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Author photo. Photo by Vezenberg & Co., St. Petersburg, circa 1880-1886<br> (George Kennan Papers,<br> LoC Prints and Photographs Division, <br>LC-USZ62-128270)

Photo by Vezenberg & Co., St. Petersburg, circa 1880-1886
(George Kennan Papers,
LoC Prints and Photographs Division,

Nicolai Gogol (1809–1852)

Author of Dead Souls

Includes the names: Gogol N, N. Gogol, N.V.Gogol, N. Gogolj, N. Gógol, N.V. Gogol, 3017066265, N.W. Gogol, N.W. Gogol, N.W. Gogolj ... (see complete list), Gogol N. V., I.W. Gogolj, N.W. Gogolj, Mykola Gogol, I. V. Gogolj, Nicoai Gogol, Nikoai Gogol, N. V. Gogolj, ゴーゴリ, Nicolaj Gogol, Nikolai Gogol, Nikolay Gogol, Nicolaj Gogol, Nicolau Gogol, Nikolai Gogol, Mikolaj Gogol, Nikolai Golol, nicolai gogol, Nikolia Gogal, Nikolai Gogal, Gogol Nicolas, Nilolai Gogol, Nikolai Gogol, Nikolai Gogol, Nicolay Gogol, Nicolas Gogol, Nikolaj Gogol, Nikolay Gogol, Nicolai Gogol, Nickolay Gogol, Nikolak Gogolj, Mikołaj Gogol, Nikolai Gógol, Nicolai Gogolj, Nikolaj Gogol', Nyikolaj Gogol, Nicolau Gógol, NICOLAI GÓGOL, Nikolaï Gogol, Nicolaï Gogol, Nikolai Gogól, Nicolau Gógol, Nikolái Gogol, NIKOLLAI GOGOL, Nikolaj Gogolj, Nicholai Gogol, N.ゴーゴリ, Nikolai Gogoʹ, Nickolai Gogol, Nikolaei Gogol, Nicholas Gogol, Nicolaas Gogol, Nicolai Gógol, Nikolai Gógol, Nicolás Gogol, Nicholai Gogol, Nicolaj Gogolj, Nikolaus Gogol, Nicolaj Gogolj, Nikolái Gógol, Nikolàj Gogol', Noikolai Gógol, Nicolai V. Gogol, Gogol Nikolai W., Nikolai V. Gogol, Gogol Nicolai W., Gogol Nicolaj V., Nikolaj V. Gogol, Nikoláj Gógolj, Nikolai V Gógol, Nikolai V. Gogal, Nikolai W. Gogol, Nicolai V. Gogol, Nikolai V. Gogol, Nikolaj W. Gogolj, Nikolaj V. Gogol', Nikolay V. Gogol', NIKOLAI V. GÓGOL, Nicolaj V. Gogol', Nicholai V. Gogol, Nicólas V. Gógol, Nikolaï Gogol, Гоголь Н.В., Н.В. Гоголь, Nikolai Gogol Gogol, Н. В. Гоголь, Nikolai Gógol, Н. В. Гоголь, Nicolás.- GOGOL, gogol nikolai vasilvich, Nikolaj Vasilevic Gogol, Nicolas Janowski, Gogol, Nikolaj Vasilevic Gogol, Gogol Nicolaj Vasilevic, Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol, Gogol Nikolaj Vasilievic, gogol nikolaj vasilievic, ニコライ ゴーゴリ, Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, Vasilievich Nikolai Gogol, Gogol Nikolai Vasil'evich, Nicolaj Vasilievich Gogol, Nicolas Vasilievich Gogol, Nikolai Vasilévich Gogol, GOGOL NIKOLAI VASILIEVICH, نيكولاي غوعول, Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol, Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, Nikolaj Vasiljevitsj Gogol, Nyikolaj Vasiljevics Gogol, Nikolaj Vasiljevič Gogolj, Nikolái Gógol, Nikolai Vasiliévitx Gógol, Nikolái Vasilievich Gógol, Nikolai Vassilievitch Gogol, Nicolai Wassiljewitsj Gogol, Nikoláy Vasilévich Gógol, Николай Гоголь, Nicolai Vassilievitch Gogol, Nikolai Wasiljewitsch Gogol, Nikolai Vasílievich Gógol, Nyikolaj Vasziljevics Gogol, Nikolaj Vasiljevitsj Gógol, Nikolaï Vasil'ievich Gogol', Nikolai Vassílievitx Gógol, Nikolái Vasílievich Gógol, Nikólai Vassilievich Gógol, NİKOLAY VASİLYEVİÇ GOGOL, Nikolaĭ Vasilʹevich Gogolʹ, Nikolaˆi Vasilevich Gogol, Никола́й Го́голь, নিকোলাই গোগল, Nicolas Vassiliévitch Gogol, Nikoläi Vasilievitch Gogol, Nikolaj Vasilevi@02C7c Gógol, Nikolaj Vasil@UA7evi@02C7c Gogol@UA7, Nikolai Vasil§evich Gogol§, Nikolaj Vasil‘jevič Gogol‘, Nikolai Vassilievitch Gógol (1809-1852), Nikolai Vassiliévitch Gogol (1809-1952), Nikolaï Vasil'evich Gogol', ניקולאי וסילביץ' גוגול, ניקולי וסיליביץ' גוגול, Гоголь Николай Васильевич, Николай Васильевич Гоголь, Николай Васильевич Гоголь, ניקולאי ואסילייביץ׳ גוגול, Никола́й Васи́льевич Го́го, NIKOLAI VASILIEVITCH GOGOL (Trans.: Isabel F. Hapgood), Николай Васильевич Гоголь, 1809-1852, Николай Васильевич (1809-1852) Гоголь, N. V.; Holttum Gogol', V. E. J. (Ed.; Intro.; Notes; Vocab.)

