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H. Rider Haggard (1856–1925)

Author of King Solomon's Mines

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Sir Henry Rider Haggard (1856-1925) is best remembered for his 34 adventure fantasy novels set in exotic locations. As a child, Haggard, whose father was an English barrister, was considered dim-witted and was inclined to daydreaming. His parents ended his formal education when he was seventeen, show more and he was sent to work in South Africa, where his imagination was inspired by the people, animals, and jungle. He became close friends with authors Rudyard Kipling and Andrew Lang. Haggard's most popular books are King Solomon's Mines (1886) and She (1887). He also wrote short stories, as well as nonfiction on topics such as gardening, English farming, and rural life, interests which led to duties on government commissions concerned with land maintenance. For his literary contributions and his government service, Haggard was knighted in 1912. Several of Haggard's novels have been filmed. She was filmed in 1965, starring Ursula Andress. King Solomon's Mines was filmed with Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr in 1950, and again with Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone in 1985. Also, the novel Allan Quatermain was filmed as Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold with Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone in 1986. (Bowker Author Biography) show less


Works by H. Rider Haggard

King Solomon's Mines (1882) 5,619 copies
She (1886) 2,906 copies
Allan Quatermain (1887) 812 copies
The People of the Mist (1894) — Author — 531 copies
Ayesha: The Return of She (1905) — Author — 495 copies
Cleopatra (1889) — Author — 300 copies
She and Allan (1921) 264 copies
Eric Brighteyes (1890) — Author — 250 copies
The World's Desire (1890) 217 copies
Montezuma's Daughter (1893) 185 copies
Pearl Maiden (1903) 182 copies
Wisdom's Daughter (1923) — Author — 164 copies
When the World Shook (1919) — Author — 149 copies
The Wanderer's Necklace (1914) 148 copies
Lysbeth: A Tale of the Dutch (1901) 130 copies
The Brethren (1904) 128 copies
Allan's Wife (1889) 128 copies
Nada the Lily (1892) 125 copies
The Morning Star of Amen (1910) 111 copies
Child of Storm (1913) 104 copies
Allan and the Holy Flower (1915) — Author — 103 copies
Marie (1912) 102 copies
Queen Sheba's Ring (1910) — Author — 99 copies
The Ivory Child (1916) 93 copies
Heart of the World (1910) 90 copies
Maiwa's Revenge (1888) 81 copies
She & King Solomon's Mines (1957) 79 copies
The Ancient Allan (1920) 73 copies
100 Eternal Masterpieces of Literature - volume 2 (2020) — Contributor — 69 copies
Finished (1917) 66 copies
Moon of Israel (1918) 58 copies
The Yellow God (1908) 55 copies
Red Eve (1911) 53 copies
Heu-Heu or the Monster (1924) 52 copies
The Virgin of the Sun (1922) 50 copies
The Wizard (1896) 49 copies
Mr. Meeson's Will (1888) 47 copies
King Solomon's Mines [1950 film] (1950) — Author — 46 copies
The Treasure of the Lake (1926) 45 copies
The Ghost Kings (1908) 42 copies
Swallow (1898) 40 copies
The Witch's Head (1884) 39 copies
Cleopatra(Annotated) (2016) 39 copies
Beatrice (1889) 38 copies
Jess (1886) 37 copies
Fair Margaret (1907) 36 copies
Colonel Quaritch, V.C. (1888) 34 copies
Dawn (1884) 34 copies
The Mahatma and the Hare (1911) 33 copies
King Solomon's Mines [1985 film] (1985) — Author — 33 copies
She & The Return of She (1972) — Author — 33 copies
Queen of the Dawn (1925) 29 copies
The Lady of Blossholme (1909) 27 copies
Smith and the Pharaohs (1920) 27 copies
Stella Fregelius (1903) 26 copies
Doctor Therne (1898) 24 copies
A Tale of Three Lions (1887) 21 copies
Belshazzar (1928) — Author — 20 copies
Black Heart and White Heart (1900) 19 copies
Long Odds (1886) 19 copies
Joan Haste (1894) 18 copies
Love Eternal (1918) 16 copies
A Farmers Year (1899) 12 copies
Allan Quatermain der Jäger (1905) 11 copies
Mary of Marion Isle (2008) 9 copies
The Last Boer War (2001) 7 copies
The Way of the Spirit (2008) 7 copies
Zikalis Rache (1993) 6 copies
Lei (1974) 5 copies
Magepa The Buck (1912) 4 copies
A Winter Pilgrimage (2009) 4 copies
Die Berge des Mondes (1994) 4 copies
A Gardener's Year (2010) 4 copies
ELLA (1976) — Original from — 3 copies
Only a Dream (2012) 3 copies
ALLAN QUATERMAIN.TOME 2. (1887) 3 copies
Kütt Quatermaini lugu (2005) 2 copies
African Stories 2 copies
La città nascosta (2011) 2 copies
ALLAN QUATERMAIN.TOME 1. (1983) 2 copies
She 2 copies
Margaret 1 copy
L'ESCLAVE REINE (1984) 1 copy
Rozamunda 1 copy
The Brethren 1 copy
Lysbeth Annotated (2022) 1 copy
La nuit des Pharaons. (1985) 1 copy
(all) 1 copy
Pollyanna 1 copy
i 1 copy
Maiwas Hævn 1 copy
Belshazzar 1 copy
She Vol. 2 1 copy
Joan Haste (2009) 1 copy
Little Flower (2012) 1 copy

