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Charles Dickens (1) [1812–1870]

This page covers the author of Great Expectations.

For other authors named Charles Dickens, see the disambiguation page.

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211,903 (226,253)3,30912 (3.93)8270
Great Expectations 30,494 copies, 355 reviews
A Tale of Two Cities 28,941 copies, 373 reviews
Oliver Twist 18,590 copies, 181 reviews
A Christmas Carol 18,377 copies, 397 reviews
David Copperfield 16,646 copies, 214 reviews
Bleak House 11,188 copies, 215 reviews
Hard Times 8,929 copies, 121 reviews
The Pickwick Papers 7,294 copies, 107 reviews
Nicholas Nickleby 5,698 copies, 74 reviews
Our Mutual Friend 4,765 copies, 85 reviews
Little Dorrit 4,535 copies, 72 reviews
The Old Curiosity Shop 4,427 copies, 53 reviews
Martin Chuzzlewit 3,336 copies, 34 reviews
Dombey and Son 3,151 copies, 38 reviews
The Mystery of Edwin Drood 2,534 copies, 44 reviews
Barnaby Rudge 2,045 copies, 31 reviews
Christmas Books 1,732 copies, 15 reviews
Sketches by Boz 901 copies, 17 reviews
American Notes for General Circulation (Author) 681 copies, 10 reviews
The Cricket on the Hearth 596 copies, 30 reviews
A Child's History of England 569 copies, 5 reviews
The Chimes 507 copies, 31 reviews
Christmas Stories, Part 1 466 copies, 7 reviews
Christmas Stories 383 copies, 4 reviews
David Copperfield, Volume 1 313 copies, 4 reviews
The Haunted House 309 copies, 12 reviews
The Uncommercial Traveller 307 copies, 4 reviews
The Annotated Christmas Carol 295 copies, 5 reviews
Stories For Christmas 292 copies, 2 reviews
Pictures from Italy 280 copies, 5 reviews
Oliver Twist 237 copies
David Copperfield, Volume 2 228 copies, 1 review
Dickens' London 184 copies, 1 review
Selected Short Fiction 176 copies, 2 reviews
A House to Let 168 copies, 7 reviews
The Battle of Life 160 copies, 6 reviews
My Early Times 139 copies
Nicholas Nickleby, Vol. 1 134 copies, 2 reviews
Nicholas Nickleby, Vol. 2 133 copies, 2 reviews
Three Ghost Stories 129 copies, 4 reviews
Mugby Junction 127 copies, 4 reviews
The Signalman: A Ghost Story 121 copies, 7 reviews
Children's Stories from Dickens 121 copies, 1 review
The Dickens Digest 119 copies, 3 reviews
Great Expectations / Hard Times 115 copies, 2 reviews
Little Dorrit, Part 1 114 copies, 2 reviews
Night Walks (Penguin Great Ideas) 114 copies, 4 reviews
Bleak House, Part 1 114 copies, 3 reviews
The Magic Fishbone 113 copies, 1 review
David Copperfield 110 copies, 1 review
Reprinted Pieces 108 copies, 3 reviews
The Old Curiosity Shop, Part 1 102 copies, 1 review
Dombey and Son [volume 1 of 2] 102 copies, 2 reviews
Bleak House, Part 2 101 copies, 2 reviews
Dombey and Son [volume 2 of 2] 100 copies, 1 review
Little Dorrit, Part 2 99 copies, 2 reviews
Martin Chuzzlewit I 91 copies, 1 review
Master Humphrey's Clock 90 copies, 2 reviews
A Christmas Carol 90 copies, 2 reviews
Our Mutual Friend, Vol. 2 89 copies, 1 review
Martin Chuzzlewit II 89 copies, 1 review
To Be Read at Dusk {story} 88 copies, 5 reviews
Our Mutual Friend, Part 1 88 copies, 2 reviews
The Great Winglebury Duel 87 copies, 3 reviews
Christmas Stories 84 copies, 1 review
Barnaby Rudge, Part 1 83 copies, 1 review
Barnaby Rudge, Part 2 65 copies, 1 review
No Thoroughfare 64 copies, 5 reviews
Cuentos de Navidad 62 copies, 3 reviews
The Mudfog Papers 58 copies, 2 reviews
Sketches by Boz, Part 1 56 copies, 1 review
A Christmas Tree 56 copies, 2 reviews
Best stories 55 copies, 1 review
The Holly-Tree Inn 50 copies, 14 reviews
Christmas Tales 49 copies
Sketches by Boz, Part 2 48 copies, 1 review
Hunted Down (short story) 47 copies, 1 review
The Seven Poor Travellers 43 copies, 3 reviews
Christmas Ghost Stories 40 copies, 1 review
Mrs Lirriper's Lodgings 38 copies, 2 reviews
A Message from the Sea 38 copies, 7 reviews
The Story of Little Nell 37 copies, 1 review
The Haunted Man 37 copies, 1 review
Kerstverhalen 37 copies
Oliver Twist, Tome 1 : 36 copies, 1 review
Racconti di Natale 32 copies, 1 review
Oliver Twist 32 copies, 1 review
Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy 31 copies, 2 reviews
The Holly-Tree 30 copies, 1 review
Holiday Romance 29 copies, 1 review
Mudfog and Other Sketches 26 copies, 3 reviews