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Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol was born in 1809 in the Ukraine. His father was an amateur playwright who had a small estate with a number of serfs. From the ages of 12 to 19, young Gogol attended a boarding school where he became known for his sharp wit and ability to amuse his classmates. After school he worked as a government clerk. He soon began writing memories of his childhood. His quaint depictions of the Ukrainian countryside marked his style and helped to make him famous. Gogol quickly gained fame and formed a friendship with the influential poet, Aleksandr Pushkin. Gogol is largely remembered for his realistic characterizations, his rich imagination, and his humorous style. His works include Mirgorod, a collection of short stories including Taras Bulba. Gogol's wit is evident in his short story, The Nose, where a man's nose wanders off around town in a carriage. Gogol's masterpiece is the novel Dead Souls. In this work, a swindler plots to buy from landowners their dead serfs. Towards the end of Gogol's life, his creative powers faded and he fled to Moscow. Here, he came under the power of a fanatical priest. Ten days before his death he burned some manuscripts of the second part of Dead Souls. He died of starvation in 1852, on the cusp of madness. (Bowker Author Biography)
— biography from Dead Souls
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Dead Souls 8,510 copies, 120 reviews
The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol 1,512 copies, 15 reviews
Taras Bulba 887 copies, 13 reviews
The Inspector General 879 copies, 10 reviews
The Overcoat 723 copies, 31 reviews
Petersburg Tales 435 copies, 8 reviews
Diary of a Madman 399 copies, 9 reviews
The Nose 353 copies, 14 reviews
The Overcoat / The Nose (Author) 353 copies, 6 reviews
Taras Bulba and Other Tales 212 copies, 3 reviews
St Petersburg Tales 211 copies, 2 reviews
The Night Before Christmas 203 copies, 5 reviews
Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka 190 copies, 3 reviews
How the Two Ivans Quarrelled 187 copies, 6 reviews
The Nose / The Carriage 155 copies, 8 reviews
The Collected Stories of Gogol 128 copies, 2 reviews
The Portrait 121 copies, 1 review
Viy 96 copies, 1 review
Mirgorod 90 copies, 1 review
Nevsky Prospect 64 copies
Sorotchintzy Fair 55 copies, 4 reviews
The Nose [adaption] 50 copies, 3 reviews
Nouvelles de Petersbourg 43 copies, 1 review
Marriage 35 copies
I racconti degli Arabeschi 34 copies, 1 review
Black Sunday [1960 film] (Writer) 31 copies
Verhalen 30 copies, 1 review
The Vampire: An Anthology (Contributor) 28 copies
Gogol : Oeuvres complètes 23 copies, 1 review
A Selection 18 copies
Roma 16 copies
The Nose / The Portrait 15 copies, 1 review
St. John's Eve 14 copies, 1 review
Kadonnut kirje 13 copies
Teatro Completo 13 copies
Opere 11 copies
Six Russian Short Novels 10 copies, 1 review
Opere vol. 2 10 copies
Spookverhalen 8 copies
