 copy
Impulse #89 1 copy
Strong Guy Reborn — Author — 1 copy
The Joining 1 copy
Impulse #87 (2002) 1 copy
Impulse #88 1 copy

Associated Works

Superman: Our Worlds at War (2006) — Illustrator — 67 copies
Marvel Universe Ant-Man (2015) — Contributor — 15 copies
Marvel Adventures: Thor and Spider-Man (2011) — Contributor — 9 copies
X-Force: Phalanx Covenant (2013) 9 copies


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Technically speaking this is actually a compilation of issues from the spin-off series IMPULSE (about Barry Allen's grandson Bart Allen, who Max Mercury mentored) and isn't the BEST place to begin if you're unfamiliar with Impulse, Max Mercury, the Flash (Wally West era) or...well its really not a great place to start (this particular arc happened after issue 60). You have to be invested in the characters pretty much. Which I am, so for me I loved this (it helped that I love Todd Dezago in general).

Oh plus I love Inertia and oh hey he makes his debut in these issues :whistles:

… (more)
lexilewords | Dec 28, 2023 |
Tellos has remained a steadfast favorite of mine from the very first issue. Aside from how I love Mike Wieringo and Todd Dezago in other series, this story is a snappy adventure featuring a pirate queen, a tiger warrior, a Chosen One, a smart alek fox and an elf (sorry Ulf) with less sense then he should have.

Its also, if anyone gets this reference it'll be a spoiler, a fantasy comic equivalent to the Canadian show "The Odyssey" in a lot of ways. And I live for Portal Fantasies.

Its not overly complicated - a straightforward tale of a Chosen One who has to gather the companions and take down a nie impossible evil scourge. Here's the thing - pay attention to the little details. The blink and you miss comments, the just slightly out kilter moments.

It paints a whole different layer to this story.
… (more)
lexilewords | 3 other reviews | Dec 28, 2023 |
As a "Guardians of the Galaxy" primer, it's good, solid information. On its own...not so much.

I will say that I laughed my butt off throughout the "Bug" story - but sadly, it was the first feature, and the book went downhill quickly from there.
RevBobMIB | Oct 21, 2015 |
This graphic novel is an adventure of Spider-man and Kitty Pride. Spiderman chases a young girl into a subway station after she steals food from a woman, but is unable to catch her because she disappears. After Spiderman finds her secret escape hatch he loses his power and is held hostage underground by Morlocks, people who are living underground because they are outcasts of the normal world. While Spider-man is trapped, Kitty Pride, a mutant who is wants to live a normal life, is given a babysitting job. While she is babysitting for the first time they are captured by Morlocks and brought underground where they meet Spider-Man. The secret comes out that not only Kitty Pride, but also the girl that stole the groceries were mutants with special powers. They all team up together and escape the Morlocks. The children learn a valuable lesson, that just because people look different that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of them. They all ride off and the children promise to keep the mutants secret safe.

Personal Reflection:
My son really enjoyed this book. Its layout was just like a comic book so he had a little trouble following along with the story but he loved the pictures. I liked the book because I was able to make it more entertaining by switching voices as I read the characters lines to my son.

Classroom Extension:
-This book could be used for students who are interested in super heroes.
-This book could be used to help students that are struggling with reading but love comic books.
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Kimberly83 | Apr 15, 2012 |


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