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Minimal closure. Killed off main supporting character that actually had her own book. Not as good as last books.
Sheryl_B | Feb 23, 2024 |
I received an ARC copy from the publisher for an honest review.

“The only parallel to the darkness we deal in, is a light bright enough to guide you home, no matter how lost you may feel. I’m talking about a real family that you can come home to.” Ethan.

Natalie Tyler and Jaxon Pace are the two main characters in this lengthy book. The book begins as a typical romance novel. Boy meets girl and falls passionately in love. And though this is true of the book's opening chapters, it grows into a mystery wrapped in blood, bullets and bounty.

The 445 pages are a continuous action scene, with each growing in suspense and tension.

Natalie is the innocent heroine that nurse old people. Jaxon Pace is a Don that protects his family at all cost. Each view of family is different, but similar.

When they meet for the first time, sparks fly. She is furious with him for being a lousy parent. He is stumped that a woman can talk to him in that way. No one talks to him in that way. This lays the foundation and soon sparks fly: dangerous, passionate and real sparks. It challenges both of them in ways they didn't expect.

The more the suspense grow the closer they get to each other. Jaxon wonders if he can pull her into his life. Natalie wonders if she can handle his lifestyle. It is a lot to take in and her world is shattered. Her life challenged.

On the other side of the coin, the romance and indulgence soothes her. Each time he touches her or she him, the electricity grows. Passion running like a current through them with every meeting.

But when the enemy surfaces, it becomes ugly and choices must be made.

"Not only did he leave me here, wanton, in an expensive ass dress, to run off and fight bad guys, but he basically made me promise to stay trapped in this penthouse until he gave the order for me to leave. And I am done being ordered around." Natalie.

“Something is nothing, until it is everything. He still got away,” I say, grabbing a water bottle from the front seat. “How many injured?” Jaxon.

“I keep underestimating her,” I whisper, as I (Jaxon) shake my head. “And she keeps surprising me.” Ethan says nothing, but this time he does nothing to hide his smile.

These quotes sum up the story in a few sentences. The character growth with each part adds to the likeability and suspense. Will she stay? Will he let her stay? An ongoing question that keeps me glued to the book.

Another factor to point out is the supporting characters and subplot. The premises of the story begin with a wedding ceremony that takes places in this very grand hotel. The owner, a stubborn dickhead's way of making immense part of the charm and romance. Nosey cousins adding depth to the scenes while Natalie tries to defend herself against an ex. Colton lives in a world of lies and is not afraid to change a story to fit him best. And keeps on trying to convince Natale that they still have a future together.

Why the three stars then?

1. Throughout the story, the author highlights their thoughts so much that it becomes annoying. As a writing couch once said to me: Just get to the story. It slowed the flow too many times and by the middle of the book; I skipped most of these inner talks just to get to the story.

2. The cursing was another point in the story that was too much. The need to curse was another element that slowed the pace.

3. Explaining his way of life to Natalie was another element that rubbed me the wrong way. Mafia bosses don't do that. Basically justifying his business as part of keeping the balance, a ridiculous explanation.

Otherwise it is a good read. It has all the elements in, so make this an entertaining. A book filled with many twists and believable scenes with valid questions to make it enjoyable. The plot is original and the author's writing skills are enticingly refreshing.

Thanks for the copy.
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lynelle.clark.5 | May 28, 2022 |