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Eugene Field (1850–1895)

Author of Wynken, Blynken, & Nod

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Eugene Field was born in Saint Louis, Missouri , September 2, 1850 . He's an American writer, best known for poetry for children and for humorous essays. After the death of his mother he was raised by a cousin in Amherst, Massachusetts. Field briefly attended various colleges in Massachusetts and show more Missouri. He tried acting and studying law. He then set off for a trip through Europe only to return to the U.S. six months later penniless. Field then worked as a journalist for the Gazette in Saint Joseph, Missouri in 1875. The same year he married Julia Comstock. The couple had 8 children. Field soon rose to become city editor of the Gazette. From 1876 through 1880 Field lived in Saint Louis, where he was an editorial writer. He then took a job as managing editor of the Kansas City, Missouri Times, then from 1881 began two years as managing editor of the Tribune of Denver, Colorado. In 1883 he moved to Chicago, Illinois where he wrote a humorous newspaper column called Sharps & Flats for the Chicago Daily News. Field first started publishing poetry in 1879, when his book Christian Treasures appeared. Over a dozen more volumes followed, and he became well known for his light-hearted poems for children; perhaps the best known is "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod". Several of his poems were set to music with commercial success. Eugene Field died in Chicago at the age of 45. His former home in Saint Louis is now a museum. A memorial to him, a statue of the "Dream Lady" from his poem, "Rock-a-by-Lady" was erected in 1922 at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. (Bowker Author Biography) show less

Works by Eugene Field

Wynken, Blynken, & Nod (1889) 766 copies
Poems of Childhood (1896) 298 copies
The Poems of Eugene Field (1911) 26 copies
Poems for children (1973) 25 copies
Second Book of Verse (1895) 23 copies
The House (1896) 20 copies
Love-Songs of Childhood (1894) 19 copies
The Tribune Primer (1900) 17 copies
Songs and Other Verses (1896) 15 copies
Second Book of Tales (1896) 14 copies
Favorite Poems (1940) 13 copies
With Trumpet and Drum (1892) 12 copies
In Wink a way land (1905) 11 copies
Hoosier Lyrics (2011) 8 copies
A Comic Primer (1966) 6 copies
Child Verses (1927) 4 copies
The Werewolf (2011) 4 copies
John Smith, U.S.A. (2005) 4 copies
Only a boy (1968) 3 copies
Little Willie 3 copies
Sister's cake 2 copies
Field Flowers 2 copies
Eugene Field Reader (1905) 2 copies
My book 1 copy
Christmas Short Works Collection 2014 — Contributor — 1 copy
Willie 1 copy
Three poems 1 copy
Brilliants 1 copy
Field Poetry 1 copy

Associated Works

One Hundred and One Famous Poems (1916) — Contributor, some editions — 1,879 copies
Favorite Poems of Childhood (1992) — Contributor — 790 copies
In the Nursery (My Book House) (1932) — Contributor — 279 copies
A Subtreasury of American Humor (1941) — Contributor — 274 copies
Russell Baker's Book of American Humor (1993) — Contributor — 202 copies
A Lycanthropy Reader: Werewolves in Western Culture (1986) — Contributor — 154 copies
The Standard Book of British and American Verse (1932) — Contributor — 110 copies
Storytelling and Other Poems (Childcraft) (1949) — Contributor — 89 copies
Best in Children's Books 22 (1959) 69 copies
Best in Children's Books 05 (1957) 56 copies
Pearl S. Buck's Book of Christmas (1605) — Contributor — 43 copies
Journeys Through Bookland - Volume I (1909) — Author, some editions — 30 copies
Bound for Evil: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad (2008) — Contributor — 24 copies
American Poems 1779-1900 (1922) — Contributor — 11 copies
A Gathering of Ghosts: A Treasury (1970) — Contributor — 4 copies
Wynken, Blynken & Nod [1938 animated short film] (1938) — Original story — 2 copies


Common Knowledge



Volume I-X, missing volume 9, 11,12. All Excellent Condition. Likely $35 per book
susangeib | Jun 26, 2023 |
It's a fun poem and I always love David McPhail's illustrations, but this has so many "fish" and "wish" words (trips for my speech impediment), making it hard as a read-aloud for me.
fernandie | 20 other reviews | Sep 15, 2022 |
Some of the chapters I liked better then others because I knew the books Field was talking about, other chapters went over my head as I had no knowledge of the people or books but all and all it was an interesting, humorous and sometimes strangely familiar feeling to the way I feel about books. If you like "The Haunted Bookshop" I'm sure that you will find much to like here.
kevn57 | 6 other reviews | Dec 8, 2021 |
This was a lovely experience of reading older childhood poems that remain throughout the years. In particular, I liked Winken, Blynken, and Nod who sailed off one night in a wooden shoe, sailing in a river of crystal light, into a sea of dew.

The illustrations of noted Pre-Raphaelite painter Maxfield Parrish were beautifully used to accompany some of the most lovely of the selections.
Whisper1 | 2 other reviews | Nov 16, 2020 |



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