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Author of What Angels Fear

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C. S. Harris (1) has been aliased into Candice Proctor.

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Works by C. S. Harris

Works have been aliased into Candice Proctor.

What Angels Fear (2005) 1,284 copies
When Gods Die (2006) 763 copies
Why Mermaids Sing (2007) 699 copies
Where Serpents Sleep (2008) 598 copies
What Remains of Heaven (2009) 535 copies
Where Shadows Dance (2011) 476 copies
When Maidens Mourn (2012) 420 copies
What Darkness Brings (2013) 365 copies
Why Kings Confess (2014) 335 copies
Who Buries the Dead (2015) 310 copies
When Falcons Fall (2016) 288 copies
Why Kill the Innocent (2018) 260 copies
Where the Dead Lie (2017) 246 copies
Who Slays the Wicked (2019) 231 copies
Who Speaks for the Damned (2020) 205 copies


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A continuation of the Sebastian St Cyr mysteries, this one takes place in the Regent's quarters in Brighton during one of his outrageously expensive fetes. The people of London are starving, children without mothers beg in the street, and the Regent needs everyone to love him. So he throws this ball.

And as I'm finding with this mystery series, the murder happens right at the beginning of the book with the Prince Regent entering a private chamber for a private assignation with a Marchioness, only to find her dead and his own antique dirk protruding from her back.

Added to the mystery is the lack of blood in the chamber, the access to the Regent's collection of antique swords and knives, and how a medallion belonging to Sebastian's drowned mother was found around the dead woman's body. Woven into the thread of this tale are the suppositions about James II, whose descendants have as good a claim to the tottering throne as the Hanovers do. And the name of the dead Marchioness is Guinevere, her older sister named Morgana, and Gwen's childhood sweetheart whose family lost everything during the French Revolution.

Somehow, Harris manages to keep all these threads well-woven with just enough explanation to instruct but not condescend. I'll be interested to see how these novels continue.
… (more)
threadnsong | 40 other reviews | Mar 3, 2024 |
Weapon of Choice - 5/5
In a Fevered Hour - 3.5/5
A Pocketful of Death - 3/5
Siren’s Call - 3/5
Fortunesdearest | 14 other reviews | Feb 1, 2024 |
Walking through London late one night, Sebastian St Cyr comes across a member of a French delegation who has been brutally murdered. His companion is severely injured. The circumstances are so awful, and so bizarre, that he takes it upon himself to find the perpetrator. Sebastian’s investigations typically involve talking to lots of different people who had dealings with the victim, and piecing together tiny details from each conversation to eventually crack the case.

Meanwhile, Sebastian’s wife will soon give birth to their first child, and the stress level rises when they learn it will be a breech birth. This was a life-threatening situation in the early 1800s. When their accoucher (a male midwife) decides not to be involved in something so risky, the couple must rely on other sources of support, which at first they don’t fully trust.

These parallel storylines proceed nicely towards resolution, with some satisfying developments for other characters as well. As usual, a solid read.
… (more)
lauralkeet | 22 other reviews | Dec 18, 2023 |
When I need a surefire winner I turn to this series - and this installment didn't disappoint.
mmcrawford | 22 other reviews | Dec 5, 2023 |



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