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Author photo. Copyright by Morrall-Hoole Studios, 1919 <br>(LoC Prints and Photographs Division, <br>LC-USZ62-103850) <br>(retouched to remove writing)

Copyright by Morrall-Hoole Studios, 1919
(LoC Prints and Photographs Division,
(retouched to remove writing)

Lord Dunsany (1878–1957)

Author of The King of Elfland's Daughter

Includes the names: Lord Dunsay, Los Dunsany, Lord Dunsany, Lord Dunsany, Lord Dunsany, Edward Dunsay, Lordi Dunsany, Lorde Dunsany, Baron Dunsany, Edward Dunsany ... (see complete list), lordi. Dunsany, Alfred Dunsany, ダンセイニ, Edward J. Dunsany, Lord; B497 Dunsany, ダンセイニ卿, Lord Edward Dunsany, Edward Lord Dunsany, Edward John Dunsany, ['Lord'] ['Dunsany'], Dunsany; Lord Dunsany, J.M.D. Edward Plunkett, Edward J. Lord Dunsany, Edward J. Lord Dunsany, Dunsany; Lord Dunsany,, Lore Edward John Dunsany, Lord Edward John Dunsany, ロード ダンセイニ, Edward John Moreton Dunsany, ロード・ダンセイニ, Lord Edward Plunkett Dunsany, Edward Plunkett Lord Dunsany, Эдвард Дансейни, Baron Dunsany Edward Plunkett, Baron Edward Plunkett Dunsany, Baron. Edward Plunkett Dunsany, Lord Dunsany (Edward Plunkett), Lord J. M. D. Plunkett) (Edward, Lin (intro) Lord; Carter Dunsany, Edward Plunkett 18th Baron of Dunsany, E.J.M.D. (18th Baron Dunsany) Plunkett, John Henry Morton Drax Plunket Dunsany, Lord Dunsany, E., J., M., Drax, Plumknett, Edward J. M. D. Plunkett 18th baron Dunsany, 18th Baron Dunsany Edward John M. D. Plunkett, Lord Dunsany Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Edward J. Moreton Arax Plunkett Dunsany , Lord, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Baron Dunsany, Baron Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Dunsany, Baron Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Lord Pseud.) Plunket Dunsany, Edward John) Lord Dunsany (Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron Duns Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Lord (pen name of Edward John Moreton Drax Plunket, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett 18th Baron Dunsa, Dunsany; Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Baron Dunsany, (18th Baron of) Lord Dunsany Edward J(ohn) M(oreton) D(rax) Plunkett, Edward; Lord Dunsany; Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett; 18th Baron of Plunkett

