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Tony Evans (1) has been aliased into Anthony T. Evans.

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Works by Tony Evans

Works have been aliased into Anthony T. Evans.

Let's Get to Know Each Other (1995) 143 copies
The Power of God's Names (2014) 123 copies
The Perfect Christian (1998) 115 copies
How Should Christians Vote? (2012) 63 copies
Horizontal Jesus (2015) 49 copies
Marriage Matters (2010) 38 copies
The Grace of God (2004) 37 copies
The Power of Jesus' Names (2019) 30 copies
Prayers for Knowing God (2021) 28 copies
Sacred Sex (2012) 26 copies
Seasons Of Love (1998) 26 copies
Kingdom Stewardship (2020) 24 copies
Kingdom Man Devotional (2013) 21 copies
Called for a Purpose (2018) 19 copies
The Power of Knowing God (2020) 16 copies
Living Single (2013) 16 copies
Hope for the Hurting (2022) 13 copies
Esther (Explore the Bible) (2014) 10 copies
Kingdom Politics (2022) 10 copies
We Can Do Better (2013) 6 copies
Kingdom Woman Devotional (2013) 5 copies
Elijah CDs (2014) 4 copies
The Romans Road 2 copies
Bold Belief 1 copy
Let Go(d) CD 1 copy
Let Go(d) 1 copy
Believe 1 copy
The Kingdom Family (2014) 1 copy

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Works have been aliased into Anthony T. Evans.


Common Knowledge




Let the Power of God's Names Transform Your Daily Life

The many names of God reveal His characteristics and contain powerful promises to you as a believer. Each of these 85 devotions introduces you to one of God's unique names and includes a key Scripture, practical application, and encouragement to help you in your everyday life.

Discover the rich blessings waiting for you when you encounter God as...

Elohim - the Strong Creator God
You put the universe together with Your words—thank You for knowing how to put my life together as well.

Jehovah - the Relational God
You rule over all, and yet You also seek a relationship with Your creation. You are worthy of all praise and worship.

Adonai - Master Over All
Thank You for being my Lord and my Master and yet allowing me to know You intimately.

...and many more!

This beautifully designed devotional makes an ideal gift or a great addition to your own quiet time with God.

Top Highlights
“When you’re tempted to make a decision without consulting the Lord, remember” (source)

“Our goal in life should be to reflect God’s glory and goodness” (source)

“Maybe you’re having a banner year with your working out, Bible reading, or professional life. But it’s pretty rare to be in a place where you’re always going strong—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” (source)

“He is a God who defends the oppressed, frees those in bondage, and restores what has been lost” (source)

“God makes Himself known to us as Jehovah—the relational God.” (source)
… (more)
Rawderson_Rangel | Jan 25, 2024 |
Tony Evans covers the following areas in this book to show that spiritual growth is guaranteed to every true believer.
Knowing God better is a passion more than a process.
Experiencing God deeper is a matter of the heart first and then the mind.
Loving God more is what we do when we follow God who first loved us.
The book is easy to read and based on Biblical references
CCWLibrary | Dec 9, 2023 |
This was my first book by Tony Evans, and what a blessing it was!! I had been searching for a book that would help me make sense out of the 16-year period of intense trauma (caused by a family member) that I had just endured. I survived, and I’m glad it’s over. But it left me feeling completely derailed and not at all the person I used to be. I’ve been searching for a book that could help me move forward again and make some sense out of that period in my life. Turns out this was the book! Not only did it answer every question I had, but it also gave me a tremendous sense of peace. If you’ve experienced similar trauma and need clarity, I highly recommend it.… (more)
LauraStamps7 | Oct 25, 2023 |
revbill1961 | May 11, 2023 |

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