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Melissa Foster is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes contemporary romance, new adult, contemporary women's fiction, suspense, and historical fiction. Melissa is the author of the Love in Bloom, Snow Sisters, The Bradens, and the Seaside Summers series as show more well as others. Melissa is the founder of the World Literary Café and Fostering Success. (Bowker Author Biography) show less


Works by Melissa Foster

Sisters in Love (2013) 227 copies
Lovers at Heart (2013) 182 copies
Chasing Amanda (2011) 132 copies
Game of Love (2014) 129 copies
Megan's Way (2009) 124 copies
Tru Blue (2016) 102 copies
Taken by Love (2014) 98 copies
Seaside Dreams (2014) 91 copies
Logan (2015) 76 copies
The Real Thing (2017) 72 copies
Seized by Love (2015) 70 copies
Have No Shame (2013) 62 copies
Catching Cassidy (2015) 60 copies
Destined for Love (2013) 59 copies
Embracing Her Heart (2018) 56 copies
Come Back To Me (2011) 50 copies
Call Her Mine (2019) 47 copies
A Little Bit Wicked (2020) 45 copies
Sisters in Bloom (2013) 44 copies
Bayside Desires (2017) 42 copies
Seaside Summers: Books 1-3 (2016) 40 copies
Healed by Love (2015) 40 copies
Seaside Hearts (2014) 40 copies
Truly, Madly, Whiskey (2017) 39 copies
Only for You (2017) 38 copies
Anything for Love (2018) 37 copies
Tempted by Love (2020) 35 copies
Flames of Love (2014) 35 copies
Driving Whiskey Wild (2018) 34 copies
Sisters in White (2013) 34 copies
Friendship on Fire (2013) 33 copies
Slope of Love (2014) 31 copies
Whisper of Love (2017) 31 copies
Love Like Ours (2018) 31 copies
Hearts at Play (2014) 30 copies
Seaside Secrets (2015) 30 copies
Chased by Love (2016) 29 copies
Tempting Tristan (2016) 29 copies
Romancing My Love (2014) 28 copies
Heath (2015) 28 copies
Bursting with Love (2013) 28 copies
Mick (2016) 27 copies
Seaside Sunsets (2014) 27 copies
Read, Write, Love (2014) 26 copies
Wicked Whiskey Love (2018) 26 copies
Stroke of Love (2014) 25 copies
Maybe We Will (2021) 25 copies
This Is Love (2019) 24 copies
Sea of Love (2013) 24 copies
Fated for Love (2014) 24 copies
The Remingtons: Books 1-3 (2016) 22 copies
Taming My Whiskey (2019) 21 copies
Brett (2018) 21 copies
Bayside Passions (2018) 21 copies
Seaside Nights (2015) 20 copies
Seaside Whispers (2016) 20 copies
The Trouble with Whiskey (2022) 20 copies
Mad About Moon (2019) 19 copies
Dreaming of Love (2015) 19 copies
Flirting with Love (2014) 19 copies
Seaside Embrace (2016) 19 copies
Touched by Love (2016) 18 copies
Rescued by Love (2017) 18 copies
Discovering Delilah (2015) 18 copies
Traces of Kara (2013) 18 copies
Crushing on Love (2016) 18 copies
Seaside Lovers (2016) 18 copies
Carson (2017) 18 copies
The Gritty Truth (2020) 17 copies
Dylan (2016) 17 copies
Crashing Into Love (2015) 16 copies
Bayside Heat (2018) 16 copies
Daring Her Love (2015) 16 copies
Crazy, Wicked Love (2022) 16 copies
Maybe We Should (2021) 15 copies
Hearts at Seaside (2017) 15 copies
Dreaming at Seaside (2017) 15 copies
She Loves Me (2020) 15 copies
Swept Into Love (2017) 15 copies
Hot Mess Summer (2023) 14 copies
My True Love (2021) 14 copies
River of Love (2016) 14 copies
The Wicked Aftermath (2021) 13 copies
Thrill of Love (2017) 13 copies
Making You Mine (2020) 13 copies
Jackson (2015) 13 copies
Wild, Crazy Hearts (2019) 13 copies
Love, Laughter, and Steamy Ever Afters (10-in-1) (2015) — Contributor — 13 copies
Where Petals Fall (2013) 13 copies
Cooper (2015) 12 copies
Surrender My Love (2016) 12 copies
Bayside Escape (2019) 12 copies
Trails of Love (2019) 12 copies
Rocked by Love (2023) 12 copies
Claimed by Love (2016) 12 copies
Sunsets at Seaside (2017) 12 copies
A Love So Sweet (2018) 12 copies
Whispers at Seaside (2018) 11 copies
Hot for Love (2021) 11 copies
Seized by Love at Seaside (2018) 11 copies
Bayside Fantasies (2020) 11 copies
Secrets at Seaside (2017) 10 copies
Bayside Romance (2019) 10 copies
In for a Penny (2020) 10 copies
Sweet, Sexy Heart (2021) 9 copies
Maybe We Won't (2022) 9 copies
Searching for Love (2020) 9 copies
Sweet Talk Boxed Set [10-in-1] (2015) — Contributor — 9 copies
Embraced at Seaside (2018) 8 copies
Love at Last (2018) 8 copies
Story of Love (2017) 8 copies
Nights at Seaside (2017) 8 copies
Lovers at Seaside (2018) 7 copies
Promise My Love (2015) 7 copies
Seaside Serenade (2019) 7 copies
Running on Diesel (2021) 7 copies
A Very Braden Christmas (2018) 7 copies
Caught by Love (2021) 6 copies
Our Sweet Destiny (2018) 6 copies
Always Her Love (2022) 5 copies
Be Mine (2019) — Author — 4 copies
Wild Island Love (2023) 3 copies
The Art of Loving Lacy (2019) 3 copies
Falling for Mr. Bad (2024) 2 copies
The Billionaire Boxset — Author — 2 copies
Embracing Evan 2 copies
Winter of Love 2 copies
Loving Livi 2 copies
Chasing Charley 2 copies
Reaching Rusty 2 copies
Nicole 1 copy
Phoebe 1 copy
Genevieve 1 copy
Francine 1 copy
Hot Reads for Cold Nights — Author — 1 copy