Opowiadania 8 copies
Opere, vol. I 8 copies
The Carriage 7 copies
Obras completas 7 copies, 1 review
De kales 6 copies
Der Zauberer 6 copies
Roma 5 copies
Povesti 4 copies
De gokkers 4 copies
Taras Bulba 4 copies
Cossack tales 4 copies
Jutustused 4 copies
Det fr̲lorade brevet ; Kappan (Author) 4 copies, 1 review
Portret 3 copies
Müfettis 3 copies
Werke 3 copies
Obras (Author) 3 copies
Ölü Canlar 2 copies
Gogol művei 2 copies
Troika 2 copies
El Capote y otros relatos 2 copies, 1 review
Gogol művei 2 copies
Short Fiction 2 copies
Komedii 1 copy
Racconti 1 copy
O NARIZ 1 copy
O Retrato 1 copy
Povesti 1 copy
Podobizna 1 copy
O Nariz 1 copy
Povesti 1 copy
Müfettis 1 copy
Palto 1 copy
Palto 1 copy
Müfettiş 1 copy
UC OYKU 1 copy
Arabeskler 1 copy
O Capote 1 copy
الأنف 1 copy, 1 review
Izbrannoe 1 copy
[Rasskazy] 1 copy
Der Mantel 1 copy
[Tales] 1 copy
The Complete Tales 1 copy, 1 review
Selection 1 copy
Fantastic Tales: Visionary and Everyday (Contributor) 391 copies, 12 reviews
Best Russian Short Stories (Contributor) 300 copies, 5 reviews
Six Great Modern Short Novels (Contributor) 262 copies, 2 reviews
Witches & Warlocks: Tales of Black Magic, Old & New (Contributor) 260 copies, 5 reviews
Christmas Stories 225 copies, 1 review
Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida (Contributor) 207 copies, 2 reviews
The Portable Nineteenth-Century Russian Reader (Author, some editions) 185 copies, 1 review
Randall Jarrell's Book of Stories (Contributor) 133 copies, 1 review
Great Russian Short Stories (Dover Thrift Editions) (Contributor) 130 copies, 2 reviews
The Big Book of Classic Fantasy (Contributor) 125 copies, 3 reviews
Magical Realist Fiction: An Anthology (Contributor) 103 copies, 1 review
The Ghouls (Contributor) 96 copies, 2 reviews
Great Russian Plays (Contributor) 89 copies
Chilling Ghost Short Stories (Contributor) 85 copies, 2 reviews
The Government Inspector and Other Russian Plays (Contributor) 74 copies, 1 review
The Modern Theatre Volume 3 (Contributor) 58 copies
The Modern Theatre, Volume Five (Contributor) 38 copies
The Storm and Other Russian Plays (Contributor, some editions) 21 copies
Meesters der Russische vertelkunst (Contributor) 17 copies
19th Century Russian Drama (Contributor) 17 copies
All verdens fortellere (Author, some editions) 15 copies, 1 review
Story to Anti-Story (Contributor) 13 copies
Dracula's Brethren (Contributor) 13 copies, 1 review
Russian 19th-century Gothic Tales (Contributor) 12 copies
Selected Russian Short Stories (Contributor) 12 copies
Russische verhalen (Contributor) 11 copies
Omnibus der Russische groten (Contributor) 9 copies
Verhalen omnibus (Contributor) 7 copies
The Ghouls, Book Two (Contributor) 5 copies
The humour of Russia (Contributor) 4 copies
Short Fiction: Shape and Substance (Contributor) 3 copies
Tyve mesterfortællinger (Author, some editions) 3 copies, 1 review
Piirakkasota : Valikoima huumoria (Contributor) 3 copies

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