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Descendant of the Crane (2019) 541 copies
The Ones We're Meant to Find (2021) 485 copies
Strike the Zither (2022) 167 copies
Sound the Gong (2023) 9 copies

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This was a beautiful story written very well. I loved how the characters were written, they were strong characters. The story is full of twists that you will not see coming, but it will have you keep reading, I could not put this book down. It is about the Xian Dynasty, which I have been curious about so it was nice to read this book that was in that setting. This is inspired by the Chinese tale of The Three Kingdoms, it is pretty awesome to get this sneak peak into the year of 414. Zephyr is a character that was written in a way that she is unforgettable. The story is amazing, like it transported me to where everything was happening. I will definitely read more by this author. It was such an unexpected delight. I super super enjoyed reading this story, the cover was very eye catching. I can not wait to read more of this, i am happy that i got the chance to read this… (more)
InesMoli | 9 other reviews | Feb 22, 2023 |
Set in Xin Dynasty year 414, Zephyr, a strategist of the warlordess Ren, infiltrates enemy camp to protect Ren and her followers. What happens when she encounters an opposing strategist? Does she know who her enemies really are?

STRIKE THE ZITHER was an interesting fantasy read inspired by the Chinese literature ‘Three Kingdoms.’ I really liked the first half of the book with all of the war strategy. It kept me turning pages to see how the action was going to play out and what plans were going to be made next. Then around halfway through, a twist occurs that unfortunately changed my enjoyment of the book significantly and left me feeling like the later half was a slog to read. I lost all connection to the characters and didn’t feel the same excitement as when I first started reading.

STRIKE THE ZITHER is the first book in Joan He’s Kingdom of Three duology. I will probably read the second book at some point out of curiosity to see what the conclusion is, though it’s not on the top of my list. While this wasn’t the best book for me overall, fans of YA fantasy may want to give this book a try as they may like the twist.
… (more)
bostieslovebooks | 9 other reviews | Jan 15, 2023 |
To start off, I love the cover on Strike the Zither by Joan He it is very lovely and fits the storyline well. Also, The cover is what pulled me in than I read the synopsis and it got me very intrested in reading the novel. I loved the color scheme of the novels cover it pulls you in. The title is intresting as well. This story is Joan He's reimagined version of the Chinese Classical Tale of the three kingdoms. This story takes place in 414 during the reign of the Xin Dynasty. I loved reading the novel it's well thought out and has a great storyline. The storyline was exciting and kept me pulled into it. I did not want to put it down and wanted more. I have never read the classical tale of the three kingdoms but this book has gotten me interested in it.… (more)
KourtneyEReilly | 9 other reviews | Jan 8, 2023 |
Strike the Zither is a magical, transporting and fast-paced epic fantasy inspired by the Chinese classic, the Three Kingdoms. In a fractured, war-torn land, three Lordesses fight for control. Zephyr is a brilliant strategist dedicated to protecting and advancing the Lordess Xin Ren. Zephyr is forced to make the risky choice to infiltrate the enemy's ranks to destroy them from within. The plot drives the story; however, every key character is complex and layered. Zephyr is a stunning main character, bold, confident, brilliant, loyal and unshakeable. The clever, moody Crow is a fantastic foil. I loved that so many of the powerful characters are women and that the themes of sisterhood and found family are explored. The writing is immersive, evocative and vivid. The story is nuanced and filled with military strategy, intrigue and shocking twists. I appreciated the beautiful character art, map and notes offering insight into the original Three Kingdoms. Highly anticipating the sequel! Thanks to BookishFirst for a copy to reviiew.… (more)
PennyOlson | 9 other reviews | Jan 1, 2023 |



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