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Susan Fletcher (1) (1951–)

Author of Shadow Spinner

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Susan Fletcher's previous books include the trilogy of Dragon's Milk, Flight of the Dragon Kyn, and Sign of the Dove, and most recently, Shadow Spinner. Ms. Fletcher lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon, with her husband, their daughter, and a black cat named Nimbus
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Works by Susan Fletcher

Shadow Spinner (1998) 1,469 copies, 23 reviews
Dragon's Milk (1992) 799 copies, 10 reviews
Flight of the Dragon Kyn (1993) 461 copies, 3 reviews
Sign of the Dove (1996) 347 copies, 1 review
Walk Across the Sea (2001) 288 copies, 6 reviews
Alphabet of Dreams (2006) 271 copies, 16 reviews
Journey of the Pale Bear (2018) 84 copies, 2 reviews
Ancient, Strange, and Lovely (2010) 80 copies, 5 reviews
Dadblamed Union Army Cow (2007) 77 copies, 10 reviews
The Anti-Baby-Sitter Plot (1991) 48 copies, 2 reviews
Falcon in the Glass (2013) 47 copies, 3 reviews
A Bear Far from Home (2022) 13 copies, 1 review
The Haunting Possibility (1615) 6 copies


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A cow follows his owner to the battlefield ... and winds up saving the day by providing milk when food is scarce.
sloth852 | 9 other reviews | Jan 2, 2024 |
The story of Shahrazad has always puzzled me. This King kills his wives day after day and his people just let it happen? They didn't revolt? Monarchies have been tumbled for much less! Yet this slip of a girl manages to stand up to this King and save her people.

She has never gotten her proper due in my opinion.

Fletcher's book however is a decent step in that direction. Though about Marjan, we see what it must be like for Shahrazad. Night after night for years, constantly frightened and stressed that at any moment the wrong word, the word turn of phrase will get her family killed.

Marjan is just as brave and clever as Shahrazad, which is both a blessing and curse for women in those days. A muslim hired out to a Jewish man and his wife, her life isn't easy, but they care for her like a daughter and she is happy at least. Its not that Marjan does reckless things--impetuous perhaps, but not reckless. She emphasizes with Shahrazad and reveres her like a hero, willing to do anything (including putting her life at risk) to save hers.

The outside 'force' in the story, that of the Sultan's greedy, waspish, over indulgent mother Khatun, is necessary. Her actions are just this side of evil, but they are covered with 'I need to protect my sons!'.

Just as in life, in Shadow Spinner things do not end 'perfectly'. A measure of happiness for most, but no real 'justice' is given to Khatun's actions and Marjan is forced to flee the city, never seeing her Aunt and Uncle, or friends at the palace again. I could almost wish for a sequel, to make sure that Marjan's life hereafter isn't a let down after this adventure, but sometimes a story needs an ending.
… (more)
lexilewords | 22 other reviews | Dec 28, 2023 |
The opening pulled me right in and kept on going:
"I was fifteen the year the king's men came to take me from my home."

I loved Susan Fletcher's _Journey of the Pale Bear_ and this one was just as good!

The story is about learning where your loyalties lie in a complex world, and finding the courage to stand up for what you believe, (in this case non-violence). In a totally believeable way, Kara's perspective changes as she gets to know the dragons better.

I re-read some passages just for the sheer pleasure of reading: the language is strong and beautiful like the beat of dragon wings. The details about falconry are fascinating and the link between the healing of a disease, the dragon's milk, and the relationship between the birds and dragons felt exactly right.

Books 1 + 2 are vivid and gripping. I preferred Book 2, but that might be because I read it first. I definitely went on to read Book 3 and I have my eye on Book 4.
… (more)
Ldecher | 2 other reviews | Sep 4, 2023 |
Maybe it's just been too long since I read the others. I collected the first three books when I was younger and I loved them and reread them a lot way back when. This one felt different, outside of the modern day perspective. I don't mind the time period aspect, but the writing just didn't impress me. A bit of a depressing note to end on, if it's the end of the series.
AnonR | 4 other reviews | Aug 5, 2023 |



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