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The Hunt for Life on Mars (1996) 66 copies
The Ultimate Einstein HC (1997) — Author — 36 copies
The Ultimate Planets (1998) 20 copies
The Evolving Universe (1981) 19 copies

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The Universe (1987) — Contributor — 115 copies


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A general review of progress made in astronomy/physic with how a list of elements from periodic table relates to the formation of stars and gases in space.
MadMattReader | 14 other reviews | Sep 11, 2022 |
Good as an introduction to the topics of cosmology, general astronomy, Drake's Equation and Fermi Paradox, the trouble is if you're already familiar enough to have read another introduction there's little left here to fill out an intermediary understanding. It's also presented in a fairly scattershot way and meanders into little essayist points that are familiar stomping grounds if you've listened to Tyson before.
A.Godhelm | 14 other reviews | Mar 14, 2022 |
"در آغاز فیزیک بود"

کتاب خیلی خوبی بود برای آشنایی با قسمتی از کلیات ابتدایی اخترفیزیک و پیدایش و تکامل هستی به زبان ساده، کاری که نیل دگریس تایسون معمولا خیلی خوب انجام می ده. من از شنیدنش لذت بردم گرچه قطعا خوندنش بازده بیشتری می تونست داشته باشه.

"نتیجه ای هست که چه از نظر باورمندان بشقاب پرنده ها و چه از ناباورمندان آن ها خدشه ناپذیر است. هرگاه جوامعی برون زمینی از زمین بازدید کنند باید بدانند که ما در پراکندن فراگیر اطلاعات و سرگرمی از توانمندی کامل برخورداریم نه در تفکیک این دو از هم"… (more)
Milad_Gharebaghi | 14 other reviews | Jan 14, 2022 |
Ah... Astronomy. One my favorite subjects to read about! I love looking up at the stars and absorbing as much knowledge as I can about cosmology so it was only natural for me to pick up this book. Plus, if you've seen the show Cosmos then you should be familiar with the host and author Neil deGrasse Tyson, a very knowledgeable astrophysicist.

The book goes into detail about different parts of our universe, from the absolute colossal size of galaxies and the theory of how they formed to the infinitesimal atoms and nuetrinos. The creation of planets and stars are theories that are also touched upon. In the last chapter Neil talks about the possibility of life on other planets.

Tyson does a great job of explaining everything in Laymen's terms and sprinkles humor in there as well. I do recommend however that you have some knowledge of astronomy and physics because some jargon is used here. About two or three chapters get really mathematical and it made it difficult to follow so I felt I had to trudge through that information. I almost knodded off a couple of times.

There is also another version that was recently released called "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry" which is the same book but a shortened version.

I loved the book! I'll admit that there is some bias because I am a lover of science and I look up to Tyson as well as Carl Sagan!
… (more)
ProfessorEX | 14 other reviews | Apr 15, 2021 |



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