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Miranda J. Green is Professor of Archaeology and Head of Research in the School of Humanities at the University of Wales, Newport, and President of the Prehistoric Society

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The World of the Druids (1997) 393 copies
The Celtic World (1995) — Editor — 193 copies
The Gods of the Celts (1986) 185 copies
Celtic Myths (1993) 172 copies
The Gods of Roman Britain (2003) 64 copies
Celtic Art (1989) 33 copies
Boudica Britannia (2006) 23 copies

Associated Works

Ancient Goddesses (Wisconsin Studies in Classics) (1998) — Contributor — 97 copies
The Tempus History of Wales: 25,000 B.C–A.D 2000 (2001) — Contributor — 35 copies
A Companion to Roman Britain (2003) — Contributor — 30 copies
Roman Imperialism and Provincial Art (2003) — Contributor — 3 copies


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This book is very comprehensive in the historical documents by Greek philosophers and Roman authorities and the archaeology of the Druids and Celts. Certainly this is an eye-opener if you think Druids are adventurous sorcerers with nature empathy and Celts are the Irish of antiquity--an unfortunate stereotype that I, as a gamer, had fallen into. Miranda Green addresses a little bit of all topics and supports her composition with a myriad of quotes from Pliny the Elder, Cicero, Julius Caesar, Strabo and more, meanwhile half of the layout is possessed by ink art work and selected photos of archaeological finds. To the Druidic theme of circles connecting different lives, Green started with antiquity and concluded with modern Druids who wish to no revive the ancient pagan religion but adapt it to the stage of evolution our society currently holds.… (more)
leah_markum | 4 other reviews | Oct 28, 2022 |
Otherwise excellent overview of ancient Iron Age bog internments that however strays a bit as far as contextual conjecture is concerned. A bit too fanciful in what seems like padding at times. Nice illustrations and photographs, index and notes. Relies a tad too much on Roman Gallic histories as extrapolated to what are largely Germanic and Britannic bog sites. Still, what else is there to go on at present? Clearly states what is conjecture as opposed to fact anyway.
Gumbywan | 5 other reviews | Jun 24, 2022 |
Very well written and engaging argument, laying down all the possible interpretations of how and why iron-age people met violent ends in bogs. Fascinating and very thorough exploration of all the facets of what is know about these remains, without losing sight of the humanity of the subjects.
jennybeast | 5 other reviews | Apr 14, 2022 |
This book is a great introduction to the rich world of Celtic art! I thought that it would be very general, but it present the subject with just enough detail to feel like nothing is neglected. Green focuses on the physical nature of the artwork produced by the Celtic peoples and makes it very clear that while they were rich in imagination, artistic expression was often of a very practical nature. From kitchen supplies to warrior gear, the Celts seem to have decorated everything with intricate metal-, wood-, and leather-work - proving that beauty was an intrinsic cultural value.… (more)
JaimieRiella | Feb 25, 2021 |


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