Sketches of Young Couples 25 copies, 1 review
On Travel 22 copies, 10 reviews
Oliver Twist. 2 22 copies
Sketches of Young Gentlemen 22 copies, 1 review
Going into Society 22 copies, 1 review
George Silverman's Explanation 20 copies, 1 review
Londoner Skizzen 20 copies, 1 review
The Lamplighter 20 copies
Hard Times and Christmas Books 19 copies, 1 review
Christmas Tales 18 copies
Oliver Twist/Pickwick Papers 17 copies, 1 review
Great Expectations: Abridged 15 copies, 1 review
Oliver Twist / Sketches by Boz 15 copies, 1 review
L'abîme 13 copies
The Trial For Murder 13 copies, 4 reviews
On London 13 copies, 1 review
The Old Curiosity Shop [1995 TV movie] (Author) 13 copies, 1 review
Household Words 12 copies, 2 reviews
The Frozen Deep [play] 11 copies, 1 review
The Chimes 11 copies, 2 reviews
Great works of Charles Dickens 11 copies, 1 review
Dombey and Son/Hard Times 10 copies, 1 review
The Dark Descent (Contributor) 566 copies, 12 reviews
The Oxford Book of Victorian Ghost Stories (Contributor) 424 copies, 5 reviews
Black Water: The Book of Fantastic Literature (Contributor) 414 copies, 8 reviews
The Victorian Fairytale Book (Contributor) 373 copies, 3 reviews
100 Hair-Raising Little Horror Stories (Contributor) 372 copies, 3 reviews
The Penguin Book of English Short Stories (Contributor) 352 copies, 4 reviews
Great Ghost Stories (Contributor) 330 copies, 5 reviews
Fantastic Tales (Contributor) 309 copies, 8 reviews
The Oxford Book of Modern Fairy Tales (Contributor) 304 copies, 6 reviews
The Muppet Christmas Carol [1992 film] (Original book) 285 copies, 5 reviews
Masterpieces of Fantasy and Wonder (Contributor) 283 copies, 1 review
Ghosts: A Treasury of Chilling Tales Old & New (Contributor) 264 copies, 1 review
Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out (Contributor) 245 copies, 8 reviews
Writing New York: A Literary Anthology (Contributor) 230 copies, 3 reviews
Masterpieces of Fantasy and Enchantment (Contributor) 222 copies, 3 reviews
Weird Tales (Contributor) 217 copies, 3 reviews
Gothic Short Stories (Contributor) 187 copies, 1 review
The Omnibus of Crime (Contributor) 178 copies, 1 review
100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories (Contributor) 175 copies, 1 review
My Favorite Fantasy Story (Contributor) 155 copies
The Oxford Book of English Short Stories (Contributor) 153 copies, 4 reviews
A Christmas Carol [1984 film] (Original story) 145 copies, 4 reviews
Classic Ghost Stories (Contributor) 137 copies, 1 review
Oliver! [1968 film] (Original book) 129 copies, 2 reviews
Ghost Stories (Contributor) 128 copies, 1 review
The Supernatural Omnibus (Contributor) 119 copies, 1 review
The Norton Book of Travel (Contributor) 101 copies, 1 review
The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories (Contributor) 94 copies
Ten Great Mysteries (some editions) 83 copies, 1 review
Murder for Christmas, Vol. 2 (Contributor) 75 copies
Book of Princesses (Puffin books) (Contributor) 74 copies
A Literary Christmas (Contributor) 72 copies
The Big Book of Classic Fantasy (Contributor) 71 copies, 2 reviews
Charles Keeping's Book of Classic Ghost Stories (Contributor) 70 copies, 1 review
The Folio Book of Comic Short Stories (Contributor) 62 copies, 1 review
Masters of the Macabre (Contributor) 60 copies
The World's Greatest Horror Stories (Contributor) 58 copies
Oliver Twist [2005 film] (Original book) 54 copies, 2 reviews
The Mammoth Book of Fairy Tales (Contributor) 53 copies
The Giant Book of Ghost Stories (Contributor) 52 copies, 1 review
Great Tales of Mystery and Suspense (Contributor) 52 copies
Great Expectations [1946 film] (Novel) 52 copies, 1 review
An Oxford Book of Christmas Stories (Contributor) 51 copies, 1 review
Dickens' Christmas: A Victorian Celebration (Contributor) 49 copies, 2 reviews
65 Great Tales of the Supernatural (Contributor) 46 copies, 4 reviews
100 Hilarious Little Howlers (Contributor) 46 copies
Little Dorrit [2008 film] (Original story) 44 copies
The Mists from Beyond (Contributor) 44 copies
The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories 2 (Contributor) 41 copies
Mystery for Christmas (Contributor) 40 copies
The Faber Book of Christmas (Contributor) 39 copies, 1 review
