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Includes the names: Anna Enquist, Anna Enquiat


Works by Anna Enquist

The Secret (1997) 451 copies
The Masterpiece (1994) 444 copies
The Ice Carriers (2002) 428 copies
De thuiskomst (2005) 415 copies
Counterpoint (2008) 258 copies
De verdovers (2011) 158 copies
The Injury (1999) 103 copies
Kwartet roman (2014) 60 copies
A Leap (2003) 44 copies
De gedichten : 1991-2000 (2000) 28 copies
Sloop (2011) 28 copies
Want de avond roman (2018) 27 copies
Mei (2007) 25 copies
Klaarlichte dag (1996) 14 copies
Een kooi van klank (2013) 14 copies
De tussentijd (2004) 12 copies
The Homecoming (2022) 12 copies
Grieks voetbal (2011) 11 copies
Gedichten 1991-2012 (2013) 9 copies
De tweede helft gedichten (2000) 9 copies
Alle gedichten (2005) 8 copies
Quatuor (Babel) (2017) 6 copies
Nieuws van nergens (2010) 6 copies
Tegenwind (2020) 5 copies
Kool! Alles over voetbal (2012) 4 copies
Lawines van steen (2005) 3 copies
Arsenaal van klank (2016) 2 copies
De dokter 2 copies
Kom dichterbij (2002) 1 copy
Hoor de stad (2015) 1 copy
Niets gaat voorbij. Drie verhalen — Contributor — 1 copy
Kerstmis in Februari (2007) 1 copy
ALT 1 copy
Démolition (2024) 1 copy

Associated Works

De buitenvrouw (1994) — Author, some editions — 325 copies
Titaantjes waren we... : schrijvers schrijven zichzelf (2010) — Contributor — 55 copies
Breekbare dagen — Contributor — 5 copies
Hard Gras 117. Vrouwennummer (2017) — Author — 3 copies
Vlaanderen & Co : poëten in het parlement : bloemlezing 2002 (2002) — Contributor, some editions — 2 copies


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Common Knowledge

Canonical name
Enquist, Anna
Legal name
Widlund-Broer, Christa
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Places of residence
Delft, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
University of Leiden (psychology)
Hauge Conservatorium (piano, cello)
Short biography
Geboren op 19 juli 1945 te Amsterdam. Kreeg de liefde voor poëzie mee van haar leraar de dichter Dick Steenkamp. Publiceerde in 1988 haar eerste gedichten in Maatstaf. Debuteerde in 1991 bij De Arbeiderspers met de poëziebundel Soldatenliederen, waarvoor ze de C. Buddingh-prijs kreeg. Angst en woede, maar ook liefde voor muziek zijn weerkerende thema's in haar werk.



A dark little story about a middle-class couple living a comfortable life in a coastal town in North Holland, but with a catastrophic gap in their lives where their nineteen-year-old daughter ought to be. Loes is a classics teacher, focussing on the order and structure of Tacitus when she isn't trying to impose order on her sandy garden; her husband Nico is the kind of psychiatrist who believes that the job of his profession is to re-equip people with acute mental illness for ordinary life in the community as quickly and efficiently as possible, and is keen to sweep all the psychoanalysts and long-term clients out of his hospital.

Naturally, poetic justice takes a hand, and he realises that he and Loes are like the ice-carriers they heard about on a holiday in France twenty years ago, men who used to bring slowly melting loads of fresh ice down on their backs from Pyrenean glaciers to the towns.

It's difficult to read this without remembering that Enquist is a psychoanalyst in her day job, and that she must have written this around the time that she lost her own grown-up daughter in a road accident. There's a lot of very dark anger here, and not much daylight glimmering through. But the "office politics" of the psychiatric hospital comes over very convincingly.
… (more)
thorold | 3 other reviews | Dec 15, 2022 |
קראתי בעברית תורגם בשם המרדימנים. לא תורגם לאנגלית. החצי הראשון מצוין - השוואה מרתקת בין פסיכוטראפיה והרדמה על ידי תיאור אח ואחות שהראשון פסיכואנליסט והשנייה מרידמה. פרטים מרתקים על ההבדלים וביחוד על החיים במחלקת הרדמה בבית חולים גדול. אבל בחצי השני העלילה מסתבכת ומקלקלת את הספר לגמרי. בנוסף התרגום לעברית, ענייני אבל משאיר הרגשה של רובוטים מדברים ולפעמים משפטים לא ברורים. חבל. אולי אננה אנקויסט צריכה לפרוש… (more)
amoskovacs | 5 other reviews | Sep 7, 2022 |
Forty-year-old composer Alice Augustus is in the middle of fertility treatment when she gets the commission to write a full-scale piece for the centenary celebrations of a major orchestra. As she searches for inspiration for the piece, she looks back on her life and reflects on her situation as a woman creative artist and the curiously indirect connections between artistic creativity and biological fertility.

In other hands this could have been a fairly banal sort of "I'm pregnant with a new piece of music" story, but of course Enquist treats it with rather more subtlety than that. She fills the background with real practical knowledge of musical life and, indirectly, presumably also her experience as a writer of fiction. She also talks about the tricky situation of contemporary "classical" music (we all agree that music would die without new compositions, but most of us would rather not listen to them...); Alice in reality earns her living writing 20-second tunes for advertisements under a pen-name, but no-one in the respectable world of the Conservatorium is supposed to know that.

There's a running parallel story of Enquist's real idol, Joseph Haydn, with his very fulfilled musical life and his many unhappinesses outside that, and there's also the image that gives Alice the inspiration for her piece, the demolition of the Rotterdam building that was decorated with Co Westerik's iconic 17-metre-high relief sculpture "Girl with skipping rope" (see the cover art) — Alice clearly identifies Westerik's girl with her own longed-for child and wonders about the eventual destruction that is inherent in artistic creation. (There's a project to recreate the sculpture on the wall of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, but it's all gone very quiet since it was announced in July 2019: the wall was still blank last time I looked.)

A complicated and rewarding novel.
… (more)
thorold | 3 other reviews | Jun 16, 2022 |
Enigszins zichzelf herhalend verhaal over een componiste met een prangende kinderwens. Veel tijdsprongen waardoor je je hoofd erbij moet houden. Maar de symboliek over scheppen, vruchtbaarheid, baren ligt er dik bovenop. Toch 4 sterren omdat het eind me verraste zodat ik hardop moest lachen.
elsmvst | 3 other reviews | Mar 16, 2022 |



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