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8,436 (21,926)3102,666 (3.8)71
Though during his lifetime the Irish nobleman Lord Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, the 18th Baron Dunsany, was perhaps regarded as a minor talent, his somber short fantasies and novels had a significant impact on the development of fantasy and horror fiction. In real life, Dunsany was as interesting and versatile as anyone about whom he wrote. He was an African big-game hunter, a soldier in both the Boer War and World War I, and was wounded in the 1916 Irish Easter Rebellion. He was also the national chess champion of Ireland. Dunsany's first short story collection, The Gods of Pegana, was published in 1905 and was soon followed by other fantasy anthologies, including Time and the Gods (1906) and The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories (1908), among others. These stories are distinguished by their elegant, fairy tale settings and Dunsany's unique, macabre sense of humor. Dunsany's novels, such as The King of Elfland's Daughter (1924) and The Charwoman's Shadow (1926), are considered fantasy classics. Although Dunsany wrote prodigiously and with great versatility throughout his life, many regard his early, highly stylized short fiction to be his best work, and his most important. (Bowker Author Biography) — biography from The King of Elfland's Daughter… (more)
The King of Elfland's Daughter (Author) 2,157 copies, 52 reviews
The Charwoman's Shadow 650 copies, 3 reviews
Time and the Gods [omnibus] 338 copies, 8 reviews
Fifty-One Tales 316 copies, 5 reviews
The Book of Wonder 255 copies, 7 reviews
Don Rodriguez 245 copies, 3 reviews
The Gods of Pegāna 228 copies, 6 reviews
Beyond the Fields We Know 169 copies, 2 reviews
Time and the Gods 160 copies, 2 reviews
Gods, Men and Ghosts 136 copies, 2 reviews
My Talks with Dean Spanley 87 copies, 3 reviews
The Curse of the Wise Woman 80 copies, 3 reviews
Five Plays 73 copies, 2 reviews
Tales of Wonder 68 copies, 1 review
The Blessing of Pan 63 copies, 2 reviews
Tales of War 61 copies
The Fourth Book of Jorkens 37 copies, 1 review
If: A Play in Four Acts 28 copies, 1 review
The Last Revolution 20 copies, 1 review
Up in the Hills 19 copies
My Ireland 14 copies
Guerrilla 13 copies
The Sirens Wake 10 copies
The Golden Doom 10 copies
Rory and Bran 10 copies
The Year 6 copies
The Jest of Hahalaba 3 copies, 1 review
Modern Short Plays Second Series (Contributor) 2 copies
Fifty Poems 2 copies
Mirage Water 2 copies
Nowadays 2 copies
芸術論 1 copy
War Poems 1 copy, 1 review
High Happy Haunts 1 copy, 1 review
Edition) 1 copy
50 Great Short Stories (Contributor) 1,144 copies, 8 reviews
The Complete Works of Horace (Translator, some editions) 788 copies, 7 reviews
The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories (Contributor) 743 copies, 19 reviews
The Wizards of Odd: Comic Tales of Fantasy (Contributor) 597 copies, 4 reviews
Tales Before Tolkien: The Roots of Modern Fantasy (Contributor) 583 copies, 8 reviews
The Book of Fantasy (Contributor) 554 copies, 12 reviews
Black Water: The Book of Fantastic Literature (Contributor) 472 copies, 8 reviews
Great Ghost Stories (Contributor) 376 copies, 6 reviews
The Hill of Dreams (Introduction, some editions) 347 copies, 7 reviews
The Oxford Book of Modern Fairy Tales (Contributor) 347 copies, 6 reviews
Alfred Hitchcock's Ghostly Gallery (Contributor) 342 copies, 7 reviews
24 Favorite One Act Plays (Contributor) 266 copies, 1 review
Masterpieces of Fantasy and Enchantment (Contributor) 250 copies, 4 reviews
A Treasury of Fantasy (Contributor, some editions) 181 copies, 1 review
The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories (Contributor) 181 copies, 2 reviews
Tales from the Spaceport Bar (Contributor) 166 copies, 3 reviews
The Fantastic Imagination (Contributor) 147 copies, 1 review
Another Round at the Spaceport Bar (Contributor) 143 copies
The Mammoth Book of Fantasy (Contributor) 142 copies
The Big Book of Classic Fantasy (Contributor) 137 copies, 3 reviews
The Penguin Book of Horror Stories (Contributor) 133 copies, 2 reviews
The Nyarlathotep Cycle (Contributor) 131 copies
The Young Magicians (Contributor) 129 copies, 3 reviews
The Mammoth Book of Modern Ghost Stories (Contributor) 126 copies, 4 reviews
Irish Tales of Terror (Contributor) 120 copies, 2 reviews
