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Daughters of Latin America, edited by Sandra Guzmán, is a wide-ranging anthology that manages to maintain several key themes running throughout the works, even though spanning many generations and many miles.

I will say upfront I love anthologies, the best have so much to offer the readers while even the most mundane still offer some degree of breadth. That said, I still tend to approach a new anthology with some hesitation, while there is so much they can offer there is also many ways they can fall short. This one succeeded on every level.

I was put into an excellent and open mindset from the beginning when I saw a passage from Gloria Anzaldúa in the Epigraph as well as opening Guzmán's Introduction. That Introduction went on to provide an excellent explanation of the purpose behind this collection as well as establishing some much-needed context for those of us less knowledgeable in the histories of the peoples included.

I went through this faster than I would normally do so I could write this review, but I intend to go back through and give each entry the time and consideration each deserves. To that point, this is one of those collections that offers the reader a lot of opportunity to learn and appreciate. Like any collection, some pieces will speak to you more than others. By that, I mean some will touch you, maybe the situation(s) explored, maybe the turn of a phrase. But every single entry is an opportunity to learn. From the specific circumstances of the writer and the work to the broader understanding of the human spirit. Don't skip or even skim an entry, take time to think about what is being offered to you, and ideally do some quick research to learn more. Which is why I would suggest, as I am going to do next time through the book, taking your time. Mainly just reading one at a time and giving it some time to speak to you. Maybe only an hour or so, maybe a couple of days worth of thinking and research. Whatever you're moved to do. But give each one some time and space.

I would recommend this to both the general reader who might want to broaden their reading and any scholar/academic who might use it as a springboard to more research or a source for teaching.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
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pomo58 | Jun 30, 2023 |


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