Associated Works

9 Killer Thrillers [Box Set 9-in-1] (2013) — Contributor — 30 copies
From the Sea [2013 film] — Actor — 2 copies


Common Knowledge

Legal name
Foster, Melissa
Other names
Cole, Addison
Washington, D.C., USA
Places of residence
Washington, D.C., USA
Maryland, USA
Founder of The Women's Nest
The Women's Nest
Main Street Romance
League of Extraordinary Authors
Short biography
Megan's Way is my debut novel. I am the Founder of The Women's Nest, a social and support network for women. My family and I reside in Maryland with our three dogs and two cats. We vacation in Cape Cod annually.

My interests are anything outdoors, reading, writing, painting (I am a muralist), fishing, and running.

I am happy to chat with book clubs, reader groups, or individual readers!



A Taste of Whiskey by Melissa Foster
The Whiskeys: Dark Knights of Redemption Ranch

Colorado ranch with heart and hope run by the Western Whiskeys sees daughter Sasha decide it is now or never for her to act upon an interest that has been on slow burn since she was inhigh school. With a no fraternization between employees rule where they work, on the family ranch, being with him is forbidden so how WILL they get together?

The intertwining storylines of various series are fun to read in order or whenever you come across a book by this author. And this time, as always, the lead characters are perfect for one another and do get their happily ever after even though they have waited years to achieve it. The chemistry between Sasha and Ezra is smoking hot. The love they both feel for one another and for Ezra’s young son leaps off the page. The friendship is genuine and has built up over time. Seeing others who I have read about in previous books was nice as was guessing which person will have their story told next. The Dark Knights are closer than family and there for one another as was shown once again when Ezra’s son was in trouble.

Gus was a charming little boy who nearly stole the show. He did not deserve the flakey mother he ended up with but fell in clover by landing on the ranch with his father. I appreciated the way Sasha’s parents allowed their children freedom while protecting them at the same time. The story is all about trust, family, friendship, communication, and deep abiding love. Great story by a wonderful author. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thank you to the author for the ARC – This is my honest review.

4-5 Stars
… (more)
CathyGeha | Apr 10, 2024 |
A sweet, if maudlin, story of a remarkable who dies of cancer. We learn the stories of each of the main characters? relationship to Olivia, the child Megan raised as her own.
bentstoker | 12 other reviews | Jan 26, 2024 |
I absolutely loved this story about Tegan who is a free spirit and loves her life on her own terms and Jett Masters who is a die-hard workaholic and stays far away from family or any type of romantic connection. The two of them meet in a few serendipitous ways but Tegan thinks Jett is one of those cocky playboys and wants nothing to do with him even if their attraction is off the charts. I loved the banter they had together, the ease of their relationship, and the way they made each other better people especially when Tegan shows Jett it’s ok to let go sometimes and relax. Super cute read with lots of steam and sweet moments.… (more)
readonreader | 2 other reviews | Jan 5, 2024 |
Two people who have been hurt deeply trying to find their way life and find the redemption they both deserve. Diesel is this strong silent broody biker; he doesn’t like to stay in one place too long only finding solace on the road. After two years of helping The Whiskey’s in their bar he is starting to crave the open road again, yet the one thing holding him back is the cute waitress he feels protective over, Tracey. Tracey endured a hurt like no other and after fleeing, getting help, she is finally getting back on her two feet. She is also finding her confidence again so when the growly bartender keeps scaring her tips away, she can’t help but go off on him. She doesn’t see his protectiveness as more than him thinking she is weak, but really Diesel wants her. The back and forth of wanting not wanting each other plays a major role in these two finally finding what they want in life and Tracey isn’t sure if its Diesel and his silent grunting or someone else. Tracey is such a strong character that overcame so much, and I loved that she was the only one that could get Diesel to open. Diesel loved hard but will let go of past hurts to find a future with Tracey? Can Tracey see through Diesel’s walls and overcome her own so they can discover more in their attraction? I loved this book, seeing all the Whiskeys, and being introduced to the Colorado crew. Such a great series that you fall in love with characters, the family they create in friends, and the closeness they have with each other.… (more)
readonreader | Jan 5, 2024 |


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