Associated Works

Tales Before Tolkien: The Roots of Modern Fantasy (2003) — Contributor — 607 copies
The Road to Science Fiction #1: From Gilgamesh to Wells (1977) — Contributor — 151 copies
Science Fiction Short Stories (Gothic Fantasy) (2015) — Contributor — 135 copies
The Mammoth Book of Modern Ghost Stories (2007) — Contributor — 133 copies
The Big Book of Adventure Stories (2011) — Contributor — 112 copies
Into the Mummy's Tomb (2001) — Contributor — 111 copies
Mammoth Book of Short Fantasy Novels (1986) — Contributor, some editions — 77 copies
Lost Worlds Short Stories (Gothic Fantasy) (2017) — Contributor — 55 copies
Baker's Dozen: 13 Short Fantasy Novels (1984) — Contributor — 39 copies
Terror by Gaslight: More Victorian Tales of Terror (1975) — Contributor — 34 copies
Famous and Curious Animal Stories (1982) — Contributor — 29 copies
King Solomon's Mines and Other Adventure Classics (2016) — Contributor — 29 copies
King Solomon's Mines [2004 mini-series] (2004) — Original book — 23 copies
Realms of wizardry (1976) — Contributor — 21 copies
Horror by Lamplight (1993) — Contributor — 17 copies
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The Thrill of Horror: 22 Terrifying Tales (1975) — Contributor — 8 copies
Spirits Spooks and Other Sinister Creatures (1984) — Contributor — 7 copies
Ancient Egyptian Supernatural Tales (2016) — Contributor — 5 copies


1001 (55) 1001 books (71) 19th century (388) adventure (1,331) adventure fiction (73) Africa (567) Allan Quatermain (133) anthology (231) British (99) British literature (112) classic (310) classic literature (44) classics (305) colonialism (71) ebook (196) England (44) English (101) English literature (183) fantasy (1,230) fiction (2,106) H. Rider Haggard (92) historical fiction (168) horror (67) Kindle (335) literature (259) lost race (57) not done yet (72) novel (342) own (54) paperback (59) read (126) science fiction (165) sf (64) sff (55) short stories (146) to-read (751) Tolkien (56) unread (194) Victorian (127) Victorian literature (61)

Common Knowledge

Canonical name
Haggard, H. Rider
Legal name
Haggard, Henry Rider
Date of death
Burial location
St Mary Churchyard, Ditchingham, Norfolk, England, UK
Country (for map)
England, UK
Bradenham, Norfolk, England, UK
Place of death
London, England, UK
Places of residence
South Africa
Ipswich Grammar School
civil servant
Haggard, Lilias Rider (daughter)
Awards and honors
Knight Commander, Order of the British Empire (1919)
Knight Bachelor (1912)
Short biography
Sir H. Rider Haggard

Also known asSir Henry Rider Haggard
June 22, 1856

Bradenham, England
May 14, 1925 (aged 68)

London, England
notable works“She”
“King Solomon’s Mines”
“Heart of the World”
“The Ivory Child”
“Nada the Lily”
“A Farmer’s Year”
“Queen Sheba’s Ring”
“Rural England”

Sir H. Rider Haggard, in full Sir Henry Rider Haggard (born June 22, 1856, Bradenham, Norfolk, Eng.—died May 14, 1925, London), English novelist best known for his romantic adventure King Solomon’s Mines (1885).

The son of a barrister, Haggard was educated at Ipswich grammar school and by private tutors. In 1875, at age 19, he went to southern Africa as secretary to the governor of Natal, Sir Henry Bulwer. Then he served on Sir Theophilus Shepstone’s staff and himself hoisted the flag at the brief first annexation of the Transvaal (1877–81). He then became master of the high court there. In 1879 he returned to England, wrote a history of recent events in southern Africa, Cetywayo and His White Neighbours (1882), and read for the bar.

He published two unsuccessful novels but captured the public with his African adventure story King Solomon’s Mines. He followed this with She (1887) and further stories of Africa, notably Allan Quatermain (1887), Nada the Lily (1892), Queen Sheba’s Ring (1910), Marie (1912), and The Ivory Child (1916). He used other settings for such striking romances as Cleopatra (1889), Montezuma’s Daughter (1893), and Heart of the World (1896).

Haggard was also a practical farmer; he served on several government commissions concerning agriculture and was knighted in 1912 for these services. A Farmer’s Year (1899) and Rural England, 2 vol. (1902), are works of some importance. His autobiography, The Days of My Life: An Autobiography by Sir H. Rider Haggard (1926), was edited by C.J. Longman and published posthumously. With Robert Louis Stevenson, George MacDonald, and William Morris, Haggard was part of the literary reaction against domestic realism that has been called a romance revival.
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hang in until you get past the first 100 pages or so ... about the time they find the "entrance" ... then don't plan on putting it down until you finish
dlinnen | 124 other reviews | Feb 3, 2024 |
I loved this book. If not for the persistent casual racism (that thankfully mostly ceased after the first third, once the characters had left towns and civilisation for the desert and the mountains), it would have earned five stars.

That kind of talk, that was prevalent for those first few chapters, cannot go unchallenged, though.

What I long for is an adventure story told from the point of view of main characters of colour -- what of the African adventurers themselves who surely have histories and mythologies to share of their own culture? Of the Sherpas who tirelessly climb the slopes of Everest while the white people who pay them to carry all the gear garner the glory? Of the ancient southern, eastern, middle eastern and near eastern civilisations who built all of the magnificence characters like Quatermain, Umbopa, Curtis and Good seek? Those are surely magnificent, dramatic and exciting stories that deserve to be read as widely as those written by colonialists two centuries ago.… (more)
Joshua_Pray | 124 other reviews | Dec 30, 2023 |
A scary, swashbuckling story I may have liked, but so many years after, I'm not sure.
mykl-s | 124 other reviews | Aug 13, 2023 |
Another great adventure story by Haggard, who never fails to entertain.
judeprufrock | 8 other reviews | Jul 4, 2023 |


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