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Works by Terri Farley

Mustang Moon (2002) 315 copies
Dark Sunshine (2002) 222 copies
Seven Tears into the Sea (2005) 207 copies
Free Again (2003) 151 copies
The Renegade (2002) 149 copies
The Challenger (2003) 128 copies
Desert Dancer (2003) 125 copies
Red Feather Filly (2004) 115 copies
Golden Ghost (2003) 111 copies
Rain Forest Rose (2007) 106 copies
Gift Horse (2003) 101 copies
Rain Dance (2004) 93 copies
The Shining Stallion (2007) 89 copies
Secret Star (2006) 87 copies
Moonrise (2005) 87 copies
Run Away Home (2006) 84 copies
Heartbreak Bronco (2004) 83 copies
Untamed (2004) 82 copies
The Wildest Heart (2005) 81 copies
Wild Honey (2006) 77 copies
Gypsy Gold (2006) 76 copies
Kidnapped Colt (2005) 75 copies
Blue Wings (2006) 75 copies
Firefly (2005) 68 copies
Mountain Mare (2005) 65 copies
Dawn Runner (2006) 65 copies
Castaway Colt (2008) 48 copies
Fire Maiden (2008) 44 copies
Mistwalker (2008) 39 copies
Sea Shadow (2008) 38 copies
Snowfire (2008) 34 copies
Water Lily (2008) 26 copies
Faraway Filly (2009) 24 copies
Galloping Gold (2009) 20 copies
Phantom Stallion Box Set (2004) 9 copies


Common Knowledge



I have received this book seven or eight years ago as a birthday present, but never read it until now. It was better executed than I had feared it would be, creating an interesting world without establishing the feeling in my mind that it would only become another "girl-horse"-story. Though, it still wasn't well-written enough to deserve more than three stars, and my reason to only give two of them was due to the plot. We knew from the very beginning the horse would disappear at some point, but it was only in the final chapter that this plot point finally appeared. So, the plot summary on the book's back just gave a summary of everything except for the last five or ten pages, which is something I was very disappointed about.

If someone likes stories about horses and teenage girls, I'd recommend it to them, though.
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Councillor3004 | 1 other review | Sep 1, 2022 |
Nostalgia rereading these books, well written for the young horse lover
Chy2104 | 1 other review | Aug 1, 2022 |
Bookslesstravelled | 2 other reviews | Apr 15, 2022 |
I loved the beginning of this book when we learned about Velma Johnson and her fight to save the Mustangs back in 1950. After that, it got rather technical and a little too factual and long winded for the younger audience (10 year olds). There was a lot of legal talk and many minute details. This book is about the plight of wild mustangs and how children especially are working to rescue them. The photographs were gorgeous and will certainly appeal to children and horse lovers of any age. I think following one band more closely and less legal talk would have done as well. There was another section that spoke of several young people who were working on rescue efforts but again it was dry. I found the book a bit long and I feel like the information could have been presented better with shorterand more to the point descriptions. The book is geared to children aged 10 to 12, but I feel it would be better suited to students 12 to 14.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Carlathelibrarian | 1 other review | Feb 5, 2019 |



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