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Tiffany Strelitz Haber

Author of The Monster Who Lost His Mean

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Ollie and Claire (2013) 29 copies
Ollie and Claire (2013) 1 copy


2.7 (2) 2012 (4) alphabet (6) behavior (7) bullies (4) bullying (16) CD (3) change (5) children's (5) dogs (4) emotions (5) fantasy (6) feelings (14) fiction (6) friends (10) friendship (35) GR (2) Halloween (13) identity (3) inner strength (3) kindness (5) letters (5) M (3) manners (11) mean (16) Miscellaneous (3) modern fantasy (2) monster (21) monsters (29) nice (4) October (3) paperback (2) picture (3) picture book (28) rhyme (6) rhyming (10) self-acceptance (6) surprise ending (2) to-read (2) travel (4)

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This is a children's book version of "Escape (The PiƱa Colada Song)".
LibrarianDest | 3 other reviews | Jan 3, 2024 |
This book is a read read for younger students. Students can relate to the monster in the story because sometimes you just don't fit in right. When the monster lost his "M" all his friends made fun of him and it provides an excellent time for a teacher to stop a reading and talk about bullying and how it makes others feel. The main idea of this book is that sometimes losing part of yourself is okay because you may find out something really cool about yourself and make some new great friends along the way.… (more)
mlundi1 | 19 other reviews | Oct 17, 2018 |
A cute story about lasting friendships, Ollie and Claire is about two friends that do everything together. Claire decided she wanted change one day, and saw an ad for someone looking for a friend to adventure with. Turns out, that ad was from Ollie. Together, they travel the world.
This story can be used as a writing model on many levels. Student can learn to write from third person, but also have first person dialogue within the text. This story also poses a conflict and a resolution, and children can see that they can write with that structure. Having an introduction, a conflict, and a resolution to that conflict. Although it is good to have children free write what they please, giving children a topic or structure of writing can help them expand their writing skills.… (more)
ctran1 | 3 other reviews | Oct 5, 2018 |
This is a wonderful book to read to elementary students. A monster looses his m (mean) and then goes by onster. He gets kicked out of the gang of bully monsters. Whenever he thinks of something mean he could do, he ends up doing something nice instead. He likes to play with children instead of scaring them. He lost popularity in his monster group, but it was replaced by acceptance from children. The central message of this book is standing up to peer pressure and how nice guys finish first.
SheenaAdcock | 19 other reviews | Apr 9, 2018 |


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