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Includes the names: Uta Frith, Uta Frith Editor

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Antigrav (1975) — Contributor — 62 copies
Les psychopathes autistiques pendant l'enfance (1944) — Translator, some editions — 5 copies


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Note: I accessed a digital review copy of this book through Edelweiss.
fernandie | 2 other reviews | Sep 15, 2022 |
Two Heads is is an attractive looking book about an interesting topic. The characters are appealing and the artwork simple and stylish. It is a nice coffee table sort of book, one to glance through and enjoy.

I really wanted to read what Uta and Chris Frith had to say about themselves and about their researches into how the brain works. After a few pages, though, I only wanted to look ahead for content and for interesting graphics.
It had become a slog to wade through panel after panel of talking heads discussing, in maybe three pages, what could have fit in a few paragraphs of text. The panels slowed me down and often had nothing to tell me that the text itself hadn't said.
So, I spent a few more minutes enjoying the drawings and searching for illustrations with information.

The graphics and the text are both great but for me did not work together. This can always be a problem for graphic-based books. Maybe that's why many are shorter than this book's 350 pages.
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mykl-s | 2 other reviews | Aug 31, 2022 |
graphic nonfiction (science, history of neuroscience/psychology)

Fairly complex concepts painstakingly explained over many series of illustrations (most of which are just the same two people talking). Fine if you are really wanting to put in the time to learn, but for casual readers this won't be all that entertaining or enjoyable. I usually like graphic nonfiction, and I usually like books that deal with neuroscience and neurodivergence, and even though the content is fine, I found this extremely boring and after making it through 111 pages reading a few pages at a time (about as much as I could stand before my brain would beg to switch to ANY other book), I gave up on it. It could maybe work as a textbook, depending on what class you're taking, but even for an interested reader I wouldn't recommend.

Maybe if it was less banal history to slog through and more interesting new studies and potential implications?
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reader1009 | 2 other reviews | Jun 8, 2022 |
Hanging out with young leftist academics as I do I've taken up the yellow sharpie, and suffice to say I want to pick up a can of yellow paint. Not everything pinged, but what did certainly did!
kencf0618 | 5 other reviews | Apr 19, 2020 |


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