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"David Gardner" is composed of at least 16 distinct authors, divided by their works.

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Includes the names: David Gardner, ed. David Gardner

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1) Financial writer (1966- )
2) Linguist, instructor at Hong Kong University
3) Reporter for Newsweek, Daily Mail, and other periodicals
4) Reporter for Financial Times (1952-2022)
5) Author of software manuals, travel articles, and thrillers
6) Entrepreneur and software consultant
7) Actor, producer, & director (1928-2020)
8) Producer, director, & location management
9) High school teacher and coach
10) Illustrator of children's books
11) Endocrinologist and professor at University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine
12) Geography teacher & curriculum advisor
13) Chief of Choctaw Nation (1940-1978)
14) Doctor of Divinity and pastor in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA (1887-1972)
15) Professor of biology & music at Carleton University
16) British genealogist (1915-2007)