Bedtime Stories (Everyman's Pocket Classics) (Contributor) 112 copies, 4 reviews
The Cthulhu Cycle: Thirteen Tentacles of Terror (Contributor) 111 copies, 2 reviews
The Innsmouth Cycle (Contributor) 106 copies, 2 reviews
Thirty Famous One-Act Plays (Contributor) 101 copies, 2 reviews
The Spell of Seven (Contributor) 96 copies
Great Irish Tales of Fantasy and Myth (Contributor) 95 copies, 1 review
New Worlds for Old (Contributor) 95 copies, 1 review
The Fantastic Imagination II (Contributor) 90 copies
Great Irish Detective Stories (Contributor) 85 copies
The Mammoth Book of Fantasy All-Time Greats (Contributor) 81 copies, 1 review
The Other Side of the Moon 75 copies, 1 review
Stories of Suspense (Contributor) 70 copies, 3 reviews
Famous Fantastic Mysteries (Contributor) 64 copies, 1 review
Great Ghost Stories (Contributor) 62 copies, 1 review
The Mammoth Book of Fairy Tales (Contributor) 60 copies
Swords & Sorcery (Contributor) 59 copies
The Second Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (Contributor) 55 copies, 1 review
Warlocks and Warriors (Contributor) 54 copies, 1 review
The Third Ghost Book (Contributor) 51 copies
The Supernatural Reader (Contributor) 51 copies
The Century's Best Horror Fiction Volume 1 (Contributor) 49 copies, 1 review
Art of Fiction (Contributor) 48 copies
The Second Ghost Book (Contributor) 43 copies
The Third Omnibus of Crime (Contributor) 43 copies
The nightmare reader, volume one (Contributor) 40 copies, 2 reviews
Futures Unlimited (Contributor) 36 copies
65 Great Murder Mysteries (Contributor) 35 copies
Great Tales of Terror (Cover artist) 35 copies
The Garden of Hermetic Dreams (Contributor) 33 copies
Velhojen valtakunta (Contributor) 30 copies
The Mystery Book (Contributor) 28 copies
Murder Short & Sweet (Contributor) 28 copies, 2 reviews
Stories for the Dead of Night (Contributor) 27 copies
Short Stories of the Sea (Contributor) 25 copies
Great Short Stories of the World (Contributor) 23 copies
And the Darkness Falls (Contributor) 22 copies, 1 review
Strange Glory (Contributor) 22 copies
Tales of Dungeons and Dragons (Contributor) 22 copies
Fiends and Creatures (Contributor) 21 copies
Soliloquy for Pan (Contributor) 20 copies
Realms of wizardry (Contributor) 20 copies
Great Tales of Detection (Contributor) 20 copies, 1 review
Great English Short Stories (Contributor) 20 copies, 1 review
The Barbarian Swordsmen (Contributor) 19 copies
My Talks with Dean Spanley [2008 film] (Original book) 18 copies
Monster Mix (Contributor) 17 copies
The Queen's Awards: Sixth Series (Contributor) 15 copies
Mehr Morde (Contributor) 13 copies
The Story Pocket Book (Contributor) 13 copies
The Favourite Wonder Book (Contributor) 12 copies
Bridie Steen (Introduction) 9 copies, 1 review
Tall Short Stories (Contributor) 9 copies
Horrors, Horrors, Horrors (Contributor) 8 copies
Owls' Watch (Contributor) 7 copies
Das Hobbit-Buch (Author) 7 copies
More ghosts and marvels (Contributor) 7 copies
Twelve Short Masterpieces (Contributor) 6 copies
Five Modern Plays (Author) 6 copies
My Funniest Story (Contributor) 5 copies
The Ambassador (Contributor) 5 copies
The Sleeping and the Dead (Contributor) 5 copies
Number Six Joy Street (Contributor) 4 copies
Por los mares encantados (Contributor) 3 copies
Modern Short Plays (Contributor) 3 copies
Number Four Joy Street (Contributor) 3 copies
Spøgelseshistorier fra hele verden (Contributor, some editions) 3 copies, 1 review
Powers of Darkness: A Collection of Uneasy Tales (Contributor) 2 copies, 1 review
Die Zaubergärten (Contributor) 2 copies
Best Detective Stories (Volume 2) (Contributor) 2 copies
The College Short Story Reader (Contributor) 2 copies
The Nightmare reader (Contributor) 2 copies
Number Five Joy Street (Contributor) 2 copies
Modern Short Stories (Contributor) 2 copies
Number Seven Joy Street (Contributor) 2 copies, 1 review
Nye detektivhistorier fra hele verden (Author, some editions) 1 copy, 1 review
幻想文学 (62) (Contributor) 1 copy
Stories for girls (Contributor) 1 copy
架空の町 (書物の王国) (Contributor) 1 copy
希望の友 1973年11月号 (Contributor) 1 copy
PEGANA LOST vol.14 (Contributor) 1 copy

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Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron Dunsany (1878-1957); Anglo-Irish writer and dramatist, notable for his work in fantasy published under the name Lord Dunsany
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