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Works by Kerry Greenwood

Cocaine Blues (1989) 1,736 copies
Flying Too High (1990) 919 copies
Murder on the Ballarat Train (1991) 857 copies
Death at Victoria Dock (1992) 746 copies
The Green Mill Murder (1993) 677 copies
Ruddy Gore (1995) 614 copies
Blood and Circuses (1994) 595 copies
Away with the Fairies (2001) 590 copies
Murder in Montparnasse (2002) 580 copies
Urn Burial (1996) 578 copies
Earthly Delights (2004) 561 copies
Raisins and Almonds (1997) 551 copies
The Castlemaine Murders (2003) 535 copies
Queen of the Flowers (2004) 507 copies
Death Before Wicket (1999) 505 copies
Death by Water (2005) 499 copies
Murder in the Dark (2006) 488 copies
Murder on a Midsummer Night (2008) 464 copies
Unnatural Habits (2012) 460 copies
Dead Man's Chest (2010) 442 copies
Murder and Mendelssohn (2013) 415 copies
Heavenly Pleasures (2005) 349 copies
Devil's Food (2006) 286 copies
Trick or Treat (2007) 277 copies
Death in Daylesford (2020) 228 copies
Cooking the Books (2011) 215 copies
Forbidden Fruit (2009) 195 copies
The Spotted Dog (2018) 129 copies
Murder in Williamstown (2022) 86 copies
Out of the Black Land (2010) 81 copies
Medea (2011) 75 copies
Cassandra (1995) 69 copies
Electra (1996) 45 copies
Evan's Gallipoli (2012) 45 copies
The Long Walk (2004) 33 copies
Whaleroad (1996) 24 copies
Recipes for Crime (1995) 24 copies
The Rat and the Raven (2005) 22 copies
The Childstone Cycle (1994) 19 copies
Journey to Eureka (2005) 17 copies
Cave Rats (1997) 14 copies
Feral (1998) 12 copies
The Broken Wheel (1996) 11 copies
The Thing She Loves (1996) 9 copies
Ravens Rising (2006) 8 copies
The Three-Pronged Dagger (2001) 8 copies
Lightning Nest (2006) 7 copies
Danger: Do Not Enter (2003) 6 copies
The Wandering Icon (2002) 5 copies
Bad to the Bones (2002) 2 copies
Jetsam 2 copies
Salmancis / Jetsam (2013) 1 copy

Associated Works

Dreaming Down-Under (1998) — Contributor — 182 copies
Dick for a Day: What Would You Do If You Had One? (1997) — Contributor — 103 copies
Malice Domestic 6 (1997) — Contributor — 90 copies
Shadow Alley: Nine Crime Stories (1995) — Contributor — 11 copies
A Murmuring of Bees (2016) — Contributor — 8 copies


Common Knowledge



I liked that this book followed in the footsteps of the previous installment, Death in Daylesford, by showing how the wards of the wonderful Ms. Fisher are developing as talented investigators themselves. However it worked slightly less for me than that one, being much less cohesive, with less tying any of the mysteries together, so in the end it was a little more disjointed and less satisfying than having the mysteries (and the Fisher household) intertwined.
bibliovermis | 6 other reviews | Nov 10, 2023 |
Murder In Williamstown is the twenty-second book in The Phryne Fisher Mystery series.

I love this series, and it’s always enjoyable to visit with Phryne, Dot, and Phryne’s adopted children.

This book provides the reader with a trifecta of mysteries.

Phryne has received threatening note cards in her letter box condemning her lifestyle. The cards have used letters cut from newspapers. Phryne and her adopted son, Tinker, determine the letters on the note cards were cut from two newspapers. Tinker will set out to learn who is sending the note cards to Phryne.

Ruth and Jane, Phryne’s adopted daughters, will be volunteering at the Blind Institute. Ruth, who is adept with cooking, is assigned to help in the kitchen while Jane is assigned to the music department. When Jane learns that the bookkeeper suspects possible embezzling at the Institute, she volunteers to work in the accounting department. She finds some suspicious entries and discusses them with Phryne, who offers some suggestions to Jane.

Phryne has been invited to dinner at the home of university professor Jeoffrey Bisset. On the way to Bisst’s home, Phryne is walking through a park when she comes across an opium pipe, which she reports to the police. After arriving at Bisset’s home, they decide to walk along the beach when they come upon a dead Chinese man. The police are called, and Phryne’s friend, DI Jack Robertson, arrives to handle the investigation. Robertson and her occasional boyfriend, Lin Chung, tell her not to investigate the death of the man.

A week or so later, Phryne and Jeoffrey attend a party at the home of another lecturer at a university. They are enjoying the other guests, music, and dancing when the host ends up being stabbed to death. Phryne can't help but start searching for the killer.

I found the book well-written and plotted. The characters are well-developed and interesting. I particularly liked that the adoptive children got to solve their own mysteries. Dot is concerned that her fiance might be having second thoughts about marriage.

I’m looking forward to the next book in this wonderful series.
… (more)
FredYoder | 6 other reviews | Nov 9, 2023 |
“Life could indeed be a lot worse than this.”

Detecting has become a family affair at the Fisher’s residence in 1929. Ruth and Jane find themselves teaming up to stop an embezzling scheme, Tinker is on the case determined to catch the person behind mysterious threatening notes left for Phryne and of course, Miss Fisher herself can’t go very long without stumbling over a dead body or two, a smuggling operation and...so much more! A rollicking good time as always.
ValeriS29 | 6 other reviews | Nov 6, 2023 |
everettroberts | 128 other reviews | Oct 20, 2023 |



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