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TitleCopiesReviewsRatingsAverageMedianStd. dev.
The Dragon and the George1,09651913.613.500.87
Soldier, ask not895101123.684.000.86
Tactics of Mistake789111063.613.751.01
The Dragon Knight5311663.463.500.85
The Final Encyclopedia5694653.594.001.04
Time Storm4625593.453.500.95
Wolf And Iron3967593.864.000.78
The Spirit of Dorsai5514573.483.000.70
The Chantry Guild4943553.363.000.85
The Hugo Winners: Volumes One and Two (1955-1970)4735524.104.000.79
The Dragon on the Border398 483.303.000.81
The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll2891373.283.000.66
Way of the Pilgrim3585373.594.000.88
The Dragon at War349 343.313.000.73
Lost Dorsai3312333.583.500.72
Young Bleys332 333.563.500.83
The Dragon and the Djinn2381313.183.000.79
Lost Dorsai : the new Dorsai companion1603303.523.000.77
The Dragon in Lyonesse209 283.343.000.85
The Dragon and the Gnarly King238
The Forever Man2472273.353.001.04
The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus1734273.674.001.09
A Dragon-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic2445263.503.500.68
Ancient, My Enemy2393253.583.500.83
The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent182 253.323.000.92
There Will Be War187 223.413.250.79
The Outposter3021213.483.000.68
The World turned Upside Down1535213.794.000.82
The Alien Way2403203.003.000.71
Three to Dorsai!1652193.974.000.83
The Far Call2161182.723.001.00
Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!1451173.503.501.10
Masters of Everon2792172.913.000.73
Naked to the stars1961173.093.000.93
Hokas Pokas!1353163.133.001.07
Sleepwalker's World197 162.883.000.86
The Magnificent Wilf1921162.973.000.87
Mission to Universe2252152.873.000.78
The Lifeship2421153.303.001.03
Five Fates1243143.434.000.90
Spacial Delivery1341143.183.000.88
Hour of the Horde1952143.323.750.90
None but man2101143.043.000.90
The Final Encyclopedia, Volume One of Two75
The Right To Arm Bears1683133.503.500.78
Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space991133.924.000.70
The Day the Sun Stood Still109
Home from the Shore107
The Earth Lords190
The Final Encyclopedia, Volume Two of Two571123.333.000.62
Star Prince Charlie1461123.673.750.59
Nebula Award Stories 19651542123.754.000.60
Christmas on Ganymede and Other Stories73 123.633.250.74
The R-master1301103.603.750.94
The Man From Earth106193.393.000.91
Planet Run140393.613.500.66
Four to Dorsai!49294.394.500.52
Jamie the Red136192.613.000.81
Mindspan91 92.893.000.87
The Pritcher Mass156183.443.000.58
Space Winners121182.562.501.13
5th Annual Edition: The Year's Best S-F97373.503.000.71
Alien Art114172.862.501.03
Combat SF87 73.433.000.56
Dorsai Spirit50273.863.000.99
Last Dream79173.073.000.86
The Space Swimmers134 73.363.000.95
The Star Road174
Nova 187
Analog 1107 73.433.000.73
The 1975 Annual World's Best SF148 63.674.000.47
The Dorsai Companion64 63.333.000.94
Wings of Fire72263.423.250.93
Of War and Honor113 62.582.250.73
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: A Special 25th Anniversary Anthology52263.924.000.61
Love Not Human95 63.753.750.69
Gordon R. Dickson's sf best61164.004.000.50
Arcturus Landing96 62.833.000.47
On the Run87 62.753.000.56
My Favorite Science Fiction Story106163.834.000.47
Naked to the Stars/The Alien Way34 53.804.001.03
In the Bone: The Best Science Fiction of Gordon R. Dickson55253.603.000.80
The Man the Worlds Rejected54
The Many Worlds of Science Fiction41153.804.000.68
8th Annual Edition: The Year's Best S-F80153.704.000.40
The Last Master89 53.303.000.40
In Iron Years80 53.403.000.49
Hour of the Gremlins48252.602.500.37
The Human Edge57553.704.001.08
Beyond The Dar Al-Harb109152.402.500.58
Nebula Winners: 1259
Invaders!53 42.882.750.89
The Stranger84143.003.00 
Futurelove: A Science Fiction Triad83143.133.501.02
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction October 1961, Vol. 21, No. 414143.753.500.75
Steel Brother82 43.383.500.65
The Genetic General48 42.252.500.75
Forward65 42.883.251.14
Beyond Tomorrow: Anthology of Modern Science Fiction40243.133.250.74
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 458 (Jan. 1969)12 33.674.001.25
Idiot Solvant5132.333.000.94
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 487 (June 1971)17 34.335.000.94
