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A Peruvian Catholic priest, Gustavo Gutierrez was born to mestizo parents in a barrio of Lima, Peru. Often called the founder of liberation theology in Latin America, he studied philosophy at the University of Louvain in Belgium and took his doctorate in theology at the University of Lyon in France show more in 1959. Returning to Lima in 1960, Gutierrez taught theology at the Catholic University in Lima. His own background and identification with the poor soon prompted him to work among the dispossessed peasant families crowding Lima's barrios. His experiences led to a break with the Catholic hierarchy and traditional church teachings in the 1960s and 1970s. Gutierrez rejects the existing Catholic view of poverty. In his view, while God regarded all people as equals, he held a special concern for the impoverished and disinherited. Gutierrez believes that God not only supports the poor's struggle for justice but also wishes the teachings of his church to ensure their liberation. In theological terms, this entails liberation from unjust social classes, from a sense of fate, and from personal sin and guilt. Therefore, Gutierrez fiercely argues, the church has a duty to take the lead in redeeming society and helping end the social, political, and economic conditions that entrap Latin Americans in poverty. His forthright explication of these views in A Theology of Liberation (1971) brought him worldwide attention. Almost overnight, these beliefs helped shape both a religious and a political agenda known as "liberation theology," which has spread throughout Latin America. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
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Works by Gustavo Gutierrez

The God of Life (1991) 92 copies
Liberation and Change (1977) 31 copies
Jezus 2000 jaar geloofs- en cultuurgeschiedenis (2000) — Contributor — 6 copies
Tissue oxygen utilization (2012) 2 copies
Aux cotes des pauvres (2014) 1 copy
O Deus Da Vida (2010) 1 copy

Associated Works

The Peru Reader: History, Culture, Politics (1995) — Contributor — 130 copies
The Cambridge Companion to Liberation Theology (1999) — Contributor — 110 copies
Huellas de las literaturas hispanoamericanas (1602) — Contributor — 51 copies


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Liberation and Change eliminates the relationship of politics, freedom, and salvation while at the same time highlighting the difference between America's revolution and the Third World turmoil of the 1970s.
PendleHillLibrary | Nov 17, 2023 |
For those who still find meaning and power in the traditional Christian symbols, this work of theological interpretation could be mind blowing. The fact that this reflection is done in the midst of involvement in the Latin American practice of revolution gives it a special vitality and a quality all its own.
PendleHillLibrary | 9 other reviews | Nov 17, 2023 |
Who and where is God? How are we to speak of God? In his most accessible work to date Gutierrez looks at these classic questions by reviewing the entire Bible from the standpoint of the struggling poor: those who hunger both for God and for bread. His answers challenge all Christians to a deepening of faith and a commitment to action
PendleHillLibrary | Jul 3, 2023 |
Starting with the advice of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux that spirituality be rooted in one's own experience, the author makes this very explicitly a spirituality of the Christians at the base of the Latin American church. This book will be helpful to United States readers who are curious as to how the soul is nourished in the highly politicized climate in which Latin American Christians live their faith.
PendleHillLibrary | Jun 9, 2023 |



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