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Only One (1993) 269 copies
The storm (1995) — Author — 124 copies
Red Are the Apples (2001) 95 copies
Rocks in My Pockets (1991) 70 copies
A Little Excitement (1989) 66 copies
All the way to morning (1999) 63 copies
Only One Neighborhood (2007) 39 copies
One Big Family (2016) 28 copies
Moving Days: 9 (1994) 19 copies
Snow Company (1990) 17 copies
Roads (2002) 14 copies
Uncle James (1993) 13 copies
Local Journeys (2005) 2 copies
Woman in Red Anorak (2018) 2 copies
Mountain Christmas (2015) 1 copy


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A beautifully illustrated book that guides young readers through Wright’s designing of Fallingwater, from his initial inspiration to the finished construction of the home. The book opens a window to one architect’s creative process.
NCSS | 4 other reviews | Jul 23, 2021 |
The story of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Edgar Kaufmann, and the house that came to be called Fallingwater. The illustrations (watercolor, ink, and gouache) are accompanied by a lot of text, suitable for an elementary school audience.
JennyArch | 4 other reviews | Jan 28, 2019 |
Interesting non-fiction picture book about how Wright was inspired to build the fabulous Fallingwater home. It made me want to visit this amazing structure!
DMPrice | 4 other reviews | Jul 26, 2018 |
What a story! I had previously learned of Fallingwater in my AP US history class in high school, so I had a vague idea of what I was going to learn from this book. However, I wasn't prepared for the delightful way I'd learn it. Harshman and Smucker tell the story of Frank Lloyd Wright's crowning architectural achievement: Fallingwater. During the time of its construction, Wright had been forgotten; some even thought he was dead! Edgar Kaufmann enlisted Wright to construct a house by a waterfall in Pennsylvania. However, Wright created a plan to build the house ON the waterfall.
This book is so refreshing for me. Finally, a biography written like an artful story! The language used in this book is enchanting; the illustrations are just a bonus with the amount of detailed imagery contained in the book. The flow of the story is so captivating, jumping from cool storytelling paralleling Wright's time dreaming to fast, poetic jumps emphasizing the quick construction of the house. I love the illustrations used especially when everything is tilted sideways to capture the size of the house. I truly could not imagine a way to improve this book, I would steal this right from the library if I didn't have a conscience. Unfortunately, I'll have to settle on purchasing it on my own for my future children.
… (more)
JodieWaits | 4 other reviews | Feb 4, 2018 |


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