Dolphin's Way8334.174.000.62
100 Years of Science Fiction. Book One46 33.333.001.25
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 493 (Dec. 1971)14 34.335.000.94
Analog science fact/science fiction. No. 374 (Jan. 1962)6 33.333.001.25
Wolfsjong & Wereld der zombies6 32.673.000.47
Isaac Asimov Presents The Great SF Stories 16 (1954)69 34.835.000.24
Science Fiction Today and Tomorrow: A Discursive Symposium63133.834.000.62
Secret Under the Sea39 33.503.000.71
The Book of Gordon Dickson60 33.834.000.62
6th Annual Edition: The Year's Best S-F81
Analog's Golden anniversary anthology75 34.675.000.47
Hilifter [short fiction]4123.253.250.25
Alien Art/Arcturus Landing55
Beginnings55 23.503.500.50
Computers Don't Argue10624.504.500.50
Call Him Lord [short story]10624.004.00 
In the Bone [short story]4123.003.00 
None But Man [Collection]60 23.003.00 
ENDS46 23.503.500.50
The Fifth Galaxy Reader81124.004.00 
Mankind on the Run / The Crossroads of Time (Classic Ace Double D-164)23 23.503.500.50
Univers 198210
No Shield From the Dead2222.752.750.25
Survival76 23.003.00 
St. Dragon And The George [short story]4423.503.50 
Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, October 1970 (Volume LXXXVI, No. 2)14 25.005.00 
Sleight Of Wit2123.753.750.25
Soldier Ask Not [short story]3223.503.500.50
13 Above the Night62223.003.00 
Analog science fiction/Science fact, August 197316 23.003.00 
Lost Dorsai66
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 515 (Oct. 1973)17
Seaserpents!26 23.003.00 
Analog 3: A World by the Tale46 23.503.500.50
The Game Of Five2113.503.50 
Time Grabber3 12.002.00 
Spacial Delivery / Delusion World (Ace F-119)25 14.004.00 
MX Knows Best2113.503.50 
Brother Charlie4213.503.50 
"Of the People" (in GRD's SF Best)3113.003.00 
Tiger Green5213.503.50 
God Bless Them1113.003.00 
The Star-fool1112.502.50 
The Stranger [short story]1113.003.00 
The Green Building1113.003.00 
The Quarry1113.503.50 
Tempus Non Fugit1113.003.00 
Cloak And Stagger1113.503.50 
And Then There Was Peace1112.502.50 
The Cloak and the Staff2113.503.50 
The Hard Way1113.503.50 
E Gubling Dow1113.003.00 
3-part Puzzle2213.503.50 
The Friendly Man [short story]2113.503.50 
The Monkey Wrench [short story]3113.003.00 
Adventure of the Misplaced Hound {novelette}5213.003.00 
On Messenger Mountain2114.004.00 
Black Charlie [short story]3113.003.00 
Jean Dupres [short story]4114.504.50 
Miss Prinks1111.501.50 
The Dorsai! eBook Collection2113.003.00 
"Act of Creation" (in GRD's SF Best)2113.003.00 
Moon June Spoon Croon1113.503.50 
The R Of A1112.002.00 
The Last Dream [short story]1113.003.00 
The Catch2213.503.50 
An Ounce Of Emotion1113.503.50 
Brothers {short story}2113.503.50 
Time Storm [short story]1113.003.00 
L' ora dell'orda1112.502.50 
Fleegl Of Fleegl1113.003.00 
Full Pack1113.003.00 
The Napoleon Crime1113.003.00 
Jackal's Meal1113.003.00 
With Butter And Mustard1112.502.50 
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 525 (Aug. 1974)15 15.005.00 
Space Dogfights9113.503.50 
The Best Science Fiction Stories: 195111 13.003.00 
The Haunted Village2213.503.50 
Secrets of the Deep38 13.003.00 
Lost Dorsai {novella}4313.503.50 
The Man in the Mailbag1114.004.00 
Baker's Dozen: 13 Short Science Fiction Novels32114.004.00 
Dickson!15 13.003.00 
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 538 (Sept. 1975)13113.503.50 
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 531 (Feb. 1975)14112.502.50 
Walker Between The Planes1113.003.00 
Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact: Vol. LXXXIX, No. 6 (August 1972)15 12.002.00 
Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact: Vol. XCV, No. 3 (March 1975)16113.003.00 
Robot Warriors13 14.004.00 
Special Wonder: The Anthony Boucher Memorial Anthology of Fantasy and Science Fiction11 14.004.00 
Secret under the Caribbean3 15.005.00 
Guided Tour41 13.503.50 
Star Science Fiction Stories No. 653113.003.00 
A Case History1113.003.00 
The Girl Who Played Wolf1113.003.00 
The Present State Of Igneos Research1113.503.50 
The Man From Earth [short story]1112.002.00 
Amanda Morgan {short story}1113.003.00 
The Dreamsman [Short Story]4213.003.00 
The Amulet1113.503.50 
The Three1113.503.50 