A Century of Humour (Contributor) 39 copies
Oliver Twist [1948 film] (Original novel) 37 copies, 1 review
Great Expectations [1998 film] (Original book) 34 copies, 1 review
Ghosts for Christmas (Contributor) 34 copies, 1 review
Our Mutual Friend [1998 TV series] (Original book) 34 copies
The poems of Adelaide A. Procter. (Introduction, some editions) 30 copies
Midnight Specials (Contributor) 29 copies
Terror by Gaslight: More Victorian Tales of Terror (Contributor) 28 copies, 1 review
Spirits of Christmas (Contributor) 27 copies
The World's Greatest Ghost Stories (Contributor) 26 copies
101 Mystery Stories (Contributor) 25 copies
Crime & Mystery Short Stories (Contributor) 24 copies
David Copperfield [1970 film] (Original novel) 23 copies, 2 reviews
The Mystery Book (Contributor) 23 copies
A Book of Princes (Contributor) 22 copies, 1 review
Oliver Twist (Globe Adapted Classic) (Origianl Author) 22 copies
Great Expectations [2012 film] (Original novel) 21 copies
The Lock and Key Library (Volume 10: Real Life) (Contributor) 20 copies, 1 review
Fiends and Creatures (Contributor) 18 copies
Great detective stories (Contributor) 18 copies
Racconti Gialli (Author) 16 copies
Victorian Tales of Terror (Contributor) 15 copies
Great Expectations (Globe Adapted Classic) (Original Author) 15 copies
Horror by Lamplight (Contributor) 15 copies
Oliver Twist [1922 film] (Original book) 13 copies
The Pickwick Papers [1985 TV series] (Original book) 13 copies
Specter! A Chrestomathy of Spookery (Contributor) 13 copies
Four English Novels (Contributor) 12 copies
Shapes of the Supernatural (Contributor) 11 copies, 1 review
All verdens fortellere (Author, some editions) 11 copies, 1 review
Master of the MacAbre (Contributor) 11 copies
The Old Curiosity Shop [2007 TV movie] (Original book) 10 copies
Oliver Twist [2007 TV mini series] (Original book) 10 copies
A Tale of Two Cities [1989 TV mini series] (Original book) 10 copies, 1 review
Dickensian [2015 TV series] (Original stories) 10 copies
Christmas Classics: Stories for the Whole Family (Contributor) 10 copies, 1 review
Classic Ghost Stories (Contributor) 9 copies, 1 review
Bleak House [1985 TV mini series] (Original book) 9 copies
Classic Ghost Stories (Contributor) 8 copies
Mr. Dickens goes to the play (Contributor) 7 copies
Classic Tales of Ghosts and Vampires (Contributor) 7 copies, 1 review
A Christmas Carol [radio drama] (Original book) 7 copies
A Little Night Reading (Author) 6 copies
Oliver Twist [1997 TV movie] (Original book) 6 copies
"Come not, Lucifer!" A romantic anthology (Contributor) 6 copies, 1 review
More ghosts and marvels (Contributor) 6 copies
Mord i gaslys (some editions) 6 copies, 1 review
Teen-Age Treasury for Girls (Contributor) 5 copies, 1 review
Thin air: an anthology of ghost stories (Contributor; Contributor) 5 copies
The great weird stories (Author) 3 copies
Spøgelseshistorier fra hele verden (Author, some editions) 3 copies, 1 review
A Tale of Two Cities [1980 film] (Original book) 3 copies
Famosas novelas: 1 (some editions) 3 copies
Tyve mesterfortællinger (Author, some editions) 3 copies, 1 review
A Christmas Anthology (Contributor) 2 copies
Fantastyczne Opowieści (Contributor) 1 copy
Sixteen on (Contributor) 1 copy
Best Legal Stories (Contributor) 1 copy
Literaire rechtspraak (Contributor, some editions) 1 copy

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John Simon
Downstage Center, Friday, October 14, 2005 at 0am
Veteran critic John Simon reflects on decades of theatregoing, including 38 years with New York Magazine, as he marks the publication of John Simon on Theatre, a comprehensive anthology of his reviews. (Shortride)

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Charles John Huffam Dickens (7 February 1812 – 9 June 1870) was an English writer and social critic. He created some of the world's most well-known fictional characters and is generally regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian period. During his life, his works enjoyed unprecedented popularity, and by the twentieth century he was widely seen as a literary genius by critics and scholars. His novels and short stories continue to be widely popular.

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