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The Guest List (2020) 5,133 copies, 214 reviews
The Paris Apartment (2022) 2,685 copies, 83 reviews
The Hunting Party (2019) 2,385 copies, 99 reviews
The Book of Lost and Found (2015) 306 copies, 15 reviews
The Midnight Feast (2024) 210 copies, 11 reviews
The Invitation (2016) 207 copies, 10 reviews
Last Letter from Istanbul (2018) 41 copies, 1 review
Evil In Small Places (2022) 1 copy

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Marple: Twelve New Stories (2022) — Contributor — 533 copies, 26 reviews


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Common Knowledge



I don't read many mystery novels, but I loved this. It was fantastic and I was entranced the entire time. I did correctly guess most of the reveals before they happened, but I kind of liked that because it meant that it all made sense by the end which is important to me. I thought the ending was satisfying and there were no loose ends. Also, even though I did figure some things out, I felt like I never figured them out too soon since that might have made things boring. I loved the multi-pov and all the characters were well written. Overall, I just thought this was great.… (more)
ZetaRiemann | 213 other reviews | Jul 23, 2024 |
June 2025 – Francesca Meadows is thrilled that her dream project “The Manor “-an exclusive wellness resort- is finally open. The Solstice celebration and the midnight revelries are in full swing, her affluent guests are in attendance being catered to by her carefully selected staff, a few of whom are local including Eddie whose family owns and operates a farm close by. Among the guests is Bella, who has a history with Francesca (who is initially unaware of Bella's presence) and whose decision to book a stay was based on an article sent by an unknown sender, who definitely knows their history. The resort was built on the Dorset coastline the premises Francesca inherited from her grandparents, and her husband, architect Owen Dacre was tasked with designing the luxurious resort. The resort is adjacent to a forest that holds special significance to the locals, who aren't too happy with the development and the fact that the owners have no respect for the ‘lore and beliefs of the locals only complicates matters further.

Unbeknownst to most guests, the land, the forests, the small town of Tome and Francesca herself harbor dark secrets. So when the fishermen discover the body of a woman floating in the water the very next day and the cliffside retreat goes up in flames, unraveling the mystery behind the murder and the fate of The Manor might be more complicated than the investigating officer, Detective Inspector Walker and his team would have thought.

I haven’t had much luck with the author's previous novels, all of which were average reads for me. I won’t say that The Midnight Feast by Lucy Foley is an exception but overall, I did enjoy the novel ( I think the full-cast audio narration had a large role to play). Well-thought-out characters ( even the unlikeable ones), a vividly described atmospheric setting, an intriguing premise dual timelines and multiple perspectives woven into a cohesive narrative made for an engaging read. I loved the intensity of the present-day narrative, the folklore and the dark myth associated with the land which added to the tension. I always appreciate it when my theories are proved wrong and I’m glad to say that a few of the final twists and revelations were truly shocking.

However, the story takes a long time to pick up the pace which is why it felt longer than it actually was. The past timeline is presented through journal entries from 2009 and though past events were integral to the plot, these slower-paced sections (with a tad too much teenage drama) hindered the flow of the narrative. The final 25% definitely made up for the slow build-up, uneven pacing and what I thought were some unnecessary fillers, in particular one of the character’s perspectives which was not necessarily required to carry the story forward.

I paired my reading with the brilliant full-cast audio narration featuring Joe Eyre, Sarah Slimani, Roly Botha, Laurence Dobiesz and Tuppence Middleton, which enhanced my overall experience.

Given a choice, I would recommend the audio over reading the book.
… (more)
srms.reads | 10 other reviews | Jul 21, 2024 |
Bella travels in disguise to the opening weekend of The Manor, an opulent resort in Tome on the Dorset coast in England, to settle a score with the owner, Francesca. The book switches back and forth, chapter by chapter, covering Francesca, Owen, Bella, Eddie, and DI Walker's views of what led up to the time when a woman is found on the beach after falling from a cliff and the resort burning. Bella's and Francesca's stories occur 15 years ago and in the present. Owen's, Eddie's, and DI Walker's stories occur primarily in the present. Owen is Francesca's husband and the architect of The Manor who is keeping secrets about his upbringing. Francesca is also keeping some very dark secrets of her earlier life. Eddie is a young man from an impoverished local farm who works as a dishwasher and whose brother became a drug addict and disappeared 15 years ago. DI Walker is from London and specializes in cold cases, but has come to investigate this one. He is also hiding a secret. The legend of The Birds that mete out justice to those who hurt others and/or the land runs throughout the story.… (more)
baughga | 10 other reviews | Jul 18, 2024 |
This is by far my favorite Lucy Foley book! If you’ve read her other work, you’ll have an idea how it’s set up and general premise as a whodunnit. I felt this was much more intricate than the Guest List or Hunting Party. There were so many layers and twists. I wanted to rate this 5 stars on that fact alone, but honestly it was a little slow at times. Going to keep this at a 4 star because while I seriously appreciate all the work that went into weaving this story together, I found myself bored from time to time. If you like her other work, I would definitely recommend this one!… (more)
yeffin | 82 other reviews | Jul 15, 2024 |



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