Stories from the Hugo Winners Vol. 2 (This Book Comprises the First Half of the HUGO WINNERS VOLUME 2.) Poul Anderson; Harlen Ellison; Jack Vance; Larry Niven; Gordon R. Dickson2     
Astounding Science Fiction, July 1959 (Volume LXIII, No. 5)1     
Time to Teleport / The Genetic General36     
Home from the Shore [novelette]2     
The Law-twister Shorty2     
The Odd Ones [novelette]1     
Ancient, My Enemy [novelette]1     
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 514 (Sept. 1973)13     
Imagination : 1955-12 : Vol 6 No 91     
Alien From Arcturus / The Atom Curtain (Classic Ace Double, D-139)23     
The Bleak and Barren Land [novelette]1     
Sleepwalkers World 1ST Edition Thus Freas Cover1     
Gifts [short story]2     
Zeepsday [short story]1     
The Hours Are Good [short story]1     
Homecoming [short story]1     
The Steel Brother [novelette]2     
Warrior {short story}2     
In Iron Years [novelette]1     
A Taste of Tenure [novelette]1     
The Sheriff of Canyon Gulch [novelette]3     
Things Which Are Caesar's [novella]2     
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 503 (Oct. 1972)13     
Beyond the Dar al-Harb [novella]1     
DRAGON KNIGHT: The Dragon and the George; The Dragon Knight; The Dragon on the Border; The Dragon at War; The Dragon the Earl and the Troll; The Dragon and the Djinn; The Dragon and the Gnarly King; The Dragon in Lyonesse; The Dragon and the Fair Maid1     
A Knight of Ghost & Shadows1     
Millemondi Inverno 2001: Astronavi maledette2     
Alien Art/Arcturus Landing - Dual1     
Alien Art/Arcturus Landing1     
Bootcamp 300019     
Il dorsai perduto1     
Startling Stories, Summer 195531    
Delusion world2     
On The Run [1979]1     
Wolfling [short story]1     
The Space Swimmers - X13712     
Gordon R Dickson SF Gateway Omnibus Tactics of Mistake, Time Storm, the Dragon and the George1     
The Final Encylopaedia1     
Nova: eine Anthologie von Harry Harrison21    
The Mortal And The Monster1     
Call Him Lord [short story]1     
Blood and War48     
Charlies Planet.2     
La résistance1     
El general genetico-el ciclo de childe 11     
The Childe Cycle Series: 1. Dorsai!, 2. Necromancer, 3. Lost Dorsai (over 50 illustrations), 4. Soldier Ask Not, 5. Tactics of Mistakes, 6. The Spirit of Dorsai, 9. The Chantry Guild, 10. Young Blueys1     
No mas duendes1     
Mission to Universe - F11471     
Ballad of the Shoshonu [vocal score]1     
Mankind on the run3     
Time to teleport4     
vorsicht Mensch1     
The Pritcher Mass (Part 3 of 3) [serial]2     
The Outposter 31     
The Outposter 21     
Enter A Pilgrim4     
Across the River1     
Utopia 20502     
The Tactics of Mistake part 4 [short story] serial chapter1     
The Outposter 11     
The Tiddlywink Warriors1     
Interlude V1     
Yo Ho Hoka!1     
Interlude VI1     
Joy In Mudville1     
The Christmas Present2     
Mysterious Message1     
Undiplomatic Immunity1     
The Science-Fictional Sherlock Holmes31    
Interlude I1     
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction August 19613     
Interlude IV1     
Interlude III1     
Saturn im Morgenlicht3     
Galaxy Magazine, June 1964 (Vol. 22, No. 5)4     
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 530 (Jan. 1975)14     
The Westerfilk Collection, Second Edition4     
The Pritcher Mass (Part 1 of 3) [Serial]2     
The Pritcher Mass (Part 2 of 3) [serial]2     
Lifeboat (Part 2 of 3) [serial]1     
Pro [novelette]1     
Our First Death [short story]1     
Lifeboat (Part 1 of 3) [serial]1     
Lifeboat (Part 3 of 3) [serial]1     
The Far Call (Part 3 of 3) [serial]2     
The Far Call (Part 1 of 3) [serial]2     
The Far Call (Part 2 of 3) [serial]2     
Tácticas de engano - 11     
Tácticas de engano - 21     
Time to Teleport, Delusion World68     
In Hoka Signo Vinces1     
Interlude II1     
Don Jones1     
Analog Science fiction/Science fact. No. 502 (Sep. 1972)13     
Space Service9     
Il mercenario di Dorsai1     
Secret Under Antarctica5     
O homem eterno - 11     
O homem eterno - 21     
Blood and War : The Harriers Book 21     
Soldado da Terra - 21     
Soldado da Terra - 11     
Love Me True [